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🖤R E A L 1
🖤former 2x wwe cw. champ
🖤presently a L🖤VER 🖤F LIFE
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Come #HowYouDoin!? me #NYC I’ll be at the #NewYorkEmpireStateTattooExpo kickin’ it with @inkedmag on Saturday the 14th - i got da Merch. They got tattoos. I won’t be wearing sleeves. Cause I cut the sleeves off every shirt I own. Cause I’m a G. And if you won’t let me in your establishment with no sleeves then I don’t want to be at your F#€king establishment. I drew a 3==D on my license cause I’m #certifiedG and I don’t need my ID. And Everywhere i go I spread positivity, but if you want to spread your wings you can’t wear sleeves. I won’t have it. #artOUT💪🏼 🖤🎙️


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Picture this 💩


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#NXT Main-Event match 5.30.15: “You wanna throw hands with #SugarRayAmore?! @scottdawsonwwe you couldn’t hit me in a telephone booth!!! I am going to drop you like a DUECE!” - #EnzoAmore .... ( @finnbalor ‘s reaction 👹😮👹) .... This “spot” or “bit” I used to do... worked EVERY TIME.. a lot of wrestlers liked to “protect” there character & are not willing to look “weak” or “stupid”....🤣 Idgaf: the luxury of #EnzoAmore the character had me do & say some of the dumbest 💩 this business has ever seen! Thanks to all the fans that ever saw me work & cheered for me when I got knocked down! #ZeroDimes #real1🖤


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E L O N M U S K 🖤 #real1🖤 all hopped up on @mountaindew 👊🏼 I went #ApeShit on the beat & scissor kicked it in the back of the head.. Catch me all over it like a 🕷️🐒: full vid on my #iGtv🖤... in other news, I’m boutta’ Ricky Bobby the rap game.. COMIN IN 👊🏼🔥🚀! #real1🖤 when you droppin the album???