Jason Matias@realjasonmatias

Crossover Artist: Luxury fine art photographer & art nudes. + a few adventure photos.
Next exhibition: Art Expo New York 4/19-22


‪I’ve been out of touch with camera shutter pressing since my trip to Tahoe with my babes. I’ve dug in and getting ready to launch @theartofsellingart and I had big festival to prep for (Thanks @northwestwanderlust - I owe you big time). Here’s one of the 6’ pieces I sold this past weekend. Multnomah Falls. ‬


Three hours of setup in 1 minute. @northwestwanderlust was the Only person to step up and lend me a hand for Redmond Art Festival. I would NOT have been able to do this without him. So thankful🍻 Come to Redmond Art Festival this weekend to see the work in person.


When you spend 15m looking for a photo to tag #adobe_cosmos but you give up and repost it. 🤷‍♂️ WILD HORSES captured in Vantage, WA during the most powerful aurora storm I’ve seen in the 4 years since moving here. 15 image pano (not a composite) because I was standing right in front of the horse.


@adventuresoflina and I building display panels for Redmond Art Festival. I built three 78” panels for about $50/each. I going to include this segment with my feedback on the directions and building as part of The Complete Guide to Art Fairs video which will accompany the launch of @theartofsellingart later this month. #work


Meet Allen. Spirit animal applicant. #tb


The new Edge of Solace framed and ready for Redmond Art Festival later this month. It’s difficult taking a photo without a bagillion reflections-




Yoseminipple Peak


*REPOST- I had to repost this one because @jennifermcintyre__ pointed out to me that Angelina looked greenish. She was right, like big sisters always are. In my defense, I’m editing in the passenger seat (I’m still editing in the car) and it’s all types of uncomfortable and there’s glares and stuff too. I’ll leave the previous image up for a little while so you can compare. Amazing what a little color shift can do. If you loved it before, feel free to love it again!


@adventuresoflina and I are shooting stars around Crater Lake tonight. Anyone want to join?


We’re getting the loft ready for a collector visit. They’re interested in Avendasora (left @seajpnsgarden) and Tree of Fire (right @kubotagarden). These two pieces are so different that, even though they are both #Japanesemaple trees, they don’t even appear repetitive next to each other.