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Self driving cars. Fully autonomous vehicles. According to industry experts, these cars should be available to tech-obsessed consumers in a little over a decade. However, after two recent fatal crashes, Playboy explores why the future of autonomous vehicles may ultimately be doomed by the public’s reasonable expectations of safety & security. Read the full article on


We’ve found your summer playlist inspiration. Playboy’s new series, Music’s Women of Summer, spotlights five emerging women who are defying the odds and making this scorching season even hotter. Read more about these artists on


In the August 1993 Issue, @jeffgoldblum’s cheeky taste on sartorial style is on full display as he tells us why black is an excellent color for summer, whether or not you're being chased by dinosaurs, and that you should always follow your personal fashion sense. "I don't believe there's good taste--only personal taste. The minute you start trying to do what's right, you usually end up looking wrong."


@msjessicawall’s passion for art goes far beyond the canvas. “Art is an expression of emotion, and we all have a visceral connection to color”. See more of our September ’17 Playmate’s pictorial at Photo: @grahamdunn


“I was raised dirt-biking, four-wheeling, all that fun stuff.” February ’18 Playmate @megan_samperi loves to live. “Go with the flow. Go travel. Things will happen.” See Megan’s full gallery now on Photo: @christophervonsteinbach


Want to meet 2018 Playmate of the Year @ninamariedaniele? The #SavageBunny will be signing copies of her PMOY issue at @bneventsgrove next Wednesday, June 27th, at 7:00 PM. For more information contact Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles.


You probably don’t need another reason to see ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,’ opening nationwide tomorrow, but we’ve got one: @notdaniellapineda, who plays dinosaur doctor Zia Rodriguez. The scene-stealer spends some time with Playboy to chat about everything from her first time going topless on-screen to the big Marvel role she didn’t get. (Luckily, that led her to starring in one of the summer’s biggest films.) Read the interview now on Photo: @joeferrucci


British skinheads, Brexit and bike shorts: welcome to the world of 25-year-old designer @philipjellis, who has been crowned the U.K.’s reigning fashion wunderkind. Ellis joins Playboy to talk about his new collaboration with denim brand @agolde (his jeans seem destined for Urban Outfitters)—and more importantly, the one style tip men need to embrace now. Read the full interview on


It’s the longest day of the year. Spend summer solstice under the sun with the radiant @yasminajones. See her full poolside pictorial now on Photo: @marcushyde


“Given the climate in Washington DC it seemed rather fitting to dress the Rabbit in purple during a recent event in our nations capital. A gesture suggesting that while party affiliation is important it should not cause us to draw lines in the sand we never cross. We are far better together.” Comments from our Chief Creative Officer @Cooperbhefner on the State of American government and our common humanity.


That’s quite a view. @ericacandice reaches for the stars atop a New York City skyscraper. Take in the sights with Erica’s full gallery, now available on Photo: @jenmsenn


Following a year filled with tragedy, Linkin Park co-founder @m_shinoda is moving forward. Playboy sat down with the musician as he shared his process of staring down grief, finding comfort in creativity, and ultimately releasing his first solo album, ‘Post Traumatic.’ Read the full interview on