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Joyful wife + mother building a life giving home.


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Give me flowers and a place to put them and I'm happy as can be.

If you're new around here my name is Rhiannon and I'm passionate about a lot of different things.

Celebrating both the big and small things is the heartbeat of my life. I'm a wedding planner, designer, and florist who works hard to plan beautiful celebrations for couples across the globe. But I’m also a planner of many casual dinners in our own home, themed birthday parties for my son, and surprises for friends and family that sometimes involve flights across the country. I love well on people and stand up for what's right, true, and good.

I changed my life this year with my diet. Actually, it was more than what was just going INTO my mouth and into my body. I changed a lot of the things I decided to keep around me, in my home, on my schedule, and in my heart. I'm a believer that when we need to make a change, we need to first listen to ourselves and as a close second become advocates for our well being. My year was so transformative and the best part is my story is so far from being finished.

I've contemplated leaving my Christmas tree up all year round because it's that beautiful and symbolic. I can never say no to raw cookie dough. And I make our bed almost every day, complete with taut sheets and toss pillows that can't even be laid on because they are covered in beads. I'm always wrestling with form or function. A lot of times form wins.

I'm so happy you're here. I share a lot about my business, my brand, my family, our home, and the things I find most beautiful.

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Photo by @heathergracebeerman for @southernweddings

Skyhouse Raleigh

I'm working on design plans for a 2018 client and we're incorporating a pop of soft yellow into her champagne and peach palette. It's summery, fresh, and a dose of warmth on this real cold December day (it was ONE degree this morning). Floral designs from two holiday seasons ago are giving me lots of inspiration! Photo: @samanthajamesphoto

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I woke up to an inbox FULL of sweet and festive messages from you all!

If you're on my newsletter list, I really appreciate you. I'm so grateful you're along for the ride. You're more than a number on my list but part of growing this business of mine into something special and intentional in 2018 and beyond. When I decided to combine a lifestyle focus to my existing wedding planning and design company earlier this year, I wasn't sure how it would be received, and you have been SO supportive and encouraging as an audience. ⠀

There's a special content schedule coming in the new year for you and I'm eager to roll it out! Tag two friends below who might love weddings, flowers, wellness and lifestyle content just as much as I do. I'll be picking someone at random on Friday to win a $50.00 Amazon gift card in anticipation of the upcoming holiday!

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Today it’s 19 degrees here. ⠀

It’s COLD and windy and abnormally bright out. And of course it’s trash day. We love our trash and recycling guys so much. They work hard, deal with endless boxes and recyclables at our home (mostly in part to my line of work), but best of all are respectful and always friendly to a little boy that loves to wait for the trucks every Tuesday morning. ⠀

Today we got to give Brian and his driver a box of homemade sugar cookies to wish them a merry Christmas. The cookies were a labor of love with a little guy but the giggles I heard from in the truck when Brian put the box inside were priceless. ⠀

Find ways to love on your service staff this year! Postal workers, UPS drivers, trash and recycling guys, snow plow guys (or maintenance if you live where it’s warmer). A card, $5.00 gift coffee shop gift cards, cookies, even bottles of water count as gifts! A little goes the mile my friends. ⠀

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Nothing much has changed lately about our home but it sure feels a lot more magical. I love how the holidays can inspire such a heightened sense of contentment.

I also just wrapped up Wednesday’s holiday home tour and quick tip pdf, and I sure hope you’re as excited to receive it as I am to send it (my friend @samanthajamesphoto deserves credit for capturing everything so beautifully!) If you’re on my mailing list you’ll get the PDF first thing Wednesday.

Speaking of which, comment below if you are on the mailing list and tell me a couple things about YOU! I’d love to know more about the people behind the names on my laptop screen 💗

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I just realized Christmas is in just about two weeks. Then I realized my baby is almost two! And THEN I realized that time sure is a thief. How much longer do I get to hold my dudes hand for photos like his before I’m not cool to him?! 😫 #nevergrowup #boymama #keepthemlittle #howwasit60lastweekend #timeslowdown #ouryellowfrontdoor #lachlanruebosse


Grand Rapids friends! ⠀

On December 23rd I'll be at my favorite place @rowstercoffee popping up with holiday arrangements and homemade soap! I'd LOVE for you to stop by and celebrate the holidays with us. I'll have a variety of price points and sizes available in beautiful tones and textures, perfect for your holiday tablescape or as a hostess gift.

Preorder your blooms with an email to hello@rhiannonbosse.com and comment below if we will have the pleasure of seeing you that day!

Now back to writing with a delicious almond milk latte by my side.

Photo by the talented @ryleehitchner

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Rowster Coffee

Call me crazy but at least twice a day I can be found fluffing the (many) pillows on our living room couch. ⠀

To some that sounds pointless, frivolous, or I’m sure even pretentious. But when I stand back and admire what we have, I really feel proud of the beautiful home we have created.

Can I share something?

I know my Instagram feed is really beautiful. That’s done intentionally and I say that not from a self centered place but from a place where I run a creative business that’s driven by beautiful things and beautiful experiences. To not share those experiences here would be a disservice to my craft, passions, gifts, clients, future clients, vendors, and partners.

But while the photos are certainly beautiful (thanks to so so many talented photographers and friends) what I hope you’ll find more beautiful is the words I pair with them. Thoughtful words that come from the heart and mind of an imperfect Midwest mama, wife, daughter, homemaker, friend, neighbor and celebrator (to name a few).

A woman who is honestly JUST like you. ⠀ ⠀

Imperfect, trying to soak up the present, doing her very best (except when it comes to working out, oops), appreciating beautiful things but always trying to appreciate the purpose beneath those beautiful things just a little more than the thing itself. ⠀

So yeah. I wear @spanx leggings on photo days (then they absolutely come off when I eat lunch because I can’t breathe) and my home looks like this with fluffed up pillows and a neutral color scheme that makes my inner decor maven delight, because I’m here to inspire you in a symphony of visual loveliness and inspired anecdotes!

But please remember most days I’m living life a little less curated. There’s colorful toys everywhere, dirty dishes piled in the sink because my diet is so restrictive, or like today, a sick toddler on my lap sound asleep so this caption gets typed with one hand. There’s a lot of life happening outside this feed that gets saved for me so I’m ok if the stuff within it LOOKS a little like the opposite.

Oh and if I could hug every single person who signed up for my newsletter yesterday I would. I’m blown away you guys. Thank YOU! #rhiannonbosse


You know, in the six years we have called this place home, I've never done a home tour. And that needs to change!

In the spirit of the holidays, next week I will be offering a peek into our home and how we celebrate and decorate for Christmas. You'll be able to catch some details on my blog but my email subscribers will get an all access look in the form of a holiday PDF with decorating tips, inspiration, and my favorite from scratch cookie recipe. I'm so thrilled to be welcoming you all into my 'home' and hope you'll find it as cozy and inviting as we do. ⠀

The link in my profile will take you to my sign up and I cannot wait to have you!

In the meantime, now that my cleanse is done, I am trying my very best not to indulge in the homemade sugar cookies shown here. Remember almost a decade ago when I wanted to open a bakery and I started this business and social media journey on a sugary high? Time sure flies when you get lost on the way to a dream and find a better one.

Drop me a note below; what's your favorite holiday cookie?

Photo: @samanthajamesphoto
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Rockford, Michigan

'Today, tonight, right now, put your heart in it. Put your heart in what you are doing, saying, and how you are listening. The best of you is from the heart. The best of you is when you are all love. That's all.' - @cleowade

And that's all I have tonight for you; a beautiful string of words that means so much. That, and this beautiful photo from our finale Trouvaille workshop this year. Garden roses and velvet ribbon (and custom itinerary cards) will always be some of my most favorite design and decor elements, wouldn't you agree?

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Hotel Walloon

Have you seen the previews yet for The Greatest Showman?

We went on a date to the movies last Friday (first movie in almost three years) and the minute the preview started, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The music, the story, the magic. Maybe it's my past life as a gymnast, and love for competition and performance. Or my passion for magical moments. Or my soft spot for the underdog in every transformative story.

At the end of the preview when Hugh Jackman says, 'No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else' my eyes welled with tears. Sometimes God puts us in places at exactly the right time when we need it the most even if that place is a movie theatre on a Friday night.

Your mess is your message!
Your story has the potential to change lives! ⠀
In every season of winter, spring is just around the corner! I know this to be true because I've lived that out this year.

It's a big week over here for me and my business. Could you send good vibes my way? Or spare a small prayer? Or just virtually high five me below if you have ten seconds. I’m so grateful for every single one of you.


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Question; how early is too early to go to bed on a Saturday night? #askingforafriend #imthatfriend

So instead of boring you with more photos of our holiday decor (at least until I share my holiday home tour in a couple weeks) here’s one of this season’s flower installations. Day of installs are always our favorites and usually have the biggest wow factor in the overall design.

Also! This last week was one of the best of the year which such good news and promise for what’s ahead with my work. That sounds so vague I’m sure but I’m feeling grateful for so much and cannot wait to reveal more of the goodness with you all soon. Out of darkness always comes light!

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Loft 310