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The Louis Tully of Music Trivia also the guy Pepa WASN’T talkin to at the top of “Shoop”

I have to praise you like I shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllld @janetjackson @essence (photos courtesy of @janetreceipts)


*Jamaica Air Horn* @SkillzVA bout to drop the ultimate Friday song #InAMinute. This #KeepOnLovinMe reference is the best thing ever!


8 years ago today.... #HIGO @TheRoots. I know I never claim favorites but out of our arsenal, this has a special place in m’heart.

Small tidbit: almost didn’t happen tho. I woke up Jan 20th to a barrage of messages and texts but one of the texts caught my eye... “Yo dude, we just got dropped from the label”
-Richard Nichols
This put a foil in my plans. Knowing how underestimated we were being perceived taking a late night tv gig. I wanted to silence naysayers by making some of our edgiest music ever. Stuff we would never dare attempt if we were dependent on just surviving off music and music alone. It was 2 years since our fiery #RisingDown (an angry Bush era album) & we were struggling on how to deal with hip hop and 40 and presenting something on point. But now this. I was wondering aloud “do we just take it?” “Do we shop elsewhere?” “What now?” I let a good 5 hours go by before it sank in. “I’m never gonna have business at 1755 Broadway ever again!” Did i care? Was this part of my life over?

We Shot Fallon and between commercials while the guest band was setting up I decided I’m not taking this lying down and most importantly of ALL DAYS for this to happen.

Grabbed my cell: “Come on LA!...dawg how you gonna drop a mofo on HIS BIRTHDAY DUDE!—you coulda at least waited a week!” He thought about it “Damn that is somewhat cold, I didn’t know ahmir, happy birthday.” Thanks i think. “You have new music to play me?” I lied and said i did, but desperate times call for... And just like that in a snap: i was a Def jam artist again.. We buckled down and in 4 months, turned our album in.

Whew. #HowIGotOver.


Ha ha! Well played @FreddieGibbs....well.....effing PLAYED!


Don’t forget to reserve your lane/table/space on the dance floor this Monday for #ForeverMichael the @BrooklynBowl celebration of #MichaelJackson & his family. 8pm it starts. 5 hours of magic from @TheJacksons. Should be a blast!


rotf! #BossBill (@djbrainchild) & @gillocolonna just hit me off with this. If you listened to the #PurpleRoundtable episode of @QLS you should be laughing at this reference #TheKidsAreAlright.


That time I fell into a #ketchupmustardcake slash #koolaidpickles slash #chocolatemayocake rabbit hole....


On the next @QLS: Prince!

I just wanted to see that actual sentence formed & chuckle a lil something (who knows! Maybe he woulda been a guest on the show)
In honor of the #PurpleRain June 25th soundtrack release we present the #PurpleRoundtable (this is not @QLS this is a trip) episode.
w special guests! • @Duane_Tudahl author of my favorite Prince book: “Prince & The Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions 1983-1984 gives insight on the METICULOUS research it took to document Prince’s creative process. along w #PerNilsen he wrote for #UptownMagazine (before the internet, THIS mag held us down w accurate info and interviews w all the characters of the purple kingdom. • #mathieubitton (@candytman) rockstarah photographer & one of the quietest monster purple memorabilia collectors (real purple stans aren’t too forthcoming w what they have —-speaking of which I “may” have these 😎 in this photo 🤷🏾‍♂️ Matt lol • #RuthArzate (@ruthlesdva) was Prince’s assistant during the Musicology/3121/Planet Earth era, so a lot of insight on his creative process for the infamous Super Bowl era, and daily challenges like shopping for a houses at 4am or singing unmelodic songs at Kingdom Hall w him. She was also there for my infamous #FindingNemo incident. • @djbrainchild aka #BossBill champion of post 89 Prince (inside joke folks) light years ahead of me in thoroughness as far as Prince bootleg collecting is concerned.

Just 5 people trading amazing Prince stories. I love eps like these. #QuestloveSupreme only on @Pandora.




An argument I hear a lot is “well what am I saying “yes” to? Well let’s start here. Voting in midterms can be the first step in helping to end this nightmare we are in (never letting up and getting all celebratory like 2008 “I voted for Obama” clearly has shown that ain’t enough. Follow @moveon for suggestions.


This is as easy as it gets folks. I read the comments. It can’t get no easier than this. This helps ALOT!!! #keepfamiliestogether