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Oh man, very excited about this. We are getting high quality collectible statuettes of Davis and George to celebrate RAMPAGE being the #1 movie in the world! @tweeterhead does some amazing work and I CAN NOT WAIT to see Davis and George realized as a statuette! And I KNOW my producer extraordinaire @hhgarcia41 is loving this news as much as I am! #rampagemovie #rampage #tweeterhead #tweeterheadstatue #nerdout


In this BTS photo @pj_byrne @therock and I are discussing motivations and what this scene is REALLY about. Though DJ and I thought it might have more to do with his friendship with his best pal George, PJ continuously said ‘It’s about my ass. Look at my ass. My ass. Motivation granted. Look at it. Please. Be my guest. You’d only be the 4 billionth person to stare at it. It’s okay. Go. Stare. Ass. Your welcome. Roll camera!’ And that... ladies and gentleman is what it’s like working with PJ Byrne and Dwayne Johnson on the set of Rampage! 😂😂😂👍🏻🤙🏻💥😜#rampagemovie #rampage #funnydudes #iwanthisshirt #twins #intheatresnow


I’m gonna post a behind-the-scenes photo every day this week from the set of @rampagethemovie because of how awesome the fan feedback has been! I’m gonna start off with a bang with @jeffreydeanmorgan who in this picture is asking something like ‘What the fuck is going on in this plane, Brad?! There’s guys shooting everywhere and god damn wind machines and the script doesn’t indicate half this shit!’ To which I replied ‘You get to take on a giant gorilla and it’s gonna look awesome.’ To which he simply said ‘Now we’re talking!’ 😂😂😂 Love this dude! He’s sooooo good in the movie! Go check him out! In theaters now! #rampage #agentrussel #oga #jdm #jefferydeanmorgan


I’d like to announce the WINNERS of the RAMPAGE: FAN ART CONTEST!!There were so many cool images and I got so much pleasure out of seeing how you, the fan, could bring our movie to life in your mondo-style artwork. Congratulations to our 5 winners that stood out from crowd @blablajade @david.mesa.a @jaye.atienza @kyouzins @arrtman I can’t wait to hang your super creative and cool posters in my office!!! Awesome work and congratulations! #rampagemovie #fanart #1fans #1WW @rampagethemovie


Sorry. Nerd out moment! Biggest Rampage poster yet! #rampagemovie #Americana #rampageposter #rampage #bigmeetsbigger


BEHIND-THE-SCENES on Rampage. This is me explained to @therock that I’ve done everything I could to make a movie worthy of the title ‘#1 movie in the world’ - including growing this disgusting beard. And it’s not very Canadian of me to brag, but please bare with me for a second: My beard did it. It directed the #1 movie in the world. If you don’t believe me - go see it! You won’t be disappointed. Unless you hate albino gorillas. Then you might. 😂 seriously / thank you fans for making this movie successful and thank you @therock for being the best collaborator a director could ask for! #rampagemovie #1boxoffice #1worldwide #kaiju #monstermovies #1collab


I feel in love with Shanghai while we were there to introduce our @rampagethemovie and it appears that China has fallen in love with us! 2ND LARGEST WB OPENING EVER!!! THANK YOU FANS IN CHINA!!! This is so awesome! It’s such a relief to have people loving the movie. 🦍🐺🐊🇨🇳💯☝🏻THANK YOU!!!! #rampage #thankyouchina #rampagemovie #1boxoffice ・・・. THANK YOU CHINA (from me and big George) for this massive love and support bringing in my biggest box opening ever in the Middle Kingdom and Warner Bros 2nd biggest opening of all time. This one means a lot.
I’ve worked extremely hard over the years to establish a real global relationship with every country around the world - including China.
Years ago when I set out to establish myself globally, I knew the odds were stacked against me, because I wasn’t going into all these territories around the world as a superhero for Marvel or DC or an established IP backing me like a Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc. I was going around the world as just me, Dwayne Johnson - the big, brown, bald, tattooed human being. Who laughs a lot, drinks a lil’ too much and cusses even more.
Stayed focused on my long term plan. 15 long years later - here we are.
#ThankYouCHINA #BiggestOpeningEver #RAMPAGE


#1 MOVIE in the 🌎!!! This is a big fun ride and my biggest and best movie yet! I’m so proud of it and SUPER proud of the responses from the audience. THANK YOU FANS!!! 🦍🐺🐊💥💪🏾💯🤓
THANK YOU guys for making RAMPAGE the #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD - including #1 in the US. Wanted to make a big, fun ride to kick off the summer. Thank y’all for loving the ride.
To celebrate, I’m gonna go to Walmart and yodel now.


BEHIND-THE-SCENES: This is me working with my cinematographer Jaron Presant- @flyingbaboons . This shows the essential elements needed to set a shot. A director with a camera. A DP who can light it and wears handsome hats. And the most important essential - which you will notice on the right side of frame... COFFEE. That is literally someone holding my coffee because they know if it goes to far from me I’ll collapse. Shout out to @stumptown for keeping me vertical! 😂😂😂


It’s a wrap London! @rampagethemovie #londonpremiere was EPIC! Amazing to see the cast and producers in all their charming glory out there on the #redcarpet The fans here are amazing! Thank you UK! Thank you London! And thank you to that one teenage girl who mistook me for being @joemanganiello ! It’s not every day (or any day actually) that I get mistaken for a sex symbol or 6”5 ex-werewolf/fitness model/badass. She made me day. 😂😂😂🤓 #rampagemovie 🦍🐺🐊


WORLD WIDE RAMPAGE!!! Thank you @warnerbrossg @warnerbrosuk @wbpictures for the awesome campaign and making BIG MEETS BIGGER an actual reality! 🦍🐺🐊


@kidcudi in the studio in LA! When you see @rampagethemovie you’ll hear his killer new song ‘THE RAGE’ at the end. You can also hear it on the phenomenal soundtrack by @andrewlockingtonmusic ! Now if only I didn’t look like a white walker in this pic! 😂🤓


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