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“No Dad”!... “ah what the hell”!!😂 Das right! Just cuz u 15 now, u think u can tell me what to do?? LOL!! JK!! Happy birthday Boodz!! You are definetly unique!:) 😂😂 love you!! #mymarchmadnessisova#wouldntwantitanyotherway


Hollah back if you think you got what it takes!!!:)


To the lady who holds the key to my heart!! Happy Birthday mama!! I’ll love you forever!! #mymarchmadnessalmostover#2down1togo#wouldntwantitanyotherway


Happy birthday to my first ride or die guy!! U are an amazing person!! And in the words of “Maui”... 🎶 You’re Welcome🎶😂😂 JK!! Have a great day son! Love you forever!! #mymarchmadnessbegins#1down2togo#wouldntwantitanyotherway#22yrsold


Happy Heavenly Birthday to our new angel!! Miss you so much! Love you ma!


Buddah and his date Roxy. #latepost#dmswinterball


She was so happy to see him all dressed up. He was so happy she got to see him!:) we love you ma! #strongestladyIknow#fuckcancer#dmswinterball


Damn our Boodz is growing up!! Have a great time son. Making memories!! #DMSwinterball#2017


You are an amazing woman!! I just want you to know that I appreciate you for all you do. I can’t imagine what you and your sister go through everyday caring for mom, and on top of that caring for dad, keeping the house in check, but I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the type a person you are. Making sure everyone’s alright before yourself! Cant thank you enough!! Keep the faith strong! I love you mama!!😘 #teamnosleep#fuckcancer


Way da hit somebody! Watch Buddah #78 center, pull and pop the DE!! Cheeee!! Killed Punahou 42-15. Good job Boodz!! Goooo Monarchs!! #missed2ofhispancakes#prouddadddymoment @dals.ass


Game day Tomorrow. Are you ready for some football??!!!! I know dis kid is! Play hard, play with class, be humble, and kick some ass!!:) may God bless you and keep you safe always!! Go get um Buddah!!! Time to hit somebody!!


Happy Boys Day to my 2 pain in butt kids! Wouldn't want it any other way!!:) Its you who I live for!! Love u guys!