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Conspiracy theory: Instagram's algorithm scans this meme for subversion and all evidence of my account disappears. Tag Mark Zuckerberg in the comments. 📷@natureismetal_


I'm going to Costa Rica to kick names and take ass. Stream on Tdmascr.com. This EBI rules tournament kicks off August 1st, 10PM EST. After the tournament I will enrich Costa Rican culture by teaching the humble people of CR how to make and eat pizza. Pura Vida


Tag your fattest training partners. Make a difference. ART@Porous_walker


Instagram, you officially have 45 minutes notice to watch me on the King of memes @because_jitsu podcast at 10pm


Sweepin em off their feet 📷@my_istock_shots


FLEXIBILITY. My Sensei @donjohnaher has always emphasized one critical, but often under-utilized attribute of the champion grappler: flexibility. It is so essential, that "Jiu-Jitsu" can, in fact, be translated as "Flexible Way". Here @thegoldencj practices his flexibility with fellow student @sebastianberti and myself. Like all good Jiu-Jitsu training, the true benefits can be seen both on the mat - grappling opponents in the @itcjiujitsu basement AND off the mat - perhaps grappling a Tindr date in his mom's basement. Both ways, the essensual attribute of flexibility remains a thick, firm pillar in the arsenal of champion grappler. 📷@my_istock_shots


If you really want to hurt your friend's feelings, in a deep way that will threaten the relationship as a whole - tag them below.


You ever roll with someone so brutal that you hate them almost as much as you hate yourself? Tag them. ⠀

Here: I'll go first: @eddie_wolverine @gordonlovesjiujitsu @jasonraubjj89 @tazagarami @tomdeblass ART: @porous_walker


Big announcement this week - in the meantime: hit me with a 🙏 below, to pray to the dark lord of leglocks that no one gets hurt 😈


Prague seminar was unreal, hope to be back in the fall!


Tag your fattest training partner


The longer you look at this the more you