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Official instagram for actor @pj_byrne ! Check out new #Rampage Movie !


Madison is a #ButterflyWhisperer .... thanks for playing with us Mr. #Butterfly ❤️!


Stay in line ...Principal Nippal is back. Not Nipple... NIPPAAHL! @hbo #biglittlelies


#HappyMothersDay xoxoxoox


#HappyMothersDay Mother! Nice work... real nice work!


Always nice to have a cousin who owns a cotton candy company. @asburyparkcottoncandyco YUM! It’s organic.... so I can eat more... right?


If I could have hugged one person in THE WORLD last night it would have been this beautiful nugget @missyarobbins, who achieved something GREAT not only because of her beautiful talents but also her beautiful heart. She and @seanbfeeney had a dream called @lilianewyork and now it exists... and it’s a place where “everyday is a great day!” She a won #jamesbeardaward ...YES!! #ProudFriend


Mind blowing experience acting in the TV Version of my favorite childhood movie with the master himself @kevinbacon . Sadly, I’m not sure the world will ever see #Tremors. I’m honored to have danced with these wonderful peeps... this cast and crew crushed it! Xoxo and I got to wear sick cowboy boots!!


#BTS a little Behind The Scenes from @rampagethemovie ! Just found my Joke Notes for ONE line...The winner was 2C!
PJ “I just bought a new vegan deodorant.” DJ “Yeah, how’s that working out?” P.J.” I don’t know, I kinda smell like a house plant.”
I usually have about 40 to 60 of these scraps of paper for each job. #Rampage in theaters now!!!


#oldheadshotday .... I have no idea why but at that point in my life.... this headshot made sense to me.


I’m fine.... totally fine. See @rampagethemovie this weekend... same feelings!


I can’t CONFIRM or DENY @peytonology or @therock version of these events. See below................. Repost from @peytonology using @RepostRegramApp - In this BTS photo @pj_byrne @therock and I are discussing motivations and what this scene is REALLY about. Though DJ and I thought it might have more to do with his friendship with his best pal George, PJ continuously said ‘It’s about my ass. Look at my ass. My ass. Motivation granted. Look at it. Please. Be my guest. You’d only be the 4 billionth person to stare at it. It’s okay. Go. Stare. Ass. Your welcome. Roll camera!’ And that... ladies and gentleman is what it’s like working with PJ Byrne and Dwayne Johnson on the set of Rampage! 😂😂😂👍🏻🤙🏻💥😜#rampagemovie #rampage #funnydudes #iwanthisshirt #twins #intheatresnow


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