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Blown out smokes
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Plouise Makeup Academy

Well isn’t that some truth
I did warn you.. we was STEPPING UP our game
18 matte shades for £40
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Plouise Makeup Academy

The new palette in action

Christmas sneak peaks coming VERY soon. Can you believe we are talking about Christmas already?
What do you love at Christmas? For us it’s gift wrapping!


Plouise Makeup Academy

P.Louise New Collection
Due To Drop October.
£40 for 18 full pigment matte shadows.
You guys wanted to see how our purple performs, we always take on board what our clients NEED, we found people complained regarding the colour pay off from purple shadows. We spent over 12 months perfecting each formula with our working artists to over come the patchy finish. My artists fell in LOVE and continue to rave about the palette endlessly .. they have been using it and teasing our one to one students for months now.. no more secrets. Our real life students have played, they’ve experienced the texture to the new shadows and have expressed there excitement for the new range. We hope you fall in love as much as we have creating the new collection.
@plouise_makeup_academy yellow to blend out shade “CLIMAX”
@plouise_makeup_academy deep orange for our second blend “BOW DOWN”
@plouise_makeup_academy Purple to build up definition into the crease “ADDICTED”
@plouise_makeup_academy Base shade 0 to cut the crease.
@plouise_makeup_academy S&M used on the lid.

Now tell me what your thinking ?


Plouise Makeup Academy

So here it is .. My palette that I have ALWAYS envisioned. The luxury brand that I’ve dreamt of being. I started cosmetics in January and 9 months later I can finally introduce the P.Louise Luxury, Quality brand.

A lot of clients have used it at the academy already, so you guys who have what’s your HONEST reviews please?? I always kept it real with you guys and told you I couldn’t afford my vision at first, as the packaging alone costs a fortune. I always promised I would never up my prices, instead I would deliver 10x stronger products at the same value. Why ? Because you are loyal to my brand. I’ve added another 6 matte shadows to our palette completely free at the same value as my original palette. I hope you know you are truly valued to me, and without you guys I wouldn’t be growing at such a RAPID RATE.

I hope you understand I’ve over come my faults, learnt from shipping errors and I’m back stronger and better than ever. We now have a devoted full time customer service team dedicated to our cosmetic line.
I know what is missing in the market.. Why is that you ask? Because we are working muas who desire to be the best at what we do.
I hope you enjoy our new concept and sneak peak into our new collection. We’ve had so much fun creating them.
All my love P.Louise


Plouise Makeup Academy

The ***** ****** Palette is designed to transform the saints under the radar into unstoppable, smouldering sinners by night! With a spectrum of 18 super pigmented matte shades, we have everything to drag you from the shadows & into the spotlight!
The pans are the same size of the Signature Palette & the newest edition will cost exactly the same at £40.00 with 6 additional show stoppers! Don’t say I don’t look after you!
First impressions can be very deceiving....can you guess what’s inside?
Pre Register onto our VIP mailing list to be given priority access to purchase this entire Collection ahead of the rest of the world!
The entire collection will be available and on sale to the public at the end of October!
Who’s putting this on their wish list?


Plouise Makeup Academy

What’s your shade?
Thank-you for the image @destiny_taylore


Plouise Makeup Academy

Green Goddess
We are LIVING for @__dollbeauty_ highlighter have you purchased there new edition recently?


Plouise Makeup Academy

Are you missing us ?
P.Louise base has been out of stock recently .. but there’s a reason behind it. Can you guess what ?

We will be restocking on our most popular shades September 28th 💋


Plouise Makeup Academy

Thankyou for 500k
Eyes peeled for Monday we have a HUGE discount launching to celebrate this achievement together .. because after all we wouldn’t exist without YOUR loyalty to our brand.

We are currently doing our upmost best to improve everyone’s experience with P.Louise from a brand that started a cosmetic line in January we are continuously growing and trying to give the best in customer service, customer satisfaction and giving you guys what’s missing on the market
Join us Monday 17th 4pm.

Our beautiful model is rocking base shade 3.


Plouise Makeup Academy

Would YOU rock green?

Okay .. let’s have some fun .. what is your most worst nightmare shade in a palette .. ours is shimmer ✋


Plouise Makeup Academy

P.louise Lovers
I want to thankyou all for believing in our brand, thankyou for following our journey! Our academy is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, all walls are down and glass ones are on there way up. Our academy is being changed into an official college allowing you all to come and gain worldwide recognised qualifications, providing the highest standard of training possible. We welcome you on our journey and can’t wait for you to see our students success stories 💋

Product details anyone ?