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Shopping in Brooklyn 💕
Photo By: @romancillanyc


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Powerful AF ❤️


I’m making empanadas the salmon curry way. Same meal from the other night just in a different style 😉 WARNING: MY HAIR IS NOT DONE AND YES I JUST WOKE UP AND SLAPPED TOGETHER A TASTEY MEAL ☝🏾#foodporn



I call this thee Caribbean Sunset meal 🥘 I know I know I’m doin it 🙌🏾 you see the natural herbs 🌿 u know it’s dum lit when I’m in the Kitchhhh 🤣😭


No one gets how I’m sliding on the floor from comedy 😭😭😭 this my favorite movie so I wanna let y’all know that his name was BARBADOS BTW and he didn’t want “Z” to follow dem his whole life but to think for himself. 🤣🤣🤣 reee fucken tarded 😫😩 R.I.P. Joe


Praise me long time. This game is mine. Shining Stars will always shine. ✨
Shot by: @weoncuttytv (This weeks event highlight)
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You see what had happened here was... we was talking bout Zatties 🤣🤣😭


Good morning to everyone!! Live from my baby cousin Jayde 💋💋 I love u stanky butts!! 💕 bbyJayde 😻


Yeah I like to get up close and personal... Everyone you were such an amazing audience, truly 👏🏾👏🏾 Thank You!!! Oh by the way, this is my newly unreleased record titled “Stick To This” and the dope beats you hear are from @supa134 “its a east coast thang” 💋 thank you again for having me @artistontherise_


download “Rubber Band$” TODAY on iTunes Spotify Amazon Deezer or Tidal 🎼 y’all should’ve been here 🙏🏾