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I wish I was napping right now but instead I’m sitting in the passenger seat of the car for the next 5 hours with a snoring and drooling toddler behind me (there isn’t much I dislike more than car trips especially when pregnant and feeling really off!). #babybossetherhimix is kicking my butt.

So! To pass the time, I’m perusing all the gorgeous and fun #fridayintroductions in my feed and I wanted to share my own. But it’s in the form of a letter I wrote to myself in March at the @mthconference. I’d love to share a bit more about myself from myself instead of sharing particulars about what I do or like (that’s obvious from my feed).⠀

It always feels a little silly to write a note to myself but I do it anyway and the mailing time the MTH picks is always impeccable. Somehow these notes end up in my mailbox at the perfect time. ⠀

When’s the last time you spoke truth and love into yourself? ⠀
What’s one thing about yourself that’s flat out amazing? ⠀
Share it below.

You have my blessing to brag as hard as you need to! ⠀ ⠀
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I’m busy prepping everything for Thursday’s #rhiannonbosse1on1 with @compose_events and laughing at how funny it might be for our two pregnant bellies to be at it together. Bending over is proving to be just a little bit more difficult these days!

It’s been a while since I’ve had visitors above the age of 2.5 in the studio and excited is a big understatement. This color palette paired together with peach, coral, and pink floral coming in tomorrow is top notch and @prairielettershop never ever disappoints with her stunning stationery work.

See you tomorrow evening, Nicole! ⠀

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For those of you who have asked (and there are so many of you!) I finally wrote a blog post about how I manage motherhood with running my business. It’s live on the blog via the link in profile and it’s perfect for Sunday afternoon reading!

The beauty behind my strategy is that it isn’t a one size fits all approach. But what really is in motherhood or business, right?

The beauty is that I hopefully inspire and encourage others both like and unlike me, whether that means making one small change in your day to day or a complete overhaul in your systems so you too can find the best way to manage your business endeavors and the littles you have the joy and pleasure of raising. ⠀

As I mention in the post, to be able to be the mother I want to be while owning the business I do, working is sometimes required during times some would consider as ‘off’ or ‘sacred.’ Like today! Sunday afternoon. Usually a prime time for many to rest but for me it’s a prime time to get floral orders, proposals, and plans in place for the full week ahead. Since day one of being a mother I’ve always viewed nap times as prime time to work and while not an approach for all, it’s an approach I lean into and use to my benefit. ⠀

Anyway, hop over to the link in profile for more on how we (because I don’t make this happen alone!) do things around here. Happy Sunday from my virtual office to you, wherever you are (I’m working from my bed; fan on HIGH because pregnant belly and this heat are brutal!). ⠀

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Another slow weekend with iced lattes and farmers market fun, another week growing our sweet little dude. Thankful for a lazy weekend at home before the second half of our wedding season commences 💗 #babybossetherhimix #runningoutofroom #27weeks #whoamama #weekendfun #saturdayvibes


Mellow yellow kind of Friday. #rbcfriday #rhiannonbosse #mellowyellow #flowersofinstagram


So much of life over the last year has felt like I’m stuck in the perimeter of a nasty unpredictable category four hurricane. ⠀

But then over the last week something sort of miraculously shifted and I’m currently sitting pretty in the eye. The part where it feels safer with room to breathe. A little risky still but calculated and calm. I like it here and more so like how this change of scenery has given me space to breathe life into projects and things that I’m passionate about.

The ebb and flow of life is so predictable but every time it throws me for a loop. Anyone else? I suppose such is the life of someone like me who just feels and feels all the feels! There’s more on my blog today if you’re interested.

And in other news, if you sent me your styling questions and blindspots / issues yesterday; thank you! You have been heard and your feedback is valuable and insightful. ⠀

Also, also. Should my impressive and fierce pregnancy insomnia continue tonight (it will) I may just wait until midnight to indulge in a special season finale. Anyone else up late tonight? #underhiseye

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We went to the early market, got iced lattes (chocolate milk for L of course!), hit up the zoo where we saw big bears, penguins, and frogs, had ice cream, went to Panera for lunch, then laid down together before someone (ok both of us) fell asleep for a much deserved nap. Now I’m cozied up on the couch making allllll of the edits to my monster of a proposal thanks to the brilliant @lisajanelkirk and forcing myself to trust in the scary fear of pursuing something so heart-centered. There’s an active babe in my belly which reminds me constantly of the changing seasons, a husband out picking up picnic supplies for tomorrow, and it’s a bearable summer temperature outside which means playing in the yard is absolutely in the forecast for later. Life is really good today. How are YOU? #rhitakesbackperfect #rhiannonbosse #fridaymood #thelifeichose #hydrangea


CLIFF NOTES VERSION: I have an official IG TV Channel, everyone! By next week there will be three videos up there for you to enjoy but in the meantime catch two of my very favorite. There is so much more content to come!

LONG VERSION: When I was little I was gifted with a Fisher Price tape recorder. It’s one of my fondest gifts from childhood and the one I most remember being infatuated with. I would spend hours staging faux interviews talk show style a la Sally Jessy Raphael (remember her?). My show topics were kid-centered on things like dogs (hilarious!) but I remember this as one of the few things that really invigorated me as a little girl.

This love of communicating, story telling, and collecting information led me to pursue two journalism degrees and many years of work and time within various realms of the new media world. And ultimately while my path led to business ownership making beautiful things and experiences centered around celebrations, there remains this deep desire to hold on to what that young Rhiannon cherished and loved. A desire I hope to passionately continue chasing.

So maybe you’ve noticed some big or even some small changes around here and if so I appreciate that so much! There’s many good things catching traction in my world right now and I’m grateful for the last year of digging in and trusting my gut and heart. This journey is exciting because you’re all along on it! Catch my stories and new channel for more goodness spanning the wedding, mama, and lifestyle realms!

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If you watch the video heading out to inboxes everywhere today, you’ll see me managing to capture ONE photo and one photo only during our Fourth of July lifestyle shoot. ⠀

And that one photo is this one here which was snapped as I checked my styling efforts to see if they were perfect for @samanthajamesphoto to capture. Sometimes even the most effortless of images and projects comes with a lot of little steps and extra effort but it’s what makes me really good at what I do and it also helps Sam as she shines in her role.

As for any other photos? Well that was out of the question because #toddlers as you’ll see! So I leave the capturing magic to Sam and you can see her beautiful work on the blog today with a jam packed post of patriotic inspiration in celebration of the 4th!

I’m REALLY excited for this video to encourage and inspire any mothers running businesses, teams, shops and schedules while trying to keep your littles (and home/partners) engaged and happy. It’s hard but joyful work as you’ll see thanks to @coastlinestudios! ⠀

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