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#31.Bruin.Pacer.TV announcer.Film producer.Wannabe MTBer #Boombaby

This is me fooling around on the set of the @uncledrewfilm, NOT NOT NOT!!!! Hahahahahaha, this is my badass body double @ohsixgod putting on a dunking show for us. You ROCK Brotha.. #TwoLightsAreBetterThanOne #LightsOutBaby


SQUAD GOALS!!! Who’s next??? Get your squad together and get to theaters June 29th for @uncledrewfilm.. #LightsOutBaby


Had a BLAST during the #PressJunket with @lisaleslie and @naterobinson for our @uncledrewfilm. Get your squad together and meet us at theaters June 29th.. #LightsOutBaby


SQUAD GOALS!! #LightsOutBaby


Summer reading has commenced, absolutely ❤️ this book #TheStuff by @sjeter2.. If you want to overcome any obstacles life has thrown your way and harness the power within yourself, this is the read for you.. Foreword by Derek Jeter is pretty powerful as well.. #TheStuffMovement


Lights is ready to light up the screen, be sure you get your squad and head to theaters June 29th, @uncledrewfilm will be POPPIN!! #LightsOutBaby


Thanks @lionsgate for the screening of the @uncledrewfilm for my family and friends. Huge THANK YOU to @comedianlilrel, the star of the film to roll through and show ❤️.. Be sure to get your squad together and get to theaters June 29th. #LightsOutsBaby..


My @samsungmobileusa Gear S3 helps me balance my two priorities in life, family and basketball. Feeling grateful to be celebrating an early Father's Day with my beautiful family. #FamilyLove


Your youngest member, please show her the SECRET handshake @looneysonya @kristenledlow @michelletrachtenberg 😳🤪🙏🏾😜🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄.. #UnicornBaby


Its always FUN getting to shred new dirt, had a blast getting the @santacruzbicycles Blur dirty at Turnbull Canyon with my @redzoneracing1 family. You guys are the best set of friends and teammates one can ask for, you knew I needed work on my singletrack speed and downhills and y’all took me on an adventure. The way @philieman and @no_weaksauce dominated King Kong Hill and The Three B’s left me with my jaw OPEN.. Thanks @centurydreamhomes_rguzman for showing me all the good lines in the Three B’s, I can say I did it. Big ups to @jerryvenge for always being front and center setting the speed limit to FAST!!! 📷: Jack #NewDirtDay #SweatToTheOldies


Was a HOT n dusty one at the @racepedalfest, starting to like these treacherous switchbacks.. Once again finished 7th, had a hard time finding my legs early.. Are you a fan of this Boombaby kit, click on link in my bio to get yours, all proceeds go towards the @dropping_dimes_foundation to help retired ABA players who have fallen on tough times. I will be matching total sales. Thanks again @castellicycling for being a fantastic partner in all of this.. Men and women’s sizes.. #SweatToTheOldies #RealMenWearPink


Still in AWE..... @uncledrewfilm opens June 29th, get your SQUAD and head to theaters. #LightsOutBaby #SquadGoals


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