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Spring training games start today😍😍😍


Who is your guys favorite free agent. Mine is Lorenzo Cain


Wow! The best pirates players are gone in only a week


Is mozeliak dumb or just clueless about baseball


Cardinals have submitted an offer to Jake Arrieta. How many years and how much money do you think they offered


If it is the cardinals would you want him?


Go get a team


The cardinals and cubs are showing the most interest in Jake arrieta. I don't think he will resign with the cubs so would you guys rather have him or trade for archer


If the cardinals don't find a third basemen would you rather them trade/sign a shortstop and move him to third or keep him where he is and play Gyorko


Randal Grichuk has been brought up in plenty of trade rumours. Who do you think he will be traded to? I think he will be traded t Tampa if we make a trade for Clome


Would you guys be okay with Xavier Scruggs being signed to a minor league deal and if it doesn't work then release him


Should the cardinals trade Carson Kelly. In my opinion they should because Kelly isn't as good as he is ranked. He would be good trade bait possible if they try to trade for archer in the cologne deal. Remember this is my opinion


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