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Mary Lengees comforts Suyian, our very first resident. Suyian was rescued in September 2016, when she was just four weeks old. In the first days that an elephant arrives, keepers stay with the orphans around the clock to offer comfort and be sure that the calf gets all the medical attention and love he or she needs.
You can help support elephants at their most vulnerable and the staff that gives their heart and soul to care for them by making a donation today to Reteti. We rely on donations from people like you for everything we do. And, until Aug. 26, for a contribution of just $10 you might even win a trip to the sanctuary yourself at prizeo.com/elephants (Link in profile). Photo by @amivitale.
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Happy World Elephant Day! Elephants are among the world's most intelligent species. They grieve, they learn, they love, they use tools, they have compassion and are self-aware. Over and over again, we have seen them embrace a new orphan, welcoming them into the Reteti herd, and helping them adjust after the terrible trauma of being separated from their mother. Today, on World Elephant Day, we celebrate their incredible, boundless love. We also renew our efforts to protect them.
Join us by making a contribution to Reteti today at prizeo.com/elephants. (Link in profile.) You might even win a trip to visit the sanctuary yourself.
In this photo, Reteti Keeper Mary Lengees shares a moment with Shaba. Mary is one of the first Samburu women elephant keepers in all of Africa and Shaba is the proxy matriarch for the Reteti herd, loving and caring about all the others.
Photo by @amivitale.

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Happy World Elephant Day! Celebrate by making a contribution of just $10 to Reteti and entering to win a trip here yourself, along with other incredible prizes. Learn more and enter at prizeo.com/elephants! (Link in profile)

Hurry! The sweepstakes closes Aug. 21. Please share widely so everyone has a chance.

Here, Shaba leads the way, teaching the other orphans how to forage and navigate tricky terrain.

Photo by @amivitale.

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Happy World Elephant Day! (a little early, but we’re celebrating through the weekend) Here Warges and Lingwezi have a go at play fighting. It's all good fun but it also means they are growing up. Soon they'll be ready to set off into the wild. The day is not too far off that we'll start re-introducing them into the wild, where they belong.
We at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary rely on your support to do the work we do. What better way to celebrate World Elephant Day than by making a contribution? Right now, there's a chance to support us and maybe even win a trip to visit us in person. For a contribution of just $10, you will be entered into a sweepstakes whose grand prize is a 7-day-luxury safari to visit us and our friends at @lewa_wildlife plus a second trip to see @davematthewsband in concert, and other incredible prizes from @nikonusa & @rockbridgeguitar. Make a donation and learn more at prizeo.com/elephants (Link in profile)

Special thank you to @elephantgems who is matching the first $10,000 in contributions!
Photo by @janewynyard/@savetheelephants

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Nadasoit ❤️❤️❤️! We just found this picture of Nadasoit from a few months ago and we couldn't resist sharing! She's too adorable, no? She was rescued from a well and picked up by helicopter when she was only 2 weeks old. Shaba quickly took her under her wing. Today, Nadasoit's more than a year old and is quickly becoming a leader in her own right, helping those smaller than her, just like Shaba did for her.
P.S. World Elephant Day is Aug. 12! We hope you're gearing up for your celebrations! We are! We can't wait to celebrate and renew our commitment to protecting these amazing, beautiful creatures.
Photo by @katierowe.

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Sosian and Reteti keeper Lemarash have a moment. Sosian came to us after his mother was irreparably wounded by a gunshot wound from a poacher. When he arrived, the herd seem to mourn his loss with him, with proxy-matriarch Shaba alternating between comforting Sosian and stomping and thrashing in anger.
Today, Sosian has adjusted well to life with the Reteti herd. He has made a new family and takes great joy in his mud-baths and daily walks. Still, it is hard not to think of the great outpouring of grief from him and the elephant community on the day he arrived, alongside the heartbreak humankind brought to him and to so many other elephants in the world today.
Photo by @janewynyard/@savetheelephants

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Fun times at the watering hole! In the end, everyone discovered it was much more fun to drink water out of a hose pipe than from the trough. #elephantantics #elephantsarethebest

There's still time to support these adorable elephants and maybe even win a life-changing chance to visit yourself. For just a $10 contribution, you will be entered into a @prizeo sweepstakes with a grant prize of luxury safari trip to Kenya, see @davematthewsband in concert, a @rockbridgeguitar with a custom inlay of an elephant and a new @nikonusa D7500 camera kit. Contribute and enter at prizeo.com/elephants (Link in profile.) Video by @katie.rowe

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Today, on #WorldRangerDay, we say thank you to the rangers everywhere who work tirelessly and often at great risk to themselves, to protect the world's wildlife and preserve the future of our planet. We are truly grateful.

Photo by @amivitale.

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We want to extend a huge thank you to our friends at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@dswt) for their incredible work yesterday. After the team at Reteti saw a 30-year-old female elephant who had been wounded by a spear, Kenya Wildlife Service sent the incredible David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@dswt) Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit led by Dr Bernard Rono of @kenyawildlifeservice. The team worked with Reteti keepers to tranquilize the elephant, treat the wound and quickly get her back on her feet. As you can tell, from the last photo, she's looking great. We'll be keeping a close eye on her over the next few days. It's so good to know that our partnerships mean that elephants in Kenya get the help and support they need.
Photos and videos by @katie.rowe

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Mike Learka and Nadasoit spend a lot of time loving on each other. Elephants are highly emotional animals and when a baby elephant loses its mother, it will grieve. When a calf makes it through a tough time, everyone at Reteti celebrates.

We at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, in northern Kenya are the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. We provide a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later, be returned back to the wild. You can support us and the people who protect wildlife. Make a $10 contribution in support of Reteti for a chance to win a trip to Kenya, see @davematthewsband in concert, take home a @rockbridgeguitar that features a custom inlay of an elephant hand-drawn by Dave and receive a @nikonusa D7500 18-300mm VR Lens Kit with @prizeo at prizeo.com/elephants (Link in profile). Not only will you be helping care for orphaned baby elephants and strengthening community ties, you’ll also have a chance to win a life-changing trip to see northern Kenya in person. The first $10,000 in funds raised will be generously matched by Elephant Gems (@elephantgems). Reteti operates in partnership with Conservation International (@conservationorg) who provide critical operational support and work to scale the Reteti community-centered model to create lasting impacts worldwide.
Photo by @amivitale.

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Meandering traffic ahead. It's okay, no one around here minds slow commutes. We just take in the lovely crunch, crunch of the brush beneath our feet (sound on!) and the gorgeous little ellies getting stronger and more confident in their wild skills, here overseen by head keeper Yussef.

Video by @katie.rowe

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