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In Tokyo Japan, running is an act of rebellion.... Love how this new series RUN WILD coming out of @camp4collective @timkemple is feeling. See @camp4collective to find the full edit! It follows the underground running crew, Athletics Far East (AFE), through the streets of downtown Tokyo. AFE proves that in the land where ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down’, action truly speaks louder than words; and running can be that outlet for creative expression. #RunJapan #RunLono #RunAFE #RunCamp4 @timkemple @cheynelempe @scubastevie @danielltaff @lazerlegs @firstrun @afe_tokyo @lono3


Fear and drone flying go hand in hand. Launching a flying chainsaw into the air with payload of high end camera equipment, then flying it as close to your friends head, over icy water or through tiny gaps can be a total mind riot. But the joy of the the landing and bringing back the story can overcome that! Images one of my flights with the prototype Alta 8 and a @reddigitalcinema w/@taylorfreesolo for the @chrisburkard #underanarcticsky film. ~

Hats off to all the cool cat drone operators out there who I’ve seen pull off the impossible! @freeflysystems @skysight__motion__cinema @uavantage @nickwolcott 🙌🏽🙌🏽


So happy my buddy @alexhonnold survived his dream of climbing this 3,000 ft face with NO ROPE...and was also willing to let his friends film it for a feature doc called #FREESOLO. ~

Congrats to our MERU team of @jimmy_chin @mochinyc, editor Bob Eisenhardt for bringing the achievement to big screen this fall. Wish I could have helped more! ~

Crew included: @mikeylikesrocks @jimhurst @samuelcrossley @cheynelempe @sannimccandless @oceangoingmonkey @clairpopkin @tommycaldwell and so so many more... ~

@thenorthface @thenorthface_climb @natgeo


So happy to support the important work of my friend @amivitale today, world elephant day! READ BELOW AND SEE LINK IN BIO ~

Happy World Elephant day!To celebrate, I wanted to share with you the work of my friend and colleague Ami Vitale on Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e), the first every community owned and operated elephant sanctuary in all of Africa. What’s happening here at Reteti, without fanfare, is a blue print for modern conservation efforts by African communities. This oasis where orphans grow up, learning to be wild so that one day they can rejoin their herds, is as much about the people as it is about elephants.
You can support this incredible place and the people who protect wildlife. Make a $10 contribution in support of Reteti at and you will be entered to win a 7-day Kenyan safari and a second trip to see Dave Matthews Band in concert. Not only will you be helping care for orphaned baby elephants and strengthening community ties, you’ll also have a chance to win a life-changing trip to see the sanctuary in person. (Link in profile.) #saveelephants #stoppoaching @conservationorg @nrt_kenya @sararacamp @tusk_org @kenyawildlifeservice @sandiegozoo @natgeo @thephotosociety @nature_africa @magicalkenya @savetheelephants #elephant #retetielephants #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale


Since the reduction of the Bears Ears National Monument, the five tribes from this region have come together with a renewed mission of healing as they embark on a larger campaign to restore the protection of this area back to its initial boundaries. The members of Utah Diné Bikéyah held their 4th annual Bears Ears Summer Gathering under the iconic Bears Ears buttes with native and non-native supporters to discuss how we are all connected to this place and how best we can protect it. @taylorfreesolo and I interviewed @dhaseya @alastairbitsoi @boogabraid and Willie Greyeyes about where the movement is focused right now and are honored to share that with you in the IG Story feed! ~

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Full 🎥 link in profile ~ “Nothing is really sacred unless you are willing to fight for it.” - @quinnthenavajo in the new online short film SACRED STRIDES, which just released! ~

The native perspective on Bears Ears National Monument is often overlooked. This film helps us to simply FEEL it through the joyous act of running and coming together. ~

Thanks to the whole team for making this and utilizing the power of film in this way: @forestwoodward @annacalla @wings_of_america @quinnthenavajo @a.littlebear @nativeroots_net @marie.sully @annacalla @aidanhaley @laurakottlowski @mrsanjayr @canyonwoodward @protectbearsears


Art for me has always been messy and unrestricted. For so many years I used dumpster cardboard for canvases, pens from the Yosemite visitor center, dirt from the desert...whatever found materials I could get my hands on. And gifted the final pieces away to the community who supported me on the road. It was fun to get back to those roots this weekend and create a piece to give to a nonprofit who has given our tribe so much. Stay tuned... ~

#bearsearsheals2018 mixed media on @yeti cooler.


Good times at the @thenorthface @psicocomp last night! Competitors raced head to head up the 55ft wall managing their fears as thousands cheered them on. Falling into the water from those heights is no joke, serious injury is possible if you are out of control. For me climbing has always been about managing risk which is a big reason I love this community event. #climbwalls ~

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Recording of the event is on @thenorthface Facebook if you want to watch some of the action...


Photo by @deanfidelman words by @cedarwright // Please Support the final 20th edition of the fine art Stone Nudes Calendar, (Link in Bio) from one of my favorite climbing artists and oldest friends @deanfidelman I've been there since the inception of Stone Nudes, which arose during the height of my dirtbag career in Yosemite. I actually appeared naked in the legendary "Stoned Dudes Nude," edition of his calendar. In the early days, and I was always happy to help Dean however I could to achieve his artistic vision. It's hard to believe that Dean has been working on this project for 20 years now, and through it all, has managed to mostly lose money, and continues to hold the title as the most tortured artist I know. From his first nude to his last, Dean has kept it old school, shooting all of these images on.... GASP... FILM... using a borrowed/stolen Medium Format Pentax, owned by the late great creator of Five Ten, Charles Cole. I think it's safe to say that Dean is the longest standing Yosemite Dirtbag, having suffered for his art and lived on next to nothing in Yosemite for almost 50 years now, stretching from the days of the Stonemasters, to the present day, where Dean continues to be a true Yosemite Historian, having produced several awesome books documenting the early history of Yosemite Climbing. His "Yosemite in the Fifties," book is a must own! Let's make Dean's 20th edition of the calendar successful! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!


Rain breaking through the frontlines of fire, as it all slowly burns into the landscape...


On this Patagonia shoot we ran ourselves ragged, pushing the sleep deprivation to dangerous levels. Luckily on the last day we finally found a place to lay down and relax! ~

Climbing Cerro Colorado formation with @chrisburkard @jamesqmartin @andresbozzolo @djiglobal @tompkins_conservation @uavantage @_ryanhill_ @zacharialorenz @sonyalpha #patagonia


New video and drone giveaway! ~

The 2nd (of 4) woman’s pieces @taylorfreesolo directed for @thenorthface just went live (see my profile)! These are way beyond just a woman’s campaign and bring up bigger issues we can all relate to, as well as space for women in different industries to speak about their processes and explorations. In this one designer Ruth Beatty talks about ‘VULNERABILITY IN CREATIVITY’. ~

Vulnerability comes up a lot for me and the stories I’m involved in. I’d love to hear what it means to you as a positive force. Comment below how you can relate to Ruth’s wisdom and I’ll pick a lucky winner and send out my @djiglobal Spark drone! #djispark ~

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