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Pit Bulls Of Instagram

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Pit Bulls Of Instagram

Brought my newest nephew Cain a barkbox! (We took out the treats) He loved the toys!!!! Click the link in my bio or go to Barkbox.com Make sure to use code PITBULL for a FREE MONTH ADDED TO ANY PLAN! @totallynotbri


Pit Bulls Of Instagram

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Pit Bulls Of Instagram


Pit Bulls Of Instagram

Hoekayyyy @peta but we have bigger fish to fry.... How about you stop euthanizing pit bulls?


Pit Bulls Of Instagram

When you only trust your dog 😂 @bluestaffy


Pit Bulls Of Instagram

I’ve been going to Stand Up For Pits with @rebeccacorry Hollywood for years and there is no other event like it. Aside from having some of comedy’s biggest names, these shows raise funds, much needed awareness, helps local shelter animals, place dogs and save lives.

Just this year alone, Stand Up For Pits events have helped raise $54,660.00 for nonprofit pit bull type dog rescues and $72,667.00 worth of shelter supplies nationwide and there is still another show this Sunday in Spokane. The @standupforpitsfoundation is dedicated to ending abuse, discrimination and saving the lives of pit bull type dogs and these amazing shows help make it possible.

I’m so excited to share that after 8 years they finally filmed Stand Up For Pits Hollywood and its available now! If Stand Up For Pits doesn’t come to your city or you haven’t been able to attend yet, you can still see the show while supporting the cause and all from the comfort of your own home.

The one hour sixteen minute show is hosted by proud Pibble mom and animal hero, @kaleycuoco with performances by Bob Saget, Fortune Feimster, Josh Wolf, Adam Ray and Rebecca Corry.
Just go to standupforpits.us (link in bio) and click the link on the home page. For $15 you’ll have access to watch and proceeds (after fees - approximately $13 of every purchase) will go directly to the @standupforpitsfoundation!

I was at this show. It was awesome and everyone should see it. Thank you SUFP for making this happen! It’s such a great way to reach more people, raise more awareness and needed funds. Awesome job!

To learn more about SUFP, their work and mission go to standupforpits.us.

#standupforpits #endbsl #enddogfighting #angelforever @joshwolfcomedy


Pit Bulls Of Instagram



Pit Bulls Of Instagram


Pit Bulls Of Instagram


Pit Bulls Of Instagram

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