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Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // Sometimes when you’re lost you don’t want to be found. The north eastern islands of Papua New Guinea comprise of the Bismarck Archipelago and North Solomon Islands and are the least densely inhabited region with a population of approximately 750,000 people. With white sandy beaches this untouched land of beautiful tropical islands and rich culture offer an amazing and unique travel experience. Where do want to get lost? Follow @jodymacdonaldphoto to see more photos from around the world. #papuanewguinea

Papua New Guinea

@natgeo photo by @stevewinterphoto
Here is Scarface with his 1st caiman!
WATCH Thursday @ 8pm @natgeowild Big Cat Week show filmed with @bertiegregory.
My @natgeo jaguar story is out in the December issue of National Geographic Magazine!
Scarface spent 4 days swimming and walking the aisles of his supermarket - the Pantanal rivers! - looking for a caiman dinner! Nature does not let you pick things off the shelves - you need to work very hard for your food! Nature is perfection. It gives us the air we breathe and the water we all need for our life.

Jaguars are the 3rd largest of the big cats. Found from US / Mexico border to northern Argentina. Jaguars have rebounded in this area where 95% of the land is privately owned. In the past many ranchers would kill the cats when they ate their cattle. Today in this area tourism brings in much more money to the local economy than cattle ranching. So the jaguar population is increasing. But revenge killings of jaguars happen close to this area and all throughout the jaguars range. Also poaching for skins, bones and teeth is growing for the first time since the 1970’s to feed the demand for Asian Traditional Medicine and luxury items from endangered species. “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” @wildaid
We Save Big Cats we can help Save Ourselves.

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¿Qué significa ser humano? #TheStoryOfUs con #MorganFreeman, en enero.


[ #TBT From December 14, 2015 ] Top Shot: Paint It Yellow | Photograph by Ganesh Bagal (@ganesh__bagal)
The ritual called Gaj Nrutya (Elephant dance) is practiced in Lord Birdev Yatra which comes every year after the Diwali Festival. Approximately 300,000 people of the Dhangar (shephard) community from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh state participate in this festival. “One of my favorite shades of yellow. Incredible to see the way it dominates the scene,” writes @natgeotravel Producer Marie McGrory (@mariemcg23). “I am happy to see a hint of red from the scarves, and the passionate dance that brings sound and motion into the scene. Beautiful frame.”

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Do you know what year this photo of puppies feeding at a dog food company's laboratory was published in National Geographic magazine? Photo by J. Baylor Roberts. Check back to see the answer posted in the caption. #tbt #throwbackthursday #puppies #dogfood #vintage #blackandwhite
Answer: 1942


#followmeto Sheikh Zayed Mosque with @natalyosmann. Bucket list check ✔️- for us it is definitely 8th wonder of the world. What is your top 3 bucket list? #InAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

“WARNING: This video includes a cuddle interruption which some might find upsetting” writes @henryloveskiki


Tokyo station (東京駅)

Tokyo, Japan

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