Pinky And Fang@pinkyandfang

Two British Shorthair princesses in New Zealand. 1 year old Fang and 5 year old Pinky. Often tortured by their 12 year old tabby brother Astro.

When your sister has you in a headlock and you know the bunny kicks are next... 😬😖 #fightclub #catproblems #sistersquad


Our mother figure is not performing against her contracted KPIs. We ran out of cat biscuits last night. She’s not been taking pictures of us to post on Insta despite our constant posing. It might be time to renegotiate terms of engagement. Very disappointing. #catproblems #positionsvacant #applywithin


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Or in Fang’s case, do whatever seems like a good idea at the time and meow until someone rescues you. #philosofang


This is Pinky not rolling off the table. She’s not rolling off. Not at all. #tongueouttuesday


Grandma human left today. She took all her pats with her. We are already fading with the lack of attention 😿 #attentionstarved #comebacksoon


Mama human’s mama is visiting from Australia. We sleep on her bed all day and night and get pats and treats on demand. She’s the best 😻


Whatever it is that you want right now the answer is no. Just no.


It’s that time of year again. Zero degrees outside and tumbleweeds of BSH fur inside. This is what gets brushed/furminated off P&F every single day along with a whole lot of DRAMA. #divas #drama #grooming #FURminator💆‍♀️💇‍♀️💅


Fang had an epic play session with Tiny Human this weekend. Pinky hid away as usual which was very sensible because Tiny discovered the feather toy and her technique needs a lot of work... #catsandbabies #bffsforever #playdate


F: haha Astro I marked everything with my claws while you were gone so I’m the alpha cat now👸🏼
A: 👊👿
F: 😿
A: you were saying????
Cue Terminator soundtrack...
#terminator #alphacat #streetfighter


ASTRO’S BACK! He shared a group nose boop with Pinky and Fang, ate two full bowls of food then crawled under the covers in the human bed with mama 😊 .
THANK YOU to everyone for your kinds thoughts and comments hoping for his return. We dropped fliers around the neighbourhood asking people to check their sheds and garages. A couple of hours later he appeared at the door so maybe the fliers worked!


We are going to bed for the second night without Astro. And it’s freezing and raining outside. We fear the worst... #lostboy


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