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Plouise Makeup Academy

Our Base literally makes shadows POP!

It’s crease proof formula guarantees flawless results with a PA PA PAT technique.
Brows: @nyxcosmetics brow gel
Eye base: @plouise_makeup_academy shade 2
Shadows: @plouise_makeup_academy Secret Sinner
Orange liner: @plouise_makeup_academy base OTT Orange
Lashes: @plouise_makeup_academy dare lash


Plouise Makeup Academy

P.Louise Holla Gloss
Ever wondered what gloss is perfect for the ultimate nude lip ? We have your answer.
A creamy, luxurious nude gloss formulated to transform any Saint under the radar. Drag yourself from the spotlight and onto the stage. The mission is to make the world notice, babe go and get whats yours.


Plouise Makeup Academy

Who wants to see more makeup from us again ? ✨


Plouise Makeup Academy

BADDA back by popular demand. Our game-changing BADDA black base and brush duo has arrived! Add some intensity to your looks and build the blackest base for the smokiest and sultriest of eyes with this super dark creamy formula. 🖤


Plouise Makeup Academy

We are pushing the boundaries for you to see what’s achievable with our coloured bases! ✨


Plouise Makeup Academy

A compilation of the colours that make up our fierce Secret Sinner palette ✨ From beautiful browns to bold brights, we created this palette so you can use it for any look and any occasion. We just can’t choose our favourite shade, what’s your favourite? 💕


Plouise Makeup Academy

Our Coloured base’s truly are a game changer
People often ask .. what makes your products different and evolutionary? Well simply because our products are designed by working MUA’S we understand what the makeup community wants and needs at an affordable rate .. performing effortlessly ✨


Plouise Makeup Academy

💗❄️ Break The Ice this winter with our vibrant Winter Rose taken from our ‘BASE’ic Brights Winter Edition ❄️💗 With make up like this babe, you are far from ‘BASE’ic.



Our Winter edition collection also includes: 💜VIVID VIOLET 💚HINT OF MINT 💙TOUCH OF FROST

4 x 15ml


Plouise Makeup Academy

Our POPPIN CANDY pigment is being discontinued
Who will miss her ✨


Plouise Makeup Academy

Designed to inject flashes of colour into your eye makeup using the easiest method possible, the super creamy consistency allows you to create fluid, effortless designs in the blink of an eye.
Challenge yourself and dare to break the rules of conventional makeup to create designs with increased vibrancy, sass and attitude! ❣️ Shop the Winter Bases & the Basic Brights today, we love them and we know you will to!


Plouise Makeup Academy

As you probably already know, here at P.Louise, we don’t do anything by halves and we are extremely excited to introduce our P.Louise Perfecting School 12 month course.
This is an intense, practical course designed solely around P.Louise techniques and artistry.

You will need to attend the academy one day a week for 12 months (52 weeks). This is a hands-on, 100% practical course with a full P.Louise curriculum.
You will be taught absolutely everything there is to know about the P.Louise signature style from 2 of our Senior makeup artists. Lessons will include everything there is to know about P.Louise artistry, from back to basics such as eyebrow tutorials, to being able to master our heavy glam signature P.Louise looks, and will even touch upon Special FX makeup.
The course is all about redefining your makeup artistry and breaking the rules. Progression plans are included in the course and the evidence of your work will be signed off by senior P.Louise artists. You will also receive additional help and a monthly mentoring session from P.Louise herself to track and monitor the progression of your work.

You will be given absolutely amazing opportunities such as makeup trips and excursions, you will have priority access to new and future P.Louise products and collections and you will also be given the opportunity to use the products in your lessons.
Step inside the world of P.Louise and experience our most hands on and intimate course to date.

To apply for this extremely limited course please call the academy on 0161 459 7420.


Plouise Makeup Academy

Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose causing trouble most of all? ✨ Are you a saint or do you sin? Believe in your skill you’re set to win”.
The brush bristles within this triple threat set, are a mixture of non-synthetic and synthetic hairs; silky soft but strategically structured, uniquely designed to kill the opposition with a feather like touch. Develop your confidence and perfect your craft in creating the signature P.Louise ‘ultra heavy glam’.
Soft, sensual and ready to slay.
What will be your weapon of choice?