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Santorini by @christinatouloumtzidou

Santorini, Greece

Grand Canyon River Guide | Photograph by David Zickl (@davidzickl) | In his 42nd season on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon boatman Brad Dimock, surveys Grapevine Rapid. #YourShotPhotographer


Photo by @ronan_donovan | A six-week-old wild arctic wolf pup peeks at a motion-triggered camera from behind her father’s leg, on the remote Canadian island known in the Inuktitut language as Umingmak Nuna, meaning "land of musk oxen.” In just a few weeks, this young pup will outgrow den life and start to follow the adults into the unknown. She will begin to learn about her vast home range and the sights and smells that will become her life for years to come. She will learn from her parents how to survive in this harsh environment, and eventually how to hunt the mighty musk oxen. To see more images of arctic wolves visit @ronan_donovan


Photo by @kiliiiyuyan | The delicate stems of reeds rise above the water at Lake Inari in northern Finland. Although the Arctic is often thought of as frozen, much of it is teeming with life, especially in the busy growing season of summer. Follow me @kiliiiyuyan for more from the Arctic and beyond. #finland #landscape #arctic


For Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo (@camilomusica), the #LatinGRAMMY Awards are a big party of close friends, who just happen to be some of the biggest artists in the world right now. 🔥🌎⁣

See who Camilo runs into and guess who he’s going to collab with next. It’s #GameOn at the @latingrammys, right now on our story.

Las Vegas

#FotoDelDía | En un lugar remoto de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, los bosques de algas gigantes de Thetis Bay albergan uno de los ecosistemas marinos más magníficos del planeta. El futuro es brillante para la abundancia de vida que llama hogar al hábitat, gracias a la reciente creación del Área Marina Protegida de Yaganes por el gobierno argentino. 📸 Enric Sala


48 hours in Toronto 🇨🇦⁣

One of my favorite travel hacks is the stopover - where you break up a longer journey with a quick stop in the middle. This past weekend @expedia invited me to do a 48hr stopover in Toronto w/ @seetorontonow and @aircanada (link in bio for more info) - scroll through for some scenes from day 1 where we hit up the old downtown, distillery district, Queen street west, city hall and a Maple Leafs hockey game. If you have stopover questions or Toronto questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them in the comments 📝#torontostopover #openyourcuriosity

Oh and a big shoutout to @zachdriftwood for shooting the bts video of me at graffiti alley - a true Toronto classic 🎨

Toronto, Ontario

I was thinking of which lesser known destinations to feature. The truth is, there are a LOT of them. The planet is littered with amazing places few people bother to visit.

This week I really want to feature places that evoke a response of “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS??” One of those places is again in Italy. Most of the attractions in Italy either date back to the Roman period, or to the Renaissance. This place dates back to the 18th Century, which isn’t one of the best known periods in Italian history.

Back then, most royals in Europe had Versailles envy. The palace of the King of France was the standard by which palaces were judged. Many other monarchs created palaces which emulated Versailles. Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is probably one of the best examples of this.

The King of Naples didn’t want to be outdone, so they created the Italian version of Versailles.
The Royal Palace of Caserta.

When I visited, I was on a group tour of Italy, and only one other person on the tour bothered to come with me. When I got there, there were almost no non-Italian tourists.

In terms of total volume, it is the largest royal palace in the world. The palace is five stories tall, has over 1,200 rooms, and has over 1,700 windows.
The gardens are what is really amazing. There is an aqueduct running through the garden which is a total of 38km long! From the back of the palace it extends out to the horizon.

Getting to Caseata is actually really easy. The train station is literally outside the palace.

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Reggia di Caserta

#2019國家地理會德豐香港攝影大賽 #徵件中!National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest [Submit Now]
主題 Theme:「香港故事」”Hong Kong Story”
比賽組別 Category:自然、城市、人物、手機攝影、黑白攝影│Nature, City, People, Mobile Photography, Monochrome Photography
徵件時間 Entry Period:Oct. 14th 2019 - Dec. 14th 2019 (end at 23:59:59, Hong Kong Time)
詳情 Details:www.hkphotocontest.com
並存,攝影:陳詠心 [2018 國家地理會德豐香港攝影大賽 自然組 第二名 ]
#國家地理 #用影像說香港故事 #VisualStoryTellingHK


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