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Today was a really really good day. Tired brain. Full heart.

Also, your kind comments on my earlier post are making everything feel right! Appreciate and love you all. Here’s to a weekend of sunshine and rest before wheels up to Chapel Hill, NC for a special experience unlike any other. Xo

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Not that anyone noticed but at the beginning of the year I changed a part of my IG bio that had been static for nearly three years.

‘Named a top world planner by Vogue Magazine’

I wore that tittle like a badge of honor for the last three years. And while it’s an honor I still very much treasure, here online it became a measuring tool for my worth. It made me feel like one of the cool kids, a small group of the best who were picked to be on another ‘best of list’ of high caliber professionals that everyone else wants on. And while I love being that girl I sort of feel like there’s just so much more I can offer. So much more I can share about myself that speaks volumes about my character here in such a small curated space.

Accolades are awesome. I know that because I’m a fiercely competitive, determined, and clever young woman who thrives on challenges and feels energized by results. I don’t think I’ll ever stop dreaming but more so, DOING things the best way for me rather than the right way as dictated by everyone else.

But my personal hope is that my best titles, the ones I live out not just here but in the four walls of my home and life, are the ones that fill me up the most. The role of advocate and designer for my clients. Teacher and cheerleader for my students. Lover and friend to my husband. Confidant and source of light to my peers. And protector and listener to my children.

Those roles are the ones we are all approved for, the ones that chances are, you too are already on a list for.

Happy workshop day to my gals today! Happy Thursday, friends. Xo

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Oh lissy you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind.... #seriouslythough #underdog #rhiannonbosse1on1 #lisianthus #peachygoodness #spring


Lately my days have been filled with this always growing guy, lots of beautiful flowers, and lots and lots of offline time and rest. A year ago I was a different woman in a dark and trying place. And today I feel brand new. Thanks for letting me share alllll the things here with you, friends! It’s a joy and an honor, always. Xo ⠀

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It’s pretty chilly today in Michigan but super sunny so I’ll take it. I’m just ITCHING for spring and think the time change tonight is going to do wonders for me while I wait with the rest of the Midwest for temps to follow suit. ⠀

Isn’t it funny how when cold temps hit here in the fall we’re so eager to throw on our boots and coats yet in March when we get a rare day in the 40’s and 50’s we treat it like the 4th of July.

So while my day involves both intentional work (catching up on emails, uninterrupted writing for those of you who got Monday’s newsletter(!), finishing a design proposal for a client) and play (lunch and almond milk lattes with the two best dudes I know), here’s something more lovely: a compote design by yours truly from a recent private workshop with a pretty remarkable student. ⠀

I’m hoping to share more about my students and their brilliant work soon. But for now sunshine and lunch with my two favorite dudes ☀️

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Fridays with Lachlan. The Nutella isn’t #rhibootrhi approved but every little bit delicious as I remember it. #fridayswithlachlan #brownbuttercreperie #friyay #liveyourbestlife #maketimeforit #mamadate

Brown Butter Creperie & Cafe

We’ve been here less than an hour and are smitten. The @ritzcarlton knows service and were lucky to be experiencing it first hand over the next 48 hours. Now who wants to get married here so we have an excuse to come back with the team? #ritzameliaisland #floridawedding #ritzcarlton #oceanlove #canwemoveapb

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Next to birthing my son and scoring the second ever perfect 10 in MSU gymnastics history (2008 senior night at home, vault) my proudest accomplishments are right here. A national feature in @theknot, one in @brides, and one in @southernweddings which included the cover. These features are more than bragging potential but instead tangible proof that clients, vendors, colleagues and editors believe in me and the work we do. That alone fuels me to serve well and love others hard. Thanks @framebridge for the beautiful frame job. At this rate our whole home will be covered in your frames! (This is the #newport) #framebridge #rhiannonbosse #mondaymotivation #weddingplanner


Oh Instagram!

Part of me loves and truly respects it. I get to see what long distance friends are up to, support my colleagues, and share my life with the world in small ways. I owe a lot to social media for different wins and blessings and I’m not ignorant to that. The good is so good here and I’m grateful.

So many of my future goals revolve around being present here. Heart centered goals that have been so near and dear for me have social media in the equation. To not utilize this tool (that’s all it is) would have major consequences for me and goes against what I know to be a true as a believer - who feels like keeping it all to myself is a disservice to the rest of my peers who share this life and world with me.

But then I fantasize about the delete button.

All. The. Time. Someone tell me I am not alone! I think that just removing it from my life would leave more room for better stuff. Having hard tech and social boundaries would be so helpful for a gal like me who is just so sensitive and loves so big. Right?

This sounds so silly but I wonder frequently what it was like to live life and run a heartfelt business without technology. ⠀ ⠀
Was it better? Worse? Incomparable? I think about my Nan fifty years ago and how she cooked, cleaned her home, dressed, invested in her hobbies, prayed, shared her love for my grandpa, her kids, her neighbors, how she may have hosted guests, or where she may have travelled and I wonder how those things were savored or even anticipated without the influence of always sharing it in the most enticing of ways to strangers on the internet.

And I want that so many days of my life. And I do have it! But then I want the best of both worlds too; to grow this thing Ive been doing for nearly a decade but to grow my heart in bigger ways without feeling like it always has to be shared or filtered.

That’s that for now 😂

On a different note; I’m teaching at Bloom on March 26th in GR and there are a handful of tickets left. I’d love for you to join us! (See? Social media is good for stuff like this!) Visit the @bloomtheworkshop account for more.

And finally, this arrangement for tomorrow’s mock up is so yummy I might eat it.


Current vibes. Not pictured; toddler chaos and floors that need more than a good cleaning. #workingmama #rhiannonbosse #flowerstagram #weddingflorist #floraldesign #hellospring


This whole motherhood thing has got my heart all the best kind of knots. It’s a wonderful battle between a love so deep it hurts and inability to freeze time despite all efforts.

Also, #springmas: ⠀ ⠀

The blend of leftover holiday decor and beginning of spring decor combined into a charming home aesthetic you hope the neighbors don’t mind (you can’t see the wreath behind me but it’s full spring ahead.) Tell me I’m not alone, please.

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