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Summit of North Six Shooter with Matt Redd who family has run the Indian Creek “Dugout” ranch for generations and @jamesqmartin last night! This was a long time dream come true to be in this spot while @shotsfromabove captured images with a custom @jonas_marcinko @reddigitalcinema gimbal in his ultralight trike and his @sonyalpha still camera. See y’all soon at @mountainfilm!! ~

Part of an ongoing study of #bearsearsnationalmonument. Stay tuned... ~

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Elements of earth. Swirling, clinging, falling, evaporating, thriving.
Vision of #newzealand with @taylorfreesolo


Work in progress: The ongoing metal map of what was formerly Bears Ears National Monument.
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#planetoverplastic. Photos by @taylorfreesolo. Last year my wife Taylor photographed a project on communities in Haiti who are turning plastic trash into sustainable livelihoods given the growing economy for collecting and recycling bottles to be made into yarn and fabrics through organizations @threadintl and @doworkorg .

The option to reduce plastic use still remains a privilege. Some of us have the option of buying a metal straw or glass water bottles to refill, but in many parts of the world, single use plastics remain the only option for even having clean water. Here in Haiti, there are entrepreneurs turning recycled bottles into better lives for their families and improved community stability but this industry is often unregulated. Without insight and community programs invested into these supply chains, the hard working people actually doing the collecting are under valued. With the right partners and authentic transparency, plastic can provide self-sufficiency, a good job, and beautiful products. It’s all a part of the larger story of how we, as a planet, can help keep plastics out of the ocean and affecting the health of all living things.


Props to @natgeo @randyolson @zooeydeschanel for launching the #planetorplastic multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis this week! See the @natgeo feed for more startling images that will hopefully lead towards positive change. ~~ Photo and words by @JustinHofman (Justin Hofman) | This is a photo that I wish didn’t exist, but now that it does, I want everyone to see it. What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts with the trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans. What sort of future are we creating? How can your actions shape our planet?
Entertainer and activist Zooey Deschanel (@zooeydeschanel), co-founder of the Farm Project (@farmproject), is guest curating the @natgeo feed today as we launch Planet or Plastic? (#PlanetorPlastic), a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis. Check back throughout the day to see Zooey’s selection of powerful images related to ocean plastics and the threat they pose to the environment.


“Alaska-Stan” the name @cedarwright and I coined for our back to back Alaska to Pakistan mountain experience back in 2007. A total of 3 months waiting out storms for a few moments of blissful alpine rock climbing first ascents in the Ruth Gorge of Alaska and the Trango Towers of Pakistan’s Karakoram Himalaya. Turns out the ‘losing the plot’ moments stuck in the tent drawing on the walls and creating ‘bernie’ the snowman that had a personality of his own and art of the towers as monster cartoon characters were just as memorable as the summits. @cedarwright- let’s see that snowman video! ~



I grew up on the ocean but was quickly pulled to the mountains and never looked back. .

Getting the chance to fly over Big Sur with @chrisburkard @timbuz during the #sonykandotrip might have sparked something. ~

@taylorfreesolo - is it time to move back? #horizons


”LOVED BY ALL” - the Apa Sherpa story
New work by my friends @sherpascinema coming FREE @vimeo soon! [Link to full trailer in bio]
He climbed Mount Everest 21 times. But he wouldn't wish this for anyone. As a child, growing up in Nepal's remote Khumbu Valley, Apa Sherpa had to walk three hours to way. He dreamt of being a doctor. But at the age of 12, after his father passed away, he took a job as a porter to support his family. Despite the risks of one of the world's most dangerous jobs, he would become a Himalayan legend.
Follow us as we document the present day struggles of Pemba Sherpa, a young boy who's life path mirrors Apa when he was a child, and the work of the Apa Sherpa Foundation, as it aims to give the children of rural Nepal new opportunities. According to Apa, "without education you have no choice." #LovedByAll @eric_crosland @leohoorn @_claymitchell_ @apasherpafoundation #nepaliloveyou ~

Full film drops on may 28th on @vimeo !!


Very excited to see this multi-year collaboration on the feature documentary MOUNTAIN come to fruition as it launches in theaters across the US this summer! It’s an exploration of humanities deep and complicated relationship with mountains over time. The pull of the high peaks is something that has also been a force in my own life yet so hard to describe in a conversation. We hope this film will do it justice in an emotional way combining the best from the disciplines of music, writing and visuals! ~

Directed by @jenpeedom, narrated by Willem Dafoe, music selected/composed by Richard Tognetti and the @austchamberorchestra, script adapted by Robert McFarlane’s MOUNTAINS OF THE MIND book and footage shot/curated by myself and @camp4collective @sherpascinema. Quite the collaboration indeed! ~

See for screening times around the US! (Link also in profile)~ And for more mountain inspiration follow the characters/shooters of these majestic images: @sanctityofspace @davemossop @eric_crosland @kvnbnntt @ansonfogel @joeyschusler @cedarwright @davidlama_official @jongriffithphotography @conrad_anker @jimmy_chin @mikeylikesrocks @alexhonnold @freddiewilkinson @hilareenelson @kilianjornet @coryrichards @timkemple @leohoorn and so many more!! #mountain #mountainmovie #filmmakingisateamsport #collaboration


Some folks (not gonna name `em) have expressed bewilderment when they hear what kind of equipment we are using for @gatherfilm. Yes, that’s a @reddigitalcinema 8K with a Leica @cwsonderoptic @thecameradivision Summicron ‘Classic Cron’ custom modified by @ducloslenses for a vintage low contrast look. One of a kind glass. But IMHO - if any subject is worth this treatment it’s the indigenous food system :: (and to make crystal clear the genocide inflicted by colonizers to destroy and steal that system). Where do people think their corn, tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, etc much less WATER and SOIL came from? It came from tens of thousands of years of exquisitely managed resources - resources that continue to be worshipped. Understanding that not everyone gets access to this equipment and that wonderful work is done with less, why wouldn’t we try use the best if we could?? “Oh, but these are impacted communities” // “Oh, that’s major overkill”. We have heard it all. And frankly we got lucky 🍀. We could not have fulfilled our dream were it not for a host of partners who IMMEDIATELY understood the importance of doing this topic justice up to the absolute limits of their capacities. written by the indomitable @gatherfilm Director @mrsanjayr ~

This isn’t a paid post but wanted to give many thanks to @a.j._crankshaw + @thecameradivision and also @cwsonderoptic for making this all a reality thru their unflinching generosity. We wanted to film in 8K even tho the tech for viewing it isn’t commercially available. One day it will be - and we will have a future-proof record of the amazing work going on right now in Indian Country.
@sonyalpha Photo at Mashpee Wampanoag by after a meeting of East Coast and West Coast tribes:: @backyahdbeauty and the @ancestral_guard
Also for the nerds out there check out the @offhollywood OMOD audio unit which gives you 2XLR ins and is much smaller than anything else out there...and @coreswx batteries :)


Parting shot from the #sonykandotrip over the California coast, shot blind out the open window of a small Cessna aircraft. Lucky to be part of this extended family of creatives pushing storytelling and technology. Thanks for the endless horizons of inspiration the last few days! #aerialobsession @chrisburkard @ben_moon @pedromcbride @mclain.david @sonyalpha @timbuz @adorama #cessna #a7iii @sanctityofspace


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