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The 2017 Bowen Family Christmas 🎄 Card



Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 from The Bowens 👨🏻👩🏼🐱🐰Jeremy, Angela, Quinn and London.


It's beginning to look and feel like Christmas 🎄 in the Bowen Household 🎅🤶!


New Minisode Punky Brewster Holiday Surprise is now up on ITunes and SoundCloud 👂🎧! #punkybrewster #punkypowerpodcast #holidaysurprise


Season 2 Wraps Up On December 30!

If you have any memories from these episodes comment below and I'll share them on the podcast 😀! #punkypower #punkybrewster #season2 #changes #accidentshappen #goodbyewarnimontstudios #challengerexplosion #buzzaldrinappearanceseason2finale


If you see this man run in the other direction.

Cheap-O Chester. The name just screams scam artist 😱. #punkybrewster #stayawayfromcheapochester


This very well known Punky Brewster episode S2E16 Cherie Lifesaver will be up on ITunes and SoundCloud in the next hour.

So get ready, because this is gonna be a heart pounding, life learning episode. Over the years this episode has become one of the most talked episodes of Punky Brewster EVER!

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Hey Punky Fans,

The podcast is going on a break for little bit and will be back at the end of December to finish Season 2.

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Hey Punky Peepers,



If you're ever heard of the show Punky Brewster than you've probably heard of the scary episode where Cherie gets stuck in the refrigerator.

This episode was actually a story idea that was chosen from a contest the creators of the show held.

The girls also learn about saving a life when in class through the method of CPR.

Join me tomorrow for an all new Punky Power Podcast episode when I discuss S2E16: Cherie Lifesaver.
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Happy Halloween 👻🎃 Punky Peeps,

In honor of the spooky holiday go check out S2E10: Love Thy Neighbor now on ITunes and SoundCloud.

Havve a safe and happy Halloween 👻!
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A new podcast episode will be up on ITunes and SoundCloud shortly by 3pm.

S2E15: Girls Will and Boys

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Meet Mr. Matzie and his son Richmond. Two of the biggest sexist derfs you will ever meet in S2E15: Girls Will Be Boys.

They believe that girls shouldn't play with remote control race cars 🚗 🏁.and instead just play Tea ☕️ party. They definitely don't want her on their track. Even Allen doesn't defend her two these guys.

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In S2E15: Girls Will Be Boys.

Allen and Henry share a laugh at the girls' expense on how they can't put together a remote control car because without taking forever.

Allen even jokes how if Punky had let him put it together it would actually run.

Uh, yeah 🙄. These guys don't know it but they are being a bit sexist 😳. #punkybrewster #80ssitcom #remotecontrolracecar #girlscandoanythingboyscando


Happy International Cat 🐱 Day!

I love my girl Quinn.

Even after 4 years you still drive me cray-cray 😜. I love you pretty girl!



Henry Warnimont a proud member of the Benevolent Order of Buffalo or a B.O.B.

I gotta say I'm with Betty and the girls on this, he does look ridiculous 😆🤣😂!!! #punkybrewster #benevolentorderofbuffalo #80ssitcom


Hey Punky Peeps,

A new Punky Power podcast episode is up on ITunes and SoundCloud 😀🎉👂🎧. Punky Brewster: S2E14: Urban Fear

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Tonight I review Punky Brewster S2E14:Urban Fear which aired on January 5,1986.

Henry and Mike work together in an effort to try to quell Punky's fear of the stalker on the loose going on a killing spree as she's worried she or Henry might be his next victims.

How would you handle a situation like this with your child?

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Who got up at 7am to watch the Season 2 Premiere of Stranger Things? This person right here 🎉😀. #strangerthings #strangerthings2


Monday's got me feeling down especially rainy ones ☔️ like today😢 :( #punkybrewster #mondayssuck #rainydaysandmondays #rainydaysaretheworst


Join me next Sunday October 29 when I review S2E14: Urban Fear where Punky is afraid of the Lakeside Strangler who's on the loose and worries for Henry's safety.

Then in S2E15: Girls Will Be Boys Punky and Cherie disguise themselves as boys to compete in the remote controlled race 🏁 car 🚗 championship.

What were you're memories from this episode?

Comment below or email me at punkypowerpbpodcast@gmail.com and I'll share it on the podcast.

Were you ever frightened when an armed and dangerous criminal was on the loose?

Did you ever compete in remote control car races?

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New PunkyPower Podcast Episode is up on ITunes and SoundCloud.

I review S2E11: The Gift and S2E12: Milk Does A Body Good.

Check em' out! 🎧
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Punky Brewster wasn't the only tv show to deal with someone discovering they're actually a missing child when they see themselves on a milk carton.

The tv show Small Wonder did this as well in the later 80's and the author Caroline B. Clooney wrote the book The Face On The Milk Carton which was published in 1990 and was later turned into a TV movie which aired in May 1995.

I'll say this for Punky Brewster, I feel they did a good job portraying this possible true to life situation and I tip my hat to Candace Cameron Bure for doing a great job at such a young age.
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Punky Brewster S2E11: The Gift is a beautiful and heartfelt episode where Punky learns to see a person's inner beautiful and help them focus on their good qualities and not their weaknesses. Also Punky's teacher Mike Fulton teaches the class about music appreciation and how some of us have hidden talents that need to be shared.

So many lessons learned in this episode.
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Who's ready for a new Punky Power Podcast episode coming tonight 😀😊!! #punkypowerpodcast #punkybrewster


Coming just in time on October 31st a Punky Brewster Halloween 👻🎃👽🤖Episode.
After Punky and her friends try to play a trick on Old Lady Peevy after she ruins their Halloween fun, Punky learns a lesson in humility and respecting your elders in S2E10: Love Thy Neighbor which aired on November 17, 1985.

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

Do you have any fun memories from when you went trick or treating?

Comment below and I'll share them on the podcast or you can email me or send me a voice message through email and I'll play it on the podcast at punkypowerpbpodcast@gmail.com.

Also can you tell me what Allen, Punky, and Cherie are dressed as?

The person who first answers the question correct gets a shout out on the podcast.
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15 years, where have the years gone? So much has changed since then and yet in some ways still the same. You're still gone. Through your fight, you taught me to be strong and through your faith you taught me that I can have peace through God. Your laugh was so contagious sometimes it's as though you're still here. whenever I throw my head back and laugh my heart cries out because I picture you doing the same thing from so long ago. It's hard to believe I have any memories left as I was so young too young even to remember you when you were whole. When I would hear you sing to our Lord with your broken voice praising him. I felt so ashamed that my faith was never was never going to be as strong as yours. Even with your broken body you sang to him and he answered your call and brought you home to him.

I love you Mom, I always will and I'm sorry for all the times I should have told you and didn't .
One day we'll be together again and we'll be the family we were always meant to be.


4 years ago today you left us to go hop across the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. I miss you Alfie boy.
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Look what I picked up today 😀!
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In the 80's when Sticker Books were all the rage😀!
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