Peter Martel 🇨🇦@pete_martel

Pro Kiteboarder
2x Red Bull Ragnarok Champion
1x Canadian Hydrofoil Race Champion
Sponsors: Ozone Kites - Element Kite Paddle Surf -

A little risk can bring big reward. Thank you @sourcemortgagecentre for the support. ⚙️Custom @ozonekites @levitaz_kitefoils 🔋 @element.outdoor.sports 📸 @lorenza_sm


Feeling big on the water, when ever I'm in the flow state nothing matters. I'm sure many others can confirm. 📸 @lorenza_sm ⚙️ @ozonekites


Finding our way through endless terrain at Wilcox pass. Can't wait to go back and explore more of this place. @ozonekites @element.outdoor.sports 📸 @lorenza_sm


Finishing with some grit at Red Bull Ragnarok 2018. Learning from mistakes of the past and moving forward to claim a victory 🏆 once again. Thanks to all the sponsors that make this event possible @renaultnorge @shadesofnorway @redbullnorge @haugastol As well my personal sponsors @ozonekites @mullerwindsports @element.outdoor.sports 📸 @tengsphoto


The experience of competing at Red Bull Ragnarok never fades. What an amazing event full of mistakes, success and gruelling pain. Congratulations to everyone that competed. See you next year Norway 🇳🇴. 📸 @tengsphoto @redbullnorge


Great to be back in Norway 🇳🇴 #redbullragnarok @ozonekites @element.outdoor.sports


With back to back events It looks like I'm going to be packing some sand to snowy Norway 🇳🇴 Excited to see all my friends and competitors at #redbullragnarok Thanks for the help along the way @mullerwindsports @ozonekites @element.outdoor.sports 📸 @lorenza_sm


Pushing my limits both physically and mentally is what I love about this sport. Balancing a complex formula of gear tech to race execution. Satisfied with the results on the first stop of the @hydrofoilprotour Thanks for the beach support @lorenza_sm and @windwrangler 📸 @sebastiantron ⚙️ @levitaz_kitefoils @ozonekites


Kites fly them selves when you stop for a picture. Luckily all was unscathed after a down winder in Cotton Grass Pass. Starting in the Red Deer River basin and ending the wind powered journey in the Bow River watershed. A short tour across Baker Lake and over Deception Pass to a well earned meal. @kitekooks @ozonekites


Day 1 of the Skokie Lodge Adventure. Many have used kites get to the summit of Deception Pass before, nice feeling to finally do it my self. Thanks for the capture 📸 @lorenza_sm @ozonekites @element.outdoor.sports


❄️+💨+☀️+🏔️=🤘📸 Thomas Steenaerts @ozonekites @sundogeyewear @sunshinevillage