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Niffler on the loose! As with any movie, every scene of #FantasticBeasts went through a storyboard process - and this is one of our favourites.


#WorldCup prediction: Ireland will win, but Krum will catch the Snitch.


What could be better than watching #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, you ask? How about watching it at a private screening with all your friends and family? Head to crowdrise.com/fantasticbeasts for your chance to win this incredible new prize. #WeAreLumos #BeTheLight


What did Luna inherit from her father? They both spoke their minds, believed in the unbelievable and weren’t afraid to be their quirky selves. From Xenophilius to Arthur, let’s hear it for the dads of the wizarding world.


Find someone who looks at you the way Hagrid and Madame Maxime look at nothing ❤️


Think fast, summon your happiest memory and discover your Patronus.... Watch #QuidditchThroughTheAges narrator Andrew Lincoln discover his Patronus on Pottermore - and head to our Story to see what Hogwarts house he is in!


The extraordinary headquarters of MACUSA can be found inside the Woolworth Building at 233 Broadway, New York City. But how was the magical location was brought to life on screen? Head to the link in our bio to find out. #FantasticBeasts


The FIFA #WorldCup? What an odd way to spell 'Quidditch'. Who remembers who won the epic Qudditch World Cup final in 1994?


The Quibbler. A quirky, alternative magazine that isn't afraid to speak its mind.
The Daily Prophet. The trusted primary source of news for most wizarding households. Which is better? Let us know in the comments!


A huge congratulations to @hpplaynyc, winner of six #TonyAwards, including: Best Play, Best Director, ‬Costume Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design and Sound Design‪. What a moment for everyone in the #CursedChild family, we're so proud!


You might want to start packing a suitcase… Eddie Redmayne invites you to the red carpet premiere of #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald in New York, London or Paris, as part of Lumos's global sweepstakes. Head to @wearelumos or crowdrise.com/fantasticbeasts to enter now! #BeTheLight #WeAreLumos


Another year, another Harry. The new #CursedChild family have officially taken over in London - head to @hpplayldn to see more of the third West End cast in action.


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