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Today’s scarf.




Home Sweet Home 🏡


✌🏼 from a lady getting a little quiet time on vacation.


Kids are always doing bunny ears or dabbing or that weird dance where you keep your body stuff but swing your arms. Did we do weird stuff like that when we were little? 🐰 ✈️


I love this yarn! How do you feel about it?


Commuting Essentials: Knitters Edition. Happy Monday! P.S. my tote is by @totes_cricket_lalou and it’s made by hand right here in Queens, go check her out today!


My mama and her @widycat_art Mother’s Day card 💕💕 She’s the funniest, kindest, most supportive lady on the planet 🙏🏽


I kind of love this one because I was just knitting a hunter green cowl the other night and I ran out of green yarn and I was being lazy (and probably enthralled in an episode of something) so I asked my husband to go grab me a half used ball of yarn from my stash that goes well with this green and he was like “seriously?” And he said it was the most exciting thing that happened to him all week (without sarcasm-which is sad) but he picked this fig yarn and that’s why i love this scarf so much.


I just left basketball and stumbled on this scene of Ascension Thursday. The men are dressed so fancy carrying a framed picture on this wooden platform and the women are singing Ava Maria off to the side. Sometimes I miss the drama of Catholicism but then I remember I’m 100% Italian so the drama is going nowhere.


Knitting just a row or two before leaving for work. (My favorite necklace ever by @metrixjewelry)


Just knitted up this cowl which reminds me of a rubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream on top. #nevernotknitting #nevernotthinkingaboutdessert


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