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He’s my brother and I love him like myself 💯 #NMOL


Stopped thru the hood today to go visit The house we once grew up in and mannnnnn! It brought back a whole lot of childhood memories 🙌 the new owners was nice enough to let us go inside and reminisce what it was like living there she was 💯 for that thank you “NOOKBOYZ” FOREVER don’t never forget where you came from 💯 #Phorxdon #brothers #NMOL captured by @ted.v1 📷


😐😈😬 Getting older,looking healthy, feeling younger 💪🏾 fit life #NMOL @dabarberbully on the cut


This one for my Nigga @xxxtentacion had to do a cover over one of my favorite records from him “everybody dies in there nightmares” 🙏🏾 #NMOL. #xxxtentacion SWIPE for more subscribe to my @youtube channel #stricklyphorinstagram @ted.v1


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Not a father jus yet BUT definitely someone’s daddy 😈 FACTS 💯🤫😛😏 #NMOL


Shade 👓 gang 🤮 @_rachilla WE MISS YOU SIS.. 😔 🇯🇲 #NMOL


I’m apart of some crazy shit you wouldn’t understand if i told you ... only way to relate is if your in these situations wit me! Welcome to The “OTHERSIDE” 🇯🇲 #NMOL