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The story of a remote island in Lake Superior. 2018 Residency applications now being accepted.


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Here ✖️ Announcing our Call for Applications for the 2018 Rabbit Island Residency program. Guidelines can be found at rabbitisland.org/art
The deadline is January 28th, 2018.


Dial-an-Island is an interactive work by 2016 residents Jack Forinash, Kelly Gregory, and Mary Rothlisberger, currently on display at the DeVos Art Museum. Give the island a ring at (605) 468-5774.

Captured over a continuous 24 hours in September 2016, the realtime recording documents the sounds of island life including shoreline chats, a boat ride, sauna steams, lake jumps, sing-alongs to an old tape player, dinner prep, whispered dreams, and the always audible notes of the woods and water. The recording is synchronized with the day so calling at different times will uncover new moments.


The 2016 artists in residence have returned to present their work at the DeVos Art Museum in Marquette, Michigan. The opening reception is tomorrow September 27th, at 6pm. The exhibition will be up until November 12th. Please join us!

DeVos Art Museum at Northern Michigan University

Lake Superior stillness after the moon's shadow had passed.


Julieta Aguinaco and Sarah Demoen are halfway through their residency. They recently hosted the first Island Talk of the season. Four visitors attended and were treated to an interactive listening experience, followed by a walk to the island's geographic center where a discussion about their research took place. Everyone continued the conversation over lunch, finishing the day with a sauna, jump in the lake, and final audio piece prepared by the artists for the time of departure.

Julieta and Sarah's project asks questions about how we interact with and contextualize nature. They are also challenging institutionalized education models through the creation of what they call the "RI-school", posing such questions as: "How does, and can, one take a class from a tree, a stone, the water?"

Amidst this work, time is broken up by chores such as cooking, making fire, washing up, and preparing the sauna. The weather can change hour to hour and strong winds and rain may send them for shelter, followed by stillness and damp which favors bothersome bugs, followed yet again by ideal conditions of warm sun and light breeze. Adding to this a late sunset and long dusk, Julieta and Sarah note that a day in residence on Rabbit Island can feel fleeting and like many days at the same time.


ISLAND TALK – Saturday, July 8th.

Artists Julieta Aguinaco and Sarah Demoen are one week into their three week stay on Rabbit Island. This Saturday they will be sharing their recent experiences of facing big weather and uncovering small details, providing a peek into the projects they are developing. If you are in the Keweenaw region please join us on the island. Email andrew@rabbitisland.org to RSVP and to receive complete information including transportation details.


A few scenes from opening up camp.


Strange and wonderful things on Lake Superior—a bald eagle swims home to Rabbit Island.


Administrating a program on a remote island comes with many unique chores and curatorial decisions. What stays. What goes. What is the right balance between shelter and elemental exposure. When is ideological purity impossible. The answers evolve each year. Shown here is the procedure for unloading firewood for the sauna during a northerly wind. When the waves pick up, being on the water can be humbling and it is wise to make quick work of tasks at hand. This scene relates to the call we've made to source hardwood from the mainland to minimize the disturbance of the island's forest. We only gather wind felled trees on the island and since this resource is scarce we supplement it to keep the sauna fired all season.


Camp is open. The 2017 residency season begins in two weeks with the arrival of Julieta Aguinaco and Sarah Demoen, a duo from Mexico and Belgium whose work deals with the subtleties of language and landscape.


Congratulations to our 2017 residents. Visit rabbitisland.org to meet the artists coming to the island this summer.


Poet F. Daniel Rzicznek, the first resident of our 2016 program, shares three poems and '13 Things' learned while living on the island: www.rabbitisland.org