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Meet Your Neighbor: Adolfo Steve Vazquez

Before my father moved to California in the nineties, he and I used to spend all of our time walking the streets of New York City. We'd talk for hours about what he was reading or writing at the time. He was such a passionate guy, and I was never able to keep up with him.

In 2012, he moved back to New York with serious health issues. After a month, he collapsed, and our plans to continue exploring New York together were put on hold. I'd visit him in the hospital, and on the way, I’d take pictures of my commute to keep him connected to the outside world.  We’d catch up by looking at the pictures together and talking about how things have changed. I never knew I had a talent for photography, so I was surprised when he'd compliment my shots. During that last month, we’d sit in the hospital room everyday, exploring New York like we'd planned to, one photo at a time.

After he passed away, I decided to keep going. I set off with my kids to explore all the neighborhoods in Queens, because that’s what my father did with me. I went to Wikipedia, found a list of 120 Queens neighborhoods, and in thirty days, visited thirty different neighborhoods. I’d pick a landmark, take a picture, write a bio and share it on Instagram. That’s how @Queenscapes began.

Then the feedback started coming in. It was tremendous. People would comment on the things I was writing, giving me even more to learn from. My goal was always to be a fly on the wall - that regular guy no one notices. Then Queenscapes became popular. NY1 filmed me, news articles were written, and people took notice.  A team formed around the Queenscapes mission. We started a website and began hosting meet-ups and photo exhibits.

Now I’m recognized as a photographer and social media influencer, and on May 2, I will be awarded the 2018 Queens Community Builder Award at Queens Community House’s Celebrating Local Champions Reception. I never saw any of this coming, but I’m grateful and humbled as the support for Queenscapes continues to grow. And I’ll never forget where it all began; in those last days with my father, my inspiration.


Did you know tomorrow, April 19, is National #GiveOUTDay? It is the ONLY national day of giving for the LGBTQ community – a 24-hour online fundraising event that unites donors and nonprofit organizations from across the country to raise critically needed funds.

Learn about our LGBTQ Program for Older Adults, @queenscenter4gayseniors , and click the link in their bio to donate.

Learn about our LGBTQ Youth Program, @generation_q and click the link in their bio to donate.

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Tabitha Gamonski has worked with QCH for nearly 10 years. Recently promoted within QCH, she is the Director of Youth Services at our Forest Hills Community Center. Three of Tabitha's programs were recently recognized for outperforming 85% of 150 youth programs, nationwide in Algorhythm’s Youth Development Impact Learning System.

So what do Tabitha and her staff do differently? "Our highest performing programs build relationships with our participants over a period of time. Youth come in for one service, like Evening Teen Center, and they are connected to job opportunities, academic support, counseling services and so much more." Thanks for helping bring national attention to our youth programs, Tabitha!

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QCH rolls deep! Thanks to all our staff for a great turn out at today's #SHDay2018! #goteam

Learn more about Settlement Houses by visiting @unhny's website: http://www.unhny.org


Take a bow #futureleaders from @lenoxhillneighborhoodhouse! Perfect ending to a day with our #StrongSettlements! @unhny #SHDay2018. 👏🏼👏🏿👏🏾👏


QCH is here for @unhny's Settlement House Day! We're 32 strong and ready to learn all things #SettlementHouse! #SHDay2018 #StrongSettlements 💪🏾 Swipe through to see which QCH staff are presenting today! 👉🏽


Meet Your Neighbors: Lenore Harrison & Shreya Sanghvi

Lenore (Left): Some people are surprised to find out that I’m a 94 year old who texts and uses an iPad. I’ve never thought of age as a reason to stop growing and learning. Lately, I’ve been spending more time at home, so a friend suggested I sign up for QCH’s Friendly Visiting Program. It was over a year ago that Shreya started to visit me at home. She is a sweet girl, and I love to talk with her about her life. Her visits give me something to look forward to each week. Recently she brought her boyfriend over so we could meet, and I was touched when she told me I’d have a front row seat at their future wedding. I’m very grateful to have a new companion in my life.

Shreya (Right): I honestly never thought I’d have a 94 year old friend. Then I became a Friendly Visitor and met Lenore. One of our favorite things to do together is watch funny videos on the Internet and laugh. The 72 year age gap is refreshing for both of us because we can learn from each other. She’s lived such an interesting life. She tells me the greatest stories about traveling the world with her husband of 50 years. Lenore inspires me. I hope to follow in her footsteps and live a long, happy and adventurous life.

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"I had dreams about welding. I loved it. So when a position at @conedison was available in welding, I took the test!" Thank you for sharing your STEM story, Pauline. Today is our ACCESS for Young Women Program's 3rd Annual #STEM Career Panel. 👩🏾🔧👩🏻🏭👩🏿🚀👩🔬We make sure our participants know they have the opportunity to create their future.

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#TBT all the way back to the 90's! Intergenerational programming has always been a part of the QCH mission!

According to research, intergenerational engagement offers many benefits:
❇️ Elders become less isolated and feel less lonely.
❇️ Elders who were previously cut off from their communities find connection and companionship.
❇️ Kids introduce elders to new technology and cultural phenomena.
❇️ Elders get more exercise—to keep up with kids, elders have to keep moving, which, in turn, boosts their cognitive, mental, and physical health.
❇️ Young people help elders with chores and errands. ❇️Elders’ perceptions of young people change.
❇️ New relationships and experiences enrich the lives of all involved.

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Iris Sempertegui moved to Forest Hills from her native Ecuador just five months ago, but her still somewhat broken English is decently understandable.
She attributes that to one of the first decisions she made upon relocating to the United States — enrolling in an English class for adults at the Queens Community House.
"It’s so beautiful. I enjoy it so much," Sempertegui said of her class. "I have the opportunity to meet people, to learn the culture and know the history of this country."
Great @qchronicle coverage of yesterday's @nyccaladvocacy rally at Borough Hall to oppose $12 million in funding cuts for adult literacy classes as put forth in @nycmayor's fiscal year 2019 preliminary budget.

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🎉 EXCITING NEWS!🎉 We have received Algorhythm's HI Impact Award for our work in Youth Development!

We serve over 6,000 young people in Queens each year through 28 unique programs, and in multiple programs, more than one in five of our youth demonstrated exceptional growth - outperforming 85% of the 150 programs in Algorhythm’s Youth Development Impact Learning System during the 2016/2017 school year. Findings suggest that our programs are genuinely helping young people learn the skills they need to succeed in life!

What's our secret sauce? Our highest performing programs build relationships with our participants over a period of time. Youth come in for one service, like Evening Teen Center, and they are connected to job opportunities, academic support, counseling services and so much more.

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Have you voted for your local projects yet? We're halfway through #ParticipatoryBudgeting and your voice matters! Anna Dioguardi, our Director of Community Building, has spent many hours in the last few weeks spreading the news so our participants and neighbors have all the info they need to vote! That extra hard work and effort make her our #WomanCrushWednesday today. Now get out there and vote! https://council.nyc.gov/pb/

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