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Lady Havana | Photograph by Lauren Breedlove (@girlwanderlist)
“During a recent visit to Cuba, I encountered this bold woman on the street while strolling around Old Havana. Something about her just struck me, like her eyes held a million stories,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Lauren Breedlove. “Not having any cash on me, I borrowed some change from a friend and approached the woman with it, asking to take her photograph. She nodded and posed like a boss, stogie and all.”

“Everything about this photo brings a smile to my face. Her pose, the pop of color thanks to the wall, and the pink on the flowers and her fan. Her eyes are very telling — I too feel like she's got a ton of stories to tell. Thanks for sharing this portrait, Lauren.” — @natgeoyourshot Community Manager Christina Shorter (@shortercr). This week at 4PM and 8PM EST, we’ll be sharing her favorite Your Shot photos of 2017. Go the link in our profile to see more editor’s favorites.


Video @ladzinski / I was lucky enough to share this vibrant and explosive sunset with this resident horse on a farm high in the #SantaMarta mountains of northern Colombia. In recent history this entire area of mountains jungle terrain was controlled almost exclusively by narco guerrillas, making it unsafe to enter. Biologists have recently discovered new birds in the area in the last few years alone and there is still a vast and complicated topography that remains untouched. To see more of this beautiful part of the world please visit @ladzinski


Art of @quillemons by @hildeatalanta
“I don’t know who I would be or what I would be doing if I wasn’t making art,” says Quil Lemons (@quillemons). The 20-year-old student and artist based in New York City creates work that sheds light on his community. “As a black creator, it’s vital that my work explores the many facets of the African-American diaspora,” says Quil. “I think my work allows black men to feel pretty — to be themselves.” On Instagram, he’s found community. “I don’t think I could exist without the support that Instagram provides,” he says. “In urban communities, access to resources for sharing and creating art doesn’t exist. Instagram allows the artists who occupy these communities to flourish and receive rightful recognition for their creations.” In turn, Quil hopes his work will propel other people’s dreams. “I hope young black kids that admire my work will believe it’s possible to become a successful artist.” Watch our story to hear more from Quil and others about building community, and follow along on #IGYearInReview as we reflect on the most memorable Instagram trends of 2017.

New York, New York

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival - Oregon ✨🌷🌷🌷✨ Picture by ✨✨@neohumanity✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 🌷


photo by @chamiltonjames / Charlie Hamilton James - the morning sun lights the top of the Grand Teton reflected in the beaver pond at Schwabachers Landing in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Schwabachers is a popular spot for photographers, especially in the fall when the colours of the changing leaves and the moody skies can create gorgeous reflection in the still water of the numerous ponds there. Many of the ponds are created by beavers damming small streams that off shoot the Snake River. The result is a beautiful wetland eco-system with a backdrop that has to be one of the most spectacular mountains ranges in the world.


La historia que te atrapó, llega a su último episodio #LongRoadHome


Love Is Everywhere 🐦

Paris, France

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