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Well somebody lost her first tooth! (At least the way you’re supposed to loose it) #followthelupinos


Made the design in a unisex tee as well. It’s pretty dope. Can’t wait for it to go live on the website. This side gig is pretty fun. And who knows. Maybe one day it’ll turn into a full time gig. #worksucksridemore @savagesupco


Pretty stoked how this design and tank came out. Gonna have it available in black as well. Workin on another woman’s vneck tee as well. And a men’s tank too. Maybe a trucker hat or too as well. All for summer. Can’t wait to get the rest of the samples I’m. @savagesupco #keepatit #worksucksridemore


Happy birthday dad. You’ve got two amazing grand kids who still love you like crazy. They’re intelligent, athletic, sensitive, and love animals just like you. I can’t wait to continue to tell them more stories about you. They love hearing em. Love you dad.


Got home from work and the kids wanted to ride the bike, so I backed it down the driveway and gave each of them rides into the garage. Can’t wait until they’re big enough to ride with me!
#followthelupinos #biker #futurebikers #savagesupco #worksucksridemore


Another week another (or same 😜) yard to mow. Another stick to enjoy while listening to psalms, hymns, and podcasts. #cigar #cigarlover #hymns #docanddevo #psalms #jesus


Little changes lumped together make big results. One more little change. Got a street glide seat for a heck of a deal. Now I can get that giant pillow off the back fender when I’m riding solo. Woot!
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Hot lunch date at Panera! #followthelupinos


“Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth.” - N Eldon Tanner.
Learning how to be effective, fulfilled, and worthwhile isn’t just about being the best and getting the results. A life that is purely focused on ones self will never be as effective or productive as one focused on giving and serving others. #read #keepreading #alwaysastudent


Hangin with these crazies. ♥️#followthelupinos


We had preschool and kindergarten graduation last night. Liam was lookin all spiffy and as you can tell he was super stoked about having his picture taken. Ainsley got to graduate with her best friend too. It was a great night with our family. #kids #kindergarten #preschool #family


Pretty stoked to be sending out all these stickers to winners. I ran a “campaign” to win a free sticker just for sharing a post. It’s great to see the support of so many people I’ve met in such a short time. I hope this keeps goin!
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