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❤️GOD & Emani #GGC

New mursic out for all the mursic lovers it’s #MJ produced by @hitmansteviej_1 and u knw we going off on this bih , watch what I tell u , on all platforms


Man this foo @yungliar a foo for this one , cus u knw he lyin like fuck lol ,I guess that’s what they do these days just lie about erthing ,but go head then.


Thank you to my mom @tharealmommadee for this card right here sent all the way from the A to the M.IA., thanks mom I learned from the best how to love yo kids


#mylife to sum it all up #myloves i thank that’s enough #happydaddysday to all the real dads


#Repost @adizthebam
My friend is missing in Colorado Springs. It’s been over 3 days since she’s contacted anyone. Someone she’s been staying with has her phone and access to her Instagram account but no idea who she disappeared with. We need some answers ASAP. A missing persons report has been filed. Please contact Colorado Springs police if you have any info. 🙏🏾


Instead of looking at every obstacle in a bad way I’m just looking at the love and support I receive every day from my wife @adizthebam , my daughter @official_emanii , my sisters and my parents and to all my cousins and friends who really b there with me through my life and it’s obstacles, I’m grateful


What my wife @adizthebam and daughter @official_emanii had me waking up too, I truly indeed love y’all fr and thanks to my pops for raising me right


TAG AN ARTIST WHOSE WORKING AND HIT UP @therealbigtrill @julian_morgan LETS WORK


Yep can’t say she dnt love her dad, she over here taking care of me , it’s in her heart to be there for me cause she knw no matter what I’m going to b there for her. Y she’s shy today ion knw #daddydaughtertime


So I had a rough patch lol before the cut


I was down here wolfing not one person said scrap I got u imma come split ya wig but my big brother @shabazztheog sent my homie @kingeazyp to get me right #realrecognizereal #GGC #Recovery #ThePullupisreal


Welcome to the #GGC @kafani welcome to team homey shoutout to the BAY he now apart now 🖊️📄


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