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We print on Wood. We are committed to offering quality products using locally sourced, sustainable wood. Designs & custom work by Kat & Josh Walker.

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V A L E N T I N E S U C C U L E N T S ... I’m so excited about my pretty new valentine succulents! The only problem is - I have a BLACK THUMB!!! Friends I need your help...HOW do I keep these pretty babies alive??! I feel like I owe it to @soniktrooth to at least try!!? #symboloflove #valentinesday #coasters

Reclaimed Print Co.

W I N N E R !

Today’s perfect pic of the day is one of our monthly draw prize winners - CONGRATS HELEN!!! You really picked the perfect print for such a #liquidsunshine day!
#wood #print #vancouver #canadiana

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B O S S L A D Y is here to stay! Meet the first woman in our ‘How to be Canadian Collection’. She confident, intelligent, independent and adorable! Tag your favourite #girlboss today to enter our monthly draw to win a free 14x14 Wood Print!
#bossbabe #bosslady #katwalkerdesigns

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Have you met our PM? He’s looking better than I’ve seen him in years! Well done @soniktrooth your design is adorable! #trudeau @justinpjtrudeau #hotpm

By Hand: Canada's Artisan Gift Show

C A B I N F E V E R !

Is this rain driving anyone else a little nuts? I’m dreaming of sunny days and long warm nights by the camp fire. Summer just can’t come fast enough as far as I’m concerned!
Meanwhile we just had to share Kat’s Camp & Canoe collection to brighten up this gloomy day!
#coaster #camping #camp #katwalkerdesigns

Reclaimed Print Co.

O H C A N A D A !

We have been a little quiet on social media this past week as we are work hard to preparing our new 2018 designs for our first trade show of the season: #byhand in #toronto starting this Sunday night!
If you are a shop owner or buyer heading to TO this weekend come on over to the Pearson Convention Centre to see the BEST locally made products #Canada has to offer!
#wood #print #pennants #canadiana

Reclaimed Print Co.

How cute is our Production Assistant Grace? She chose Kat’s ‘Three Mountain City’ as her #picoftheday - this tribute to our home town of Vancouver will brighten up any wall in your home and is sure to remind you of just how pretty our city is when the rain stops!! #wood #print #vancouver #vancitybuzz #vancity #katwalkerdesigns

Reclaimed Print Co.

Let’s face it Cabin Fever is a real problem... especially in rainy January! The solution? Celebrate it with these stunning wood prints by Josh Walker!
#raincouver #raincity #vancitybuzz #vancouver #rain #liquidsunshine

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Josh picked his brightly coloured Inukshuk illustration as today’s #picoftheday ... we think it looks stunning against the natural, all Canadian birch wood canvas.
Both Josh and the print are Kat’s pick of the day! 😍

#wood #print #inukshuk #canada #art #artistsoninstagram #love

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LUMBERSEXUAL = BEARD + PLAID SHIRT + TOQUE ...often seen drinking craft beer and riding a bicycle!! We all have one of ‘those guys’ in our lives - am I right? Some of us perhaps more than others!! Tag your favourite Lumbersexual below to enter our Valentines Day draw to win a FREE 14x14 Wood Print of your choice!! #lumberjack #lumbersexual #valentinesday #love #coaster

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It’s no surprise that when given the opportunity to choose his favourite wood print our youngest chose the Plaid Heart. Judah’s heart is as big as his smile and his ear muffs combined!
Tag your loved ones below to enter our Valentine’s Day Give Away of a 14x14 print of your choice.
#plaid #buffaloplaid #love #valentinesday #katwalkerdesigns

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I designed this valentine for Josh the first year after starting Reclaimed Print Co.
We met in grade 9 math class and were best friends well before dating. Josh is my editor, my rock, my biggest fan, supporter and mentor and of course the anchor to my ever highflying ideas!

Tag your TRUE LOVE here to enter our Valentines Give Away!! To win a FREE 14x14 Wood Print of your choice!! #wood #print #valentinesday #anchor #nautical #love #katwalkerdesigns

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