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Oh hi Marc

My dad was unusually excited about this show and then I realized it’s because he originally thought I said it was Comedy Jews #comedyjuice


Happy 70th birthday Mom! Thanks for being a great mother and for the anti-aging genes!


Super proud of my brother from a neurotic mother, @imericneumann , for crushing his first album recording. Nervous Lover will be up there with Illmatic, Appetite for Destruction and Enter the Wu-Tang as one of the best debut albums of our time. Big things ahead!


Had a great set, got paid, and then promptly lost it all at the poker table. Well played, Atlantic City


I call this one: pineapple boy tries to get my LaCroix on a February spring day #jonahtunde


Mozart’s Requiem, his final composition. I wonder if 18th century hipsters were like, “whatever, I’ve been into Mozart since back when he was a court musician in Salzburg”


Quality time with my dad and stepmom on this, my father’s 80th Birthday. #80isthenew20 #millenials #screentime


No V-Day plans yet? Whether you’re single, coupled or tripled you should Come check out Gary Gulman, Chanel Ali, Francis Ellis, Alex English, Eric Neumann, Erica Spera, Katie Haller and me Wed night at 7pm at New York Comedy Club for our annual Valentine’s Day Show for everyone! Link with discount code in bio!!


Obligatory private gig bathroom selfie. This is my first selfie post but rest assured it will not be the last


Next time someone tells you there isn’t enough nature in NYC show them this pic of a Red-tailed hawk slaying a pigeon in my upper east side backyard #hawkward #idontwantnopigeons #pigeonhole #natgeo #planetearth


Ladies are going crazy over boys in grey sweatpants this season #jonahtunde


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