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Bonne fête, Canada! Our neighborhood to the North has become one of my favorite second-homes within the last decade. Some of my favorite travel memories were born here (and not-surprisingly some of my favorite people 😉). Everyone go grab a shot of maple syrup, hug a beaver, and wish Canada a happy hundred-and-fifty-one years! 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦


Fresh wax on a new log, and gas in the tank for a surf check down the coast.
Shoutout to @kickeraudio for the new bullfrog speaker - you can’t always count on a vintage van for hosting the road trip tunes...or loudly, at least. We’ve been blasting The Growlers and Black Lips full volume on this surf trip, with the windows down, pedal to the 62mph 😂
Quick, help! Gimme some new music suggestions before I wear out my favorite songs!


‘While it’s comfortable waking up in our own beds, we know you’ll learn more about the world by seeing it firsthand. These experiences are important so that you grow up with a heart full of compassion for the rest of the world.’ - An except from a Father’s Day love note to Juni about traveling to New Zealand, for the @teva blog. I shed a tear while writing this, so jump to link in bio, and tell me what you think!! #tevaexplorercollective


You can never get so fixated on the destination that you lose sight of the moments in between. Still reminiscing on this crazy trip with @erynkrouse, @machoaloha, and the lil van that could.


A rainy day in the valley usually keeps tourist traffic to a minimum, but doesn’t ever seem to bother the locals.
I love interactions with wildlife In wild spaces. What’s been your favorite animal encounter? Once I was chased by a cougar on my mountain bike, which is really kind of wild thinking about it now after the recent incident in Washington.
Be safe, and no matter how cute wild animals appear, never touch or feed the wildlife – for your good, but mostly theirs.


Sometimes I struggle with the role I play here on instagram. Is this a portfolio of my favorite work? A chronology of meaningful moments? A visual journal to jog my fading memory? Am I curating my feed to impress future clients, or to satisfy the desire to share the beauty I experience in life? Do my online friends care to know me better, or are they just here for pretty pictures? Or maybe you’re just here cause we’re friends and could couldn’t care less about the photos?
Just a moment of honesty here if I can be candid here for a minute, but I think a lot of artists have the same questions and struggles with the need for validation in the art we create. Who else can relate to this?
Here’s a picture of a rock.


The greatest feeling when you know that someone’s got your back 🤙🏼


Don’t you think for a second that we’d forget thin mints 😂 #projectvanlife


True style can’t be bought.


It was my love of skateboarding and punk rock that originally lead me into a lifelong passion for photography. At a time in life when I didn’t have an academic bone in my body (still don’t) my high school photo teacher (shout-out to Lee Terkelsen!) taught me that I could photograph anything I wanted to. He taught me the rules, and also how to break them. It’s been really fun lately getting back to my roots, spending more time pushing around on skateboards, and getting stoked on the simpler things 🧡


Every day I’m feeling more and more grateful to be alive.


The poppies are blooming and we’re driving down the California coast in a van named George. So far we’ve found a couple waves, pushed around on skateboards, and made a bunch of s’mores - not sure if the smell of campfire will ever come out of my clothes.