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She was so happy to see him all dressed up. He was so happy she got to see him!:) we love you ma! #strongestladyIknow#fuckcancer#dmswinterball


Damn our Boodz is growing up!! Have a great time son. Making memories!! #DMSwinterball#2017


You are an amazing woman!! I just want you to know that I appreciate you for all you do. I can’t imagine what you and your sister go through everyday caring for mom, and on top of that caring for dad, keeping the house in check, but I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the type a person you are. Making sure everyone’s alright before yourself! Cant thank you enough!! Keep the faith strong! I love you mama!!😘 #teamnosleep#fuckcancer


Way da hit somebody! Watch Buddah #78 center, pull and pop the DE!! Cheeee!! Killed Punahou 42-15. Good job Boodz!! Goooo Monarchs!! #missed2ofhispancakes#prouddadddymoment @dals.ass


Game day Tomorrow. Are you ready for some football??!!!! I know dis kid is! Play hard, play with class, be humble, and kick some ass!!:) may God bless you and keep you safe always!! Go get um Buddah!!! Time to hit somebody!!


Happy Boys Day to my 2 pain in butt kids! Wouldn't want it any other way!!:) Its you who I live for!! Love u guys!


She finally got a chance to watch Buddah play!! They lost but nonetheless boodz was happy she got to see his last game for St. Anns. Mom still going strong! Lol!! Now where to go for dinner??...


Had to stop at the blow hole lookout! Such a beautiful day with Moloka'i in the distance!! Making priceless memories with my mommy!!:)


After lunch at Kuru Kuru, taking mom to cruise the island!:) grabbing some ice cream at Hawaii Kai Mickey Dz!! Next stop Kaneohe!:)


Spending a day with my mommy!!:) doctors done! Shopping at longs check! Time for some sushi!!:) truly blessed to have a day like this!!


Wishing my baby boy a Happy 14th birthday!! Have a great day Buddah!! Love u son! #marchmadnessisova#lovemypisces#wouldntwantitanyotherway


Wanna wish my beautiful, crazy AF, ride or die wife of mines a Happy Birthday!! You are the glue ( gorilla glue of course!) that makes this family work! I love you more then a fat kid loves cake!! Guarantee!!😂😂 Love u forever mama!!