Rabbit Island@rabbitisland

The story of a remote island in Lake Superior.


ISLAND TALK, June 30th — Alice Pedroletti, the first resident of the season, invites the public to visit the island this Saturday to learn about her research and experience since arriving two weeks ago. The event is weather permitting, and spaces are very limited. Contact andrew@rabbitisland.org for details.


After a week of preparations, Rabbit Island is open for the 2018 season. Arriving tomorrow is the first artist-in-residence of the summer, Alice Pedroletti (@alike_notalike) from Milan, Italy.

Last year a particularly strong October storm damaged the mainland harbor and felled several trees on the island, including one of our iconic white pines. Many stones needed to be moved by hand to allow passage of the boat and to rebuild the stairs at our main landing. The fallen trees have been processed and stacked. Once fully dried they will give us a great head start on next year's firewood needs.

The water is in the mid-40s, making for frigid work setting the moorings. However, the sun has been bright, and cool winds mostly from the east have been light. Trees are only now dropping their blossoms and deepening the green of their leaves, highlighting the weeks-behind appearance from the mainland.

Two pairs of loons have been seen swimming around the north side of the island. Just under a dozen merganser ducks have been spotted on the west side. Our bald eagle couple appear healthy and active, though as of yet no young have been spotted around the nest.

One exciting discovery confirmed a recent visit from a beaver. We are unsure if the creature is still a resident of the island, but with more observations and explorations we hope to learn more.


Announcing our 2018 Artists in Residence. Duy Hoáng, Alice Pedroletti, and Calvin Rocchio will be living and working on Rabbit Island between June and September this year. Visit rabbitisland.org for details about the selection process and to read the awarded artists' statements and proposals.


FINAL DAY before our 2018 residency application deadline. Make sure to submit your application by midnight EST, January 28th. Apply at www.rabbitisland.org/art


2 days until our 2018 residency deadline.

The island's northeast point, Mustard Seat. Sitting amongst the bright orange-yellow lichen and looking out, many confuse Lake Superior with an ocean. All the way to the horizon is an impressive, interminable view of freshwater.


3 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

Main camp, where some of the most recent chapters of island’s story have been written. We look forward to your contribution.


4 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

Island time moves fast and slow, providing a space that supports and challenges creative practices in a pristine wilderness.


5 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

The simple and efficient kitchen at main camp. Everything you need, nothing you don't.


6 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

From high in the branches of one of the landmark white pines near main camp: a northwest view over the forest, past a four mile stretch of Lake Superior, to the distant mainland.


ONE WEEK until our 2018 residency application deadline.

The island's southwest point – a favorite perch of the resident bald eagles – materializes from a dense, late-August fog.


8 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

Each sunset over the mainland, each shifting bank of clouds. A different view every evening, every one unique.


9 days until our 2018 residency application deadline.

Pine, birch, maple, fir and hemlock. Moss, lichen, fungi and fern. The dense forest interior contains islands within islands.