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Enjoying Seriously Good Yum Cha with a Special Friend is the Best!
Sui mai with truffle!!!!!!
Taro dumplings with Quail egg!!!!

Joyful House

This is Betty.

It’s a flower in my Mum’s hanging garden on a Hoya plant was my Grandma’s, hence Betty.
There is no filter on it. This is its true colour!

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Two pigs in a pod!
Dinner and movie with a good friend. Yayness!

Hawker Lane

Stage 2 - the unpack.
Where to start?
The bed and kitchen. I have a lovey little shadow helping me too.


Moving day... phase 1 nearly complete.


Just looked up from my work to see this. Love when Miss Polly wants to share space with me!
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Where you go, I lie down.
My beautiful shadow

#catlove #pollylove


So this is what this weekend is all about
#rallycars #RallyAustralia #carsanddust


Stopping for a colddrip coffee with a friend @flowerchildcafe
Feels good to sit and enjoy a coffee.

Flower Child Cafe

My girl hasn’t wanted to sit on my lap for a number of weeks. Finally, last night she returned to my lap. It’s been a stressful weekend, so am very thankful she has decided she wants to sit with me again now.
#pollylove #catlove


Mum - I want dinner! (It sucks to be diabetic - you aren’t allowed to have dinner yet Polly!)