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Love To @milwaukeejournalsentinel BRAZY Performance x Write Up. Eye’m Pulling Up Every Where WITH A 100 Copies. Always Good To See My Face In The Paper & It Not Be An Obituary. Love. Link In Bio. And To That Kid That Thinks Of Giving Up. The World Is Yours! 🔥🌹


Thank You @milwaukeejournalsentinel x @pietlevy For Having Me Perform. HELL Of A Show By Me x @melodicprodigies BLESS UP. 🌹


Writing To Become Legendary, Looking To Leave A Legacy. Fame Is Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be. Become Someone That Is Remembered. Do It Your Way, Trust Your Vision. 🌹


Be More Of You & Less Of Them. Find Your Passion & Pursue It. Don’t Ever Feel Like Conforming Is The Answer, It’s Not. Be A FUCKING REBEL! Find Light In Your True Being, Never Let Others Be Little You Because True Happiness Is In Oneself. Not Preaching Just Speaking. Hope You Feel Me. Love. 🌹


As We Enter Into February Where We Thank Our Ancestors For Making A Way For The Greater Of Our Beings. Eye Would Like To Say Thank You To Any And Every Person Who Has Shared My Music, Listened To My Music, Shared Or Watched A Visual. Eye Aspire To Inspire, As A Black Man Everyday Is A Battle But In Our Culture We Are Use To Battling And Overcoming So Eye Take It As It Comes. The Good With The Bad, The Beautiful With The Ugly. It All Makes Me A Better Man But Ultimately A Stronger Human Being. Eye Took Time To Write A Short Letter/Dialogue Entitled “Dear Society” That Eye Will Be Sharing Very Soon With You Guys. It Is Just Some Thoughts That Eye Had Along With A Body Of Music Entitled “Life + Times” And Visuals We Worked On As Team To Get A Point Across. Don’t Ever Be Scared To BE YOU, Do The Things That You Enjoy And Brings A Smile To Your Soul. We As Humans Forget To Take Care Of Ourselves As We Look To Please Others So Much. But Lets Take Time To Look At Ourselves And Remind Us How Beautiful We Are As People. Talk To You Soon. Peace & Love. 🌹


Look Up Marlon Say Cheese. 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️


City Hall Meeting Yesterday Successful! Thank You To This Man Alderman Khalif Rainey For Being Such A Strong Force In The Community And Allowing To Hear My Point Of View On Things! #MKEHIPHOPWEEK Will Be Amazing The Things We Are Planning Eye'm Beyond Excited For. Peace x Love.


Had the honor to sit down on the Council yesterday at City Hall to speak about nutrition in the neighborhoods of the north side of Milwaukee. Thank you to my city for letting me be such a positive figure peace and love 🌹