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Founder/Managing Director @TeachlikeTED #TeachlikeTED #LeadlikeTED | TEDx Speaker Coach | Google Certified Educator | NCLA Board | #MartianClassroom


What a lovely surprise! Thank you @actecareertech


Loving these fun pics by my sis to celebrate our wonderful mom on Mother's Day!


The future is closer than we think which means we need to rethink how we prepare #GenMars for a vertical world #UberElevate #MartianClassroom


‪Aren't these slides fantastic??? Seriously loving @cl3design 's creative work for my presentation next week, "Creating Your Personal Brand" Part 2. There are 88 slides in the deck, all are equally impressive!!! #FridayVibes #DesignBetter


‪The feedback from earlier this week was fantastic! Now that you have helped us narrow it down to one design, we need to choose a color - Martian Green, Mars Red, or Sky Blue? #Crowdsourcing #martianclasssroom #STEM


Preconference tennis, first time playing on indoor courts! I decided to bring a little bit of @villageclubs to Colorado Springs. Oh & by playing, I mean practicing my serve 😛 love the indoor acoustics #thesoundoftennis @jonsimpsonaz how did I do on my photo skills???


The book cover options are here! Which one should we go with? #MartianClassroom #EdTechTeam


What started as an interview for @actecareertech Techniques magazine evolved into co-authoring "The Martians in Your Classroom" with @SPSandford. Super excited to see "The Spaces You Will Go" in print & can't wait for the June book release! #MartianClassroom #careerteched #edtechteam #stemkids


#TEDxGilbert is about to start and the organizers did such an amazing job with all of the details! #TEDx


As I was leaving the office yesterday I spotted an air show! Cool way to wrap up the day ✈️


The last time my mom decided to get "pets" it was chickens... A few months later they were living in my backyard...


The best part of the weekend is getting new design work from @CL3Design in my inbox for next week’s presentation, “Creating Your Personal, Online Brand.” #Brand #WestMEC #CL3Design


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