Creative experience - Posca is a water-based marker to paint on all surfaces. 🎨 #posca #poscalifecustom #art


@fansack artiste chinois présente "Space Ape" dernier volet du cycle d’expositions « #Quartet » à la galerie tatoo @kromatique du 24 mai au 30 juin. Les artistes Quartet : @slaye_art @daenaladeesse @stix913 @fansack
#kromatiquetattoogalerie #quartet #LittleMetropole #Kongo @uniball_france


@jeanmarclejeune dessine, peint et collabore avec la danse et les danseurs. C'est avec Shlag qu'il réalise cette performance.

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L’artiste @prila.maria workshop custo sur la plage pour la bonne cause : le surf sera vendu au profit de l’ONG #educasurf de la ville de Guarujá au Bresil
#art #posca #surf #graffiti #educasurf #custo photo leonardodosantos


@drewbrophy anouncement --> Yesterday an exciting thing happened - I got to see one of my favorite paintings for the first time in 17 years!

The collector/owner delivered the painting to my gallery from Los Angeles. I hadn't seen PURE JOY since he bought it at the Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach in 2001.

It was like welcoming an old friend back home. PURE JOY has become one of my most iconic paintings. It has been printed on magazine covers, many different products, and we've sold thousands of prints of it over the years, all over the world.

PURE JOY is a very important piece in my museum exhibition this summer, as it marks the start of a change in my art from angry and edgy to love and joy. It's no coincidence that it was the same year my son Dylan was born.

I'm honored to be The Myrtle Beach Art Museum's featured artist of 2018. I am excited to exhibit over 30 years of my work in a museum, right in the town I grew up in.

Preparing for an exhibit of this size is a huge task. Original paintings, sketches and surfboard paintings, ranging from my high school years to the present, will be displayed in a space of over 1700 square feet and in 7 different "gallery" rooms.

I'm gathering over 70 pieces of art from collectors all over the country, most of which sold a long time ago.

It feels surreal, going through all of my old sketches and works. Luckily, I saved almost everything going back to my high school days.

In the early days, my art wasn't even that good. In the Retrospective exhibit, people will be able to see the progression of my work as they walk from room to room - all 7 rooms will represent a place in time.

If you're near South Carolina this summer, consider coming to the exhibit. Maria and I will be there the first 2 weeks, giving personal tours and a Posca Paint Pen Workshop.


Franklin G. Burroughs • Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum Myrtle Beach
3100 South Ocean Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 843-238-2510

Opening Date: June 23, 2018

Closing Date: September 16, 2018


La Team de bénévoles des noces Felines en plein workshop masques de chat pour la seconde nuit des noces Felines #nocesfelines7 #reims #palaisdutau #posca


Les chats ont posé leur griffe au palais du Tau : #Champagne, #Afrobeat et #flippaper pour la première nuit des noces Felines. #flippaper #nocesfelines #palaisdutau #masque #reims #delgres #supergombo #albinoid #nathanzahef


Monsieur @dtone_ sur tous supports 👍🏽👊🏼🎨✌️ #posca #poscalifecustom #dtone #art #custo


#matthieu #hiya!


Retrouvez @bault_ et 16 artistes de l’Urban Art Fair dans le Sketch book à colorier édité en partenariat avec @uniball_france.
@EnricSant#KAN @ALBER @CHANOIR @MissTic#BAULT @ASTRO @marko93darkvapor @STOM500
@SHANE #MADAME @Psychose156 @katre_art @JACE @THIRSTYBSTRD @urbanartfair


@slaye_art présente demain "Germination du quotidien " 3eme exposition du projet #Quartet. Du 12 avril au 22 mai @kromatique
@stix913 @daenaladeesse @fansack #POSCA @uniball_france
#kromatiquetattoogalerie #slayeartiste #quartet #LittleMetropole #Kongo


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