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Currently living in Sydney, Australia.

This morning I said goodbye to this beautiful girl. She didn’t wake up today.
I’ve been blessed to have her companionship and the love she has given me. She came to me needing love, at a time where I needed her so much too.
In these last years, she has shown love to many, helping people with bad cat experiences get transformed. For me she has been behind the door when I came home reminding me someone needs me to keep on going.
Today Tarquin was ready to take her in to her next journey. He’s blooming. Now her place is next to him.
Thank you God for the precious gift of Polly.


Working and sleeping...
She’s sleeping nearly all the time now... and I can’t entice her to even lick food off my fingers anymore.
Taking in her #lastdays.


Loving her while I can.



Easter Sunday
A day of celebration!
For me this year, I think of an early morning sunrise and the women going to the tomb to lovingly care for Jesus body.
I feel their deep sorrow alongside what must have been a beautiful sunrise.
With the revelation that Jesus is alive, what joy they must have felt!


The choice - torture, mockery, a criminal’s death, separation from God.
I couldn’t have done this. I would have done everything to avoid it.
Problem is that choice is what I deserve.
Thankfully it isn’t my problem anymore. I choose to accept that Jesus death was a perfect exchange for my sin.
Today I remember that.
Today I am immensely thankful for this.


Today I’m noticing the small things.
The tilt of her head, her enjoyment of the sun.
An encouragement to keep on living.


Great latte art in the burbs!!!
Thanks @mondaymorningcafe !


Polly and the memory of Tarquin... #catlove #pollylove #tarquin #burmesecat


Wreath practice for tmw, love these jewel tones. If anyone want to take this home to enjoy?
Token payment would be appreciated.


My girl is flaked out.

#pollylove #burmesecat


Enjoying Seriously Good Yum Cha with a Special Friend is the Best!
Sui mai with truffle!!!!!!
Taro dumplings with Quail egg!!!!


This is Betty.

It’s a flower in my Mum’s hanging garden on a Hoya plant was my Grandma’s, hence Betty.
There is no filter on it. This is its true colour!

#unusual #special #memorial #flower


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