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Maine based Pro 1-2 cycling team, with a budding development squad and a few select elder statesmen

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Someone lose a rear wheel with a trailer connector on it??? Located on the side of the road on Freeport/Brunswick line. Pleasant Hill Rd just west of Highland Rd.

Freeport, Maine

Ride or run......

North Yarmouth

#crossiscoming . Time to get out there and rip the trails

Town of Cumberland

After a long nap, the CX bikes are coming out to play. 📷:@stickfigure #crossiscoming


Recovery days are great for exploring and taking a turn down that road that looks "interesting". You never know where you will end up, maybe a place like this! #downeastracing #goslowtogofast #havebikewilltravel #nofilters

Parker River Marshes

A few highlights of the #irr6 from @efpitney 12 hrs, 140 miles, 15k of climbing. Beautiful views, river crossings, mud, hike-a-bike "roads" and tons of local maple goodies. The drivetrain will need a good cleaning!


Good morning from the Green Mountains of Vermont! @efpitney taking on the epic #irr6 today. Dirt roads, class IV 4x4 trails and Lincoln Gap.....Stay tuned for evidence of the madness organized by @shorthandledshovel


Summers in Maine provide some of the best riding in the country. Today the men of downeast racing tackled the Strava KOM of streaked mountain plus a few other tasty inclines with some old friends. Not satisfied with his baseline national champion-contending form, DS @hpfeif tested the theory that a set of wings would increase his already mountainous capacities.

Streaked Mountain

About a week ago @efpitney lost the battery cover to his @stagescycling power meter (and all ability to track those huge outputs!😉). Stages provided world class customer service and had 2 new covers and o-rings in the mail within days, no charge to boot. What a fantastic company with a great product. Downeast Racing is thrilled to be partnered with Stages for the 2017 season and @efpitney is now back to monitoring those 500w outputs. That is great for him, but bad for everyone that sucks his wheel. 🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻Thanks for the support Stages! #downeastracing #stagespower

Yarmouth, Maine

I think we reached the melting point today! Thankfully the New Gloucester Village Store is here to replenish the fluids and calories! #summerishere☀️ #downeastracing

New Gloucester Village Store