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rachel grice • fitness editor

🎶 You are my sunshine ☀️
My only sunshine ☀️
You make me happy when skies are grey ☁️
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you 💕
Please don’t take my sunshine away 🎶


rachel grice • fitness editor

Workout time = me time 🧘🏻‍♀️

I did NOT want to do my workout today and I wanted to give up SO many times. I wish I could say “it was all worth it for the feeling of accomplishment at the end” or something equally motivational, but some workouts just suck. And you won’t always have the post-workout, endorphin-fueled mountaintop experience that makes you feel like you can take on the world. I certainly didn’t today. I just wanted to curl back up into bed and take a nap 😴

But I can say that I’m grateful to not have to worry about it tomorrow, so there’s that 😋

Rest day = best day 👍🏼


rachel grice • fitness editor

Even though the weather went from hot and humid to frigid and rainy pretty much overnight, I’m still on that morning smoothie train 🚂

Anyone have any favorite fall/winter smoothie suggestions? 🥤


rachel grice • fitness editor

Anyone else a fan of the T-Rex Trying series? 🦖(This meme reminded me of it 😊)

I posted this into our push-up challenge Facebook group, and one of the members commented that maybe T-Rex should try modified push-ups against the wall or on his knees 😂

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? Try, try, try again!

Repost: @livestrong_com


rachel grice • fitness editor

This week of workouts has been a rough one — physically and mentally. I couldn’t figured out why my mind felt just as exhausted as my body until I remembered something from my kinesiology classes in college 📚

Your muscles aren’t the only thing that adapt as you exercise. Your brain/nervous system gets a workout too! 🧠

In essence, your brain is trying to figure out WTH you’re doing (and why?!) and how/what it can change so that it doesn’t have to work so hard in the future 💦

When you lift more weight, do more reps or perform different moves, your mind/body has to adapt all over again. Hence the mental fatigue 😓

Another reason rest days are SUPER important!


rachel grice • fitness editor

Took a short and simple online nutrition course this weekend and was reminded of this gem of a food mantra 💎

Last week was our anniversary trip to Austin with lots of beer and nachos (absolutely delicious), so this week, I’m focusing on “cleaning up” my diet a little bit 🥗

Also diving into “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan. Anyone with good food/nutrition book recommendations! 📚


rachel grice • fitness editor

Drop and give me 5! Today is the start of the @livestrong_com 30-day push-up challenge 💪🏼

We start with 5 and end up with 60 (although I’ve done about 70 today between my workout, my challenge set and doing them with Corey) 💦

Check out the link in my bio for more info and let me know if you’re joining us!


rachel grice • fitness editor

Fitness trackers: Do you use them during your workouts or not so much? ⏱

I usually don’t wear a fitness band to work out (mostly because knowing how many calories I burned isn’t a top priority and wearing something on my wrist feels restrictive), but the data nerd in me loves all the numbers and quantification 🤓

And after today’s cardio workout, it was comforting to see how much time I spent in the yellow and red zones. I can tell you I felt every. single. second of it 💦


rachel grice • fitness editor

Slay all day! 🙌🏼

Oh man, today’s workout totally reminded me that there are different kinds of “fit.” I consider myself fairly fit when it comes to body-weight or strength HIIT workouts, but I just did a CARDIO HIIT workout and I was dying. Haven’t had to hit pause on a workout that many times in forever 💦


rachel grice • fitness editor

Mondays: brought to you by copious amounts of caffeine ☕️

After a really off-kilter week last week (which capped off with me crying for the first time in a yoga class — thanks, hormones), I restarted my miracle morning routine bright and early at 6:30! ☀️

I’ve never been a morning person, but I feel waaaaay more productive when I give myself some extra time in the morning. I drank lots of water (something I’ve be absolutely terrible about), did some sun salutations (hamstrings were TIGHT!) and even got to read (Girl, Wash Your Face — not 100% sold on it yet) 📚

How are y’all crushing your Monday?


rachel grice • fitness editor

Sunday feels ☀️

You know what’s better than waking up to a needy toddler (who you love infinitely)? Occasionally waking up without that needy toddler (thanks, grandma and grandpa!) 😆

The past three days I took my first solo road trip, driving from Detroit to Houston, and let me tell you, the amount of alone time was A-MA-ZING! My introvert soul loved it 💕

I listened to all the podcasts, got coffee and ate meals all by myself, saw some truly beautiful landscapes and bookmarked cities to return to with the family 🚙

It was just what I needed. But now I want to plan my next one! Anyone with good, short(ish) solo road trip recommendations?


rachel grice • fitness editor

New month, new challenge! Want to join me and rest of the @livestrong_com team for the 30-day squat challenge? We start Tuesday so you can enjoy your long weekend 😸

Check out the link in my bio for all the details 🍑