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The Louis Tully of Music Trivia also the guy Pepa WASN’T talkin to at the top of “Shoop”

.#SoulTrain the hippest trip in America 60 non stop mins into the exciting world of SOUL #withgueststars #ArethaFranklin, #RonnieDyson & the #SoulTrainDancers episode 197. Nov 13th 1976 the 13th episode of season 6 #QueenAretha #QueenOfSoul @arethasings


Hands down MAJOR epic week on @FallonTonight. This @Jlo/@JanetJackson episode was hella epic. s/o to @DYesteFanny for letting his 2 biggest fans take a photo w him! watch 2nite!


I know the timing couldn’t have been weirder but happy birthday #Madonna.


The 3 seconds it takes for #ArethaFranklin to oooooze out the words “Sittin around..” is as pure & creative & as honest as any singer I’ve ever seen when a performance goes beyond mere entertainment. THIS is what we need to get back to. where raw genius rises above marketing strategy & monetary reach & “likes” (because let’s face it, look at the Billboard singles/Spotify singles/ITunes singles—-could she even find space to develop this talent? Or just give up & get a reality show and pray this works out? Now figure out the legions of talent that we either dismissed or passed on today or even the mesmerizing talent we’ve been shown near this level that can’t even begin to thrive in this environment without some angle) for those not in the know & wanna know, with the exception of her yet to be seen Sidney Pollack documentary Amazing Grace (her best captured 2 hours 1972 in chu’ch, in her zone in south central Los Angeles—-w The Rolling Stones sitting IN THE DECON SECTION)—-this Performance at the #MontreuxJazzFestival in 71 is as good as it gets: as a singer, as a bandleader (midshow she calls an audible and the brass section just gives up playing & accepts they are just happy to have best seats in the house), as a piano player—-so underrated!—and the fact she has her ace band in tow too (#KingCurtis as MD & #BernardPurdie on drizzums)—-this is her most magical effortless skillful scientific talents on display. Long Live #QueenAretha.


Speaking of #PlaylistRetreat2018 or #PlaylistRetreat or @PlayListRetreat our next @QLS guest is the GOD @DJjazzyJeff the cut maniac! One of my favorite DJs of all time & a major inspiration! Please listen!!


Sending 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 good energy to my mans an’ em #AdamBlackstone for his @EmmyNomination for his musical direction in the Super Bowl Halftime this year. Pretty much HE is America’s MD: name em: #Hov, #Eminem, #NickiMinaj, #JustinTimberlake, #JanetJackson, #DrDre, #JillScott, #DemiLovato, #MikePosner, #EdSheeran, #Maroon5, #Rihanna, #KanyeWest, #AliciaKeys, #Diddy, #TheJazzyfatnastees, & of course #TheRoots —-this is the beginning of an already amazing journey! Vote 4 Adam people!! @BASSicBlack!


s/o to Daniel & Christina & Michael & Jeremiah & Greg for sharing their art with us foodies.

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Check out my Summer Food Salon in the Hamptons #Questlovesfoodsalon – 80’s style! Check out the full video (link in bio) and stay tuned for a modern take on popular dishes from the 1980’s coming to you all week! #Questlovesfood @gregbaxtrom @chefjeremiahstone @christinatosi @danielhumm @mikesolomonov Thank you to Food Salon partner @audi #audi #easthampton #SpyderR8




So after MUCH pestering (lol), my pals at @williamssonoma lemme design another spatula for the #WSNoKidHungry campaign.
One spatula buys 30 healthy meals for kids in need through @nokidhungry #spatdown #nokidhungry & there is a great collection of art done by @zacposen @gwenstefani @kevinbacon @connorfranta @altonbrown @inagarten. Online and in stores Mon the 13th!


. #SoulTrain the hippest trip in America. Sixty nonstop minutes into the exciting world of #SOUL #withgueststars #Labelle, #CreativeSource & the #SoulTrainDancers ep 154. October 18th 1975 the 9th episode of the 5th season.


This invitation marks #HIPHOP’s 45th Birthday.
This enabled the funk to reach the masses. This enabled poets to find a new lease on life. This enabled the DJ to be as important a musician as a saxophonist or guitarist. This enabled artists and designers and photographers and directors and stylists and dancers and nightclub owners to stretch and redefine creativity. This assured James Brown would be immortal. This guaranteed Curtis Mayfield’s messages would carry on. This flier gave power.
Hip Hop was born FORTY FIVE years ago today. Amazing man #HipHopIs45 spread that tag y’all. Talk about hip hop.


Perhaps 39 years ago this coulda been the cover of #OffTheWall 😎 Aug 10, 1979 MJ grew up.