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"Breakfast seems to be my biggest issue since I usually have an early schedule and with two new puppies in the house there is no time to make something legit. What do y’all eat for breakfast on short notice??? I deal with people all day and can’t afford to get hangry at 10am." Anon


POWERLIFTINGWOMEN: We pull till it Bends 😈😂 Regrann from @laurenmmfit - Remember ONE month ago when I pulled 295 for my 3rd attempt at my meet... well look what we’re doing today. wtf happened on the 3rd rep idk, feel like it might be a breathing/bracing issue 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk i haddddd ittttt 🤦🏻‍♀️

Deadlifts have been funky lately. We wanted to do a couple sets @ 295 today but since I struggled with 280 last week I did the first few sets @ 285 which moved well so went for the 295 on the 4th (shown) and with the miss back to 285 for the 5th set of 3 (⏩⏩)

Honestly though I’m pretty fckin proud of myself for getting out of my head finally and just moving some weight today 💪🏽

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"Just earned a $200 reward from my boss for hitting a June sales goal and he’d like me to spend it on powerlifting gear. Awesome, right?! I already have squat shoes and an old pair of Adidas classics to deadlift in. I’d love to get my first belt but I don’t know where to start and what else I should grab. What should I get with my budget?"


THE PATH IS NOT A STRAIGHT LINE ❤️❤️❤️ from @alyssamaiello - Some days are worse than others 😓
I wish my recovery was straight upwards. No backtracking or falls. No failures or relapses. When I started this meet prep and getting back to conjugate and what I loved I thought for some reason it would be magic. And it has helped me so much, but I can’t outrun my problems. As much as I say that, I am really trying to say it to myself. You can’t forget about abuse, trauma , anxiety, PTSD or flashbacks. You have no control. It consumes you. And right now it’s been consuming me way more than I would have liked. I don’t want to come off as weak or as if I have failed anyone, because I know people look up to me and see me as a strong person. But I have so many layers to me, and so many things that I still have to deal with. I was in the hospital again, not for a long time. I went because I was so scared that this pain wouldn’t stop and I wouldn’t control myself when I needed it to end. I was okay, I left, and now I’m kind of left here with what to do. I know now that maybe something more full time or a larger change needs to happen in order for me to learn to live a normal life with these issues. Because they won’t ever go away, I need to learn to cope with them. I have said this so many times but that’s the truth of recovery. It never really does stop. You are always working on it and you never know what will trigger you to go backwards and need to start all over again. I am human, I am trying, I know I will end up okay. Pain is only momentary, God does have a plan for me that is greater than all these issues. I just need to make real changes and trust in feeling uncomfortable and handling change. I wish I had a perfect answer to help anyone of you who is struggling. But everyone is going to have a different journey and different path to their recovery. I’m just still trying to figure mine out. Thank you all for the constant support, it means so much to know that I am not the only one, and that any of my posts have helped any one of you at one time or another. That’s all I wish to do. You are never alone, and you ARE bigger than your pain, stronger and smarte


"i hear always people (funfact: mostly they're not doing it) talking about powerlifting and it would be permanent damaging your knees and other joints, but you'll just become aware of it after years. To the long powerlifting womens out there: true or false?" Anon
@dr.caleb.burgess - 🔥Age vs Resistance Training🔥
💥 Aging is inevitable. And with age, unfortunately, many important physical qualities begin to diminish over time. However, with an intelligently prescribed RESISTANCE TRAINING program, these qualities can be MAINTAINED and IMPROVED, even as we age
💯 Bottomline, if you don't give your body the stimulus to improve these vital physical attributes, your body will assume that you do not have use for them, and these qualities will diminish over time. This process is accelerated with aging, and can lead to disability and decreased quality of life, which is not a way anyone wants to live
💥 If you are on the fence about starting a program, unsure of what to do, or have a parent or loved one that you want to see stay healthy, functional, and independent for the long term, consult with a knowledgeable personal trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other movement professional who can work with you to develop a resistance training program that will work for YOU and YOUR GOALS
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📚 Baechle, T. R., & Earle, R. W. (2008). Essentials of strength training and conditioning 3rd ed.Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. - #regrann


"Friday i lifted squats and med weight lunges. Sore sat sunday even did yoga sunday & foam rolled both days. Today is reg routine squats bench deadlift. BUT’ im still sore bigtime. Longest record. Do u think i should still train regularly? Ughh its monday n I totally find skipping training unacceptable but i dont wanna get back into my plateau of over training . What do u think??"


The Powerbelly is Real, and it's Spectacular ❤️❤️ from @powernoccsa - Back at the gym #vecka42. Några lätta böj med tom stång setat med lättare överhettning emellanåt 💦💦💦💦💦 Max 3 dagar kvar nu!! 💪👶
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"Not completely new to lifting but have never actually competed...I have always held a special place in my heart for powerlifting and am at the point where I want to get serious in training. That being said...what’s a reasonable amount to spend on 1on1 training? I’m in the state of Arizona...any advice when choosing a trainer/where to train helps!!" Anon


"How do you wear neon/light colored booty shorts and leggings??? Like what kind of underwear do you wear with them so nobody sees your privates??? No matter what I do they’re totally see-through but I love the bright colors 😅"


GIRLPOWER❤️9yr old kaydan working her singles of 133.5lbs @68 bw @jkmdorman ❤️


"The last few months I noticed some odd stretch marks. One in particular that’s a little more abnormal (or so I think) then the rest. It’s about a half an inch thick and it’s 2 1/4 inches long. Running from my upper pelvic area up to my belly button.. I notice it’s more purple after I use my belt, and will be getting it checked out. But just wondered if anyone else has had this.

I have gained about ten pounds but my other stretch marks (legs,and breasts) aren’t purple at all."


FORMCHECK❤️"I’m new to powerlifting and pulled 270 at my meet. I’d love to be able to pull 300 by the fall while still keeping good form. Any tips? (I have a coach! Just looking for some more tips ☺️)" @laurencarr3