Peter Clotfelter-Quenelle@petercq

Super stoked on shredding tight gnar. 📷🏕️🏜️

Flowers at altitude. Cottonwood Lake #5 where @its_chrisv caught a couple whopper trout. #flyfishing #flower #lake


Emmy nominated @joeyzadwarny on a boat pulling me, not Emmy nominated Peter. @farmleague x @sierranevada #junelake #mammothlakes #mammoth #emmys


Summer time shenanigans with the bestest of people. #shenanigans #farvasfavoriterestaurant #summer #encinitas


Whole bunch of love right here. Wow, can’t really put into words how amazing this weekend was. Best bunch of friends a person could wish for. Special shout out to @cody.kaemmerlen @joey_maloney @its_chrisv and @monicaaako for helping organize. Massive special thanks to the best girlfriend in the world - @swahh - absolute stunner 🤩 and architect of this whole surprise. Best birthday I’ve ever had, no contest. Thanks so much ❤️


This guy almost stole my girl the other weekend 🤨 #dogsofinstagram @barleythebully #holcombvalley


Boss on a boat. @joeyzadwarny ripping across June Lake last week. #boatlife @farmleague #sierranevada #junelake #onlocation


Hunting trout from the banks of the Upper Owens River in Mammoth, California. #upperowens #flyfishing #fishing @farmleague #sierranevada


Best mom I’ve ever had. Happy Mother’s Day @nogurunomaster ! Love, Son. #happymothersday


Headed back up to beautiful Holcomb Valley for some super rad rock climby-climbs. Safety furst. @dharmarat, wish and you your pup were coming with! #bigbear #saftey #dog


Beautiful clouds rolling over the dry lake-bed on the BLM land in Joshua Tree. Windy night but so worth it for these views. #clouds #blm #joshuatree


Happy Earth Day! I gotta say, of all the planets, Earth is my fav. Plus, it’s where I keep all my stuff. Love ya Earth, sorry we’re so shitty to you. I’ll do better. ♻️ 🌲 🦅 🐠 This is a small lake in Kings Canyon National Park. Probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. #earthday #kingscanyon #canon


Happy Birthday @dfinletter! Glad to have gotten to know ya. Stoked for much more rock climbing stuff and things! Here I am making sure she is fed while belaying @micah_allmon on a 19hr attempt. Have a blast! #sendship