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Photo by @renaeffendiphoto (Rena Effendi) | High above the Nile a barefoot couple ritually descends a cliff face in Minya in hopes of curing infertility. Egyptians sometimes ask archaeologists to allow a young woman to circle an excavation, believing that the power of the antiquities will help her conceive. Such beliefs have nothing to do with traditional religion, and they reflect patterns and instincts that would have been familiar in ancient times. For more stories of cultures around the world please #FollowMe @renaeffendiphoto
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#FotoDelDía | TeamLab Borderless es un nuevo museo de arte digital en Tokio. Cuenta con trabajos de luz y proyecciones con las que los visitantes pueden interactuar.
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Campobasso - Italy ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@lushpin_✨✨
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Photo by @mr.pokee

Hello, world! It’s time for a sweet and prickly dose of #WeeklyFluff. Mr. Pokee (@mr.pokee) is a 3-year-old hedgehog who hails from Germany, but he’s quite the world traveler. “He loves to explore everything for the first time,” says Mr. Pokee’s human, Litha. “He runs around the place and enjoys all the new smells — his nose is really good.” Check out today’s story to see shots from Mr. Pokee’s travels.


The Gaunlet | Photograph by Douglas Croft (@douglascroftimages)
“Brooks Falls is the centerpiece of Katmai National Park in Alaska. We were there in July during the height of the summer salmon runs, and it did not disappoint!,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Douglas Croft. “Brooks Falls is a natural barrier for the fish on their way to spawn and the bears gather there to catch and eat salmon, and fatten up for the winter. Truly an amazing place.”

“We have seen a lot of images of Grizzly bears at Brooks Falls, but this one made us stop for a moment. The bears focus enormously on the fishing — you can feel the tension in the air… And all of them look in the right direction, forming a nice composition around the waterfall.” — @natgeo photographers Orsolya & Erlend Haarberg (@haarbergphoto)


#followmeto my Dagestan. Watch till the end - there is a surprise 😂 Why do mountains make us feel so good?
#следуйзамной в Дагестан. Горы, горы, всегда только горы! Смотрите до конца - там сюрприз :)


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // It is that time of year again. The Aspens are already turning gold. Maybe winter will come early this year! This shot is from last fall when the Aspens were going off up on Kebler Pass above Crested Butte. #keblerpass #aspens #crestedbutte #colorado


Wandering the charming streets of northern Germany - it’s been a good decade since I’ve been here and this quick stop was a good reminder that I def need to come back and spend some time ⏱⁣

We’re sailing north w/ @vikingcruises, Copenhagen and the fjords of Norway coming soon and then a I have a free week on my own. Where would you go in Europe if you had just one week? #myvikingstory ⛵️🗺


#showyourpost2018 這裡是全世界最繁忙、乘載旅客流量最大的新宿車站,一位禪僧站在喧囂紛雜的街道上化緣。面對熙來攘往的川流人群,僧人文風不動佇立在其中,這樣獨特的對比畫面引起我的興趣,於是我湊上前拍下這瞬間。⠀

Photo and caption by JEN CHIEH KUO⠀

標題 / 不動禪僧⠀
組別 / 人物組⠀
拍攝地點 / 東京新宿⠀

🏃‍ 趕快報名上傳並完成繳費動作,就有機會讓小編替你 Show 出作品 !⠀

📢 注意 ! 此篇貼文用圖皆是小編從完成繳費手續的參賽作品中隨機挑選,並非比賽最後評選結果。⠀

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