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Feel the anger inside your caged heart, roaring, clawing its way. It’s not fear not misery, nor sorrow or regret. It’s just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head. #ASenseOfHorror #ASenseOfFear #ExquisitelyDisturbing #LakyTattooGoreSet #RadiantColorsInk
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I want to run, to back away, but fear has frozen me in place. Fear and footsteps, time and lore; as Death is knocking at my door. @laky_tattoo
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An airbrush illustrator and fine artist until he started his tattoo career in 1994, Darren Williams, a.k.a Nipper, traveled to Thailand and Israel to enrich his knowledge and gain experience from both their technique and cultural backgrounds. In 2002, Nipper became the owner of ""Skin and Ink"" based in Bridgend, UK. Later, the studio became Bridgend Tattoo Studio, where Nipper has welcomed other artists. He masters the Black and Gray technique and Hyper-Realism.
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Herakut is the name of a German street artist duo comprised of Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehmann). Since 2004, they have joined their skills and shared visions in creating story-and-symbol-filled artworks all around the world, both on buildings as large-scale murals and on canvas, paper, and film in the studio. Duality is a vital component to their work, consisting of Hera’s expressive line work and Akut’s photorealistic touches. Emerging from this creative dialogue are melancholic, playful, and thought-provoking paintings that tell stories about the child-like characters they portray, each one suspended in their own vibrating, gestural worlds of introspection and complex relation.
(Haylee Evans in The Dreamlike, Story-Filled Paintings of HERAKUT) #ArtHistoryNIghts #RadiantColorsInk


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Fábio S. Guerreiro is a very talented artist that was born in Portugal. Even though he’s been in the tattoo industry for only 5 years, he was won many awards in Europe. He has loved tattoos from a very young age and he just waited for an opportunity to become an apprentice. Fábio admires artists like Carlos Torres and Ryan Evans and his style mixes realism, photorealism and black and grey. #FreshInk #radiantcolorsink @fabio_tattooartist


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We dearly appreciate your participation, at the moment we are revising each of our contestants to reassure that all steps have been completed correctly.
We will announce the winners after the World Cup has come to an end. As a token of our appreciation we have decided to give away two complete sets instead of one!
One set will be raffled between all participants who followed the instructions correctly and the other will be raffled amongst the contestants who have guessed the winner of the World Cup.
We appreciate the enthusiasm, participation and your preference for Radiant Colors
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