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Bengal Cat and Occasional Critters. Pennsylvania USA

I woke up like this...Flawless #caturdaynitederpoff


Who says you can't train a cat?


Oh hey look it's #tacotonguetuesday


Hey guys if you support @pawproject and they're efforts to ban declawing in the US (already banned just about everywhere else) you can sign an online petition to help ban it in California. I did it only took a minute I'll put the link in my Bio.


Throwback to the first time I met @oskar_the_blind_cat. This was taken at a hotel in St. Louis on 6/22/2016


Not too often I post a cell pic. But it's been years since Pouncy's gotten in the sink. Last time I turned on the faucet on to see if he liked water...he didn't and he's never been back till now.


How about this for #tacotonguetuesday? Or is it #tongueouttuesday for dogs? This is @mervinthechihuahua whom I had the pleasure of meeting at PetCon. That tongue is amazing to say the least. Mervin was adopted by Joey, an employee of the shelter Marvin was staying in. Very cool little dog and kindhearted owner. #MileyCyrus


Wow guys...I'm beyond saddened to learn of the loss of our long time friend Oskar (@oskar_the_blind_cat). I've had the pleasure of meeting Oskar a few times now. I've also had the pleasure of being kept up all night by him, something truly special indeed. Oskar was always happy and fearless. Although he may have been born blind he was never handicapped. My condolences to his family.


Pouncey is definitely an outdoor pooper. He has a litterbox available inside but it has to be apocalyptic conditions before he'll entertain the thought of using it.


This is blasphemy! This is madness!
Madness? This is #Caturday!


Up up and away!


Never posed this so #tbt. Look at those curves...


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