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"HOW BAD DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?" | 🎥 @etthehiphoppreacher


LOS ANGELES KINGS 👑 👑 | 🔄@losangelesconfidential


“There’s a war goin’ on outside no man is safe from/You could run, but you can’t hide forever/From these streets that we done took/You walkin’ with your head down/Scared to look, you shook/’Cause ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks” - #Prodigy , 'Survival of the Fittest' #RESTINPOWER #BLACKMUSICMONTH | 🔄 @shaheemreid


21 out here more clutch than 23 🗡️💦😂@21savage @postmalone | 🎥 @ashcash


“Rihanna came from humble beginnings overseas, made it in America, and then took over the globe. She understands her impact and wields her powerful influence with grace.” -@cmplmntsofkam wrote an article about #Rihanna as an example of women’s empowerment. (link in bio to read more 👀) |🔄: @badgalriri


✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - Dr. Martin Luther King


@xxxtentacion's "SAD!" breaks single day streaming record on Spotify with 10.4 MILLION streams in 1 day. "#XXXtentacion created unnecessarily violent records that spoke to the inner demons in his listeners, but he also crafted touching hymns that examined the relationships between mental health, heartbreak, and existence itself. He became a champion for the misunderstood and the troubled, carrying the weight of his actions unknowingly on his shoulders.” —An excerpt from an article written by @TreyAls. READ MORE (link in bio👀) |📸: @aim.os #ripxxxtentacion


#ChadwickBoseman: "Mom said she was disappointed that I didn’t do the salute at #MTV, so #WakandaForever from the Arco della Pace a Milano." | 🔄@chadwickboseman 🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽


The homie #Desiigner came through for #OnClout9 and ranks #CardiB a million! Peeep the full episode link in bio 👀 @lifeofdesiigner @iamcardib


We live in a country built on MONEY, POWER, and GREED. We know this. We prioritize riches before we prioritize people. As a result, INNOCENT CHILDREN are being separated from their parents at the border in Texas and held in tents like criminals. While Trump tries to divide us, if you don’t know what you can do, or how you can help yet, SPREAD LOVE. Call your representatives, and tell them to demand this administration #KeepFamiliesTogether ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 |🔄: @kamalaharris


'"This a result of capitalism and power and if you thrive to be a billionaire you’re part of problem. Shit we all are. Everything we hate is a reflection of us as a whole. U do the shit yo enemy does on a lower scale. Long as our system is built off wealth this will be the result. Just like the human trafficking. There’s a market for it. “This shit bigger than just nino brown”' - 🔄 @lilduval


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