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The Louis Tully of Music Trivia also the guy Pepa WASN’T talkin to at the top of “Shoop”

*whew* had me worried there for a sec Wiz 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 @wizkhalifa


The Great #ReggieLucas from Miles’ post “Corner” workouts, to crafting a slow jam classic (“The Closer I Get To You”) to the hits that gave #StephanieMills her post Wiz hits (“Sweet Sensation” “Never Knew Love Like This Before” “Put Your Body In It”) he parted with his longtime collaborator #Mtume in 82 just as “Juicy Fruit” was to send them (as a group and production unit) to new heights unknown. However his biggest achievement was being behind the boards for one Madonna Ciccone producing the hits that made her an instant star (entire album except “Everybody” & “Holiday”) although the sessions were tense filled (legendary #JellybeanBenitez’s post production magic on the boards gave the songs the appeal/youthful energy that was key to the songs “sticking” that shouldn’t be ignored). But Lucas, one of Miles’ KEY disciples played a MAJOR role in shaping 70s & 80s pop. Rest In Beats man.


25 years ago today it all went down. #Organix by @TheRoots May19th, 1993. Our first album


NYC. 5 Hours of The Entire Jackson Clan. June 25th 2018. 8pm at @BrooklynBowl grab tix now #BowlTrain #ForeverMichael


a Star is born. #HappyBirthdayJanet @janetjackson


I love us man. We are a beautiful thang. Who else but us takes this level of atrocity and turns it into some of the best laughs I’ve had all week?! Thank you for having this on your feed @amandaseales I’m ☠️💀☠️💀☠️💀


Say It With Me: “Yaaaaaani”


On the next @QLS, welcome singer/drummer/producer/arranger/& songwriter Stokely Williams @StokleyOfficial of the most frieghteningest band eva: Mint Condition (@MintConditionofficial) giving the lowdown in life in Uptown (Minneapolis for you unhip) growing up in the mist of the Minneapolis Sound as it was just kicking off! #StokleyWilliams #QuestloveSupreme @pandora.


wait for it. Look at everything. #MichaelsGlare 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣....Happy Birthday @JanetJackson #HappyBirthdayJanet


This is great company to be in @esquire thank you! It’s graduation & summer reading time. I would like my book to make your collection! You don’t have to be a fan of @TheRoots or @fallontonight or you might not think you’re all that creative—-trust me there is still ALOT to take from this book.
If books aren’t your thing get the audiobook (you should get audiobook anyway because I scored it w music and I have guest cameos too!)
#CreativeQuest for your loved ones who are going to the next stage of their lives!



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