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Hi, My name is Ric Hassani. I'm a Pop-African Singer & Songwriter. My Debut Album 'The African Gentleman' is out now on iTunes, & on all platforms.


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Massive fan of my Friend Josh. Thanks to this @richassani_fashion page for directing me to this photo you guys are truly like private investigators lol. Big Fan! @josh2funny


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Outside my house with my long time Friend, Confidant, & fellow Entertainment Industry Hustler, the renouned Mr. Akah Nnani.

Chevron,Lekki Peninsula

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I cut my beard low. Should I grow it back, or do I keep keeping it like this? What do you think?


Home rehearsing for my friend Okeimuté's @theokiemute event tomorrow. If you can make time, come watch Her, myself, and a few other Artistes perform our Music Live to you. God Bless.

Chevron,Lekki Peninsula

I'm Balling low key.



2.7 Million. Unreal. I see God be working for us coz this is not me. Heaven truly is the best PR. I work harder because I don't want to disrespect God's favour. Let's keep doing more so God can bless. More more more! Thankful, but Humbled.


'Do all the work now, you'd rest when you're my age'. - Mom | @redcrownart

Lagos, Nigeria

Here at the Afrima Awards with a smiley face. | @rogue_ng #AFRIMA2017


Thank you my Friend Khalil Musa for this amazingly gifted photograph. I'm truly Humbled. God Bless. @mkphotography4


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The lighting Hit, made me look pretty lol. With my positive Northern family | Look at MK's Face!😆 @sururphotography @mkphotography4 & @salihu_jnr


Learning Success, you can only be it to understand it. | photo: @mkphotography4


Know that not everyone will like you that's okay, but what's not okay is if you don't like yourself. | Photo by @mkphotography4


Photo: @sopephotography


Big Announcement in my Next Post. We are about to celebrate music. Thankful.



Thank you, Thank God.


I recorded this song so long ago I think 2015. We had recorded it without kicks and snares and I'd just put it on my phone and forgot about it completely. May this year my phone was on shuffle and somehow played this tune. I immediately called my guys like yo we have to finish this song. This is my favourite song on the album, I play it alot. I really like the writing, it's my favourite writing for me so far of all my music. It's been a while so I can't remember what was going through my mind lol. This is the final track that closes out the Eleven track Album. Thankful for your support, and I'm thankful the feedback too! Thank you, & God Bless.


I was done recording the Album. It was late at night when i sort of heard a voice in my head that said 'Do a zouk song, that's you're next single'. I know this must sound so weird but truthfully this is what happened. I then went to my producer and told him this. He was a little reluctant at first because we had finished the Album and he had other stuff to do. Luckily he complied. As He started playing the Chords the lyrics and tune came almost immediately. The first day I'd lost my voice so couldn't record It, came back two days later and we made the song. It was special.


I recorded this song well over a year ago. I had been and still am very tight friends with my brother @djxtrio from Angola who at the time worked with Cabo Snoop. He and Cabo came to Nigeria and I sent Cabo this record and he loved and made it immediately. Then my friend @xcellente from Cameroon whom I've know since my first gig in Yaoundé in 2014, he blessed me with a verse and a new Hook. I needed an igbo voice on the record so my producer introduced me to his friend from Abia State 'Mr Nomsy' who came in and truly delivered, He's the Igbo voice that you hear that starts off the record. My producer also brought in "Chris Daniel" to add the extra live guitar on the record. Hearing all their parts I had to re-record my verse haha. It's really a deviation from my style but I'm truly pleased with the way it all came together. This is my friend & Business Manager Samuel Igwe's favourite song on the Album.


Recorded this song mid last year. Someone had told me about Mumba Yachi a singer from Zambia so he linked us and speaking with Mumba, we connect more than the music. His spirit, his energy, then his voice, just amazing.


I love this song alot. I personally play it alot at home, it puts me in a very good mood.


I remember this day I hadn't been in a good mood. My producer started playing the Chords and somehow these lyrics came to me, this is one of the quickest songs I've done on the album, it happened pretty fast. My producer came up with the tune to the chorus, it's his favourite song on the Album.


Jay Sleek called me on the phone and sent me this beat. I couldn't record immediately coz I had to travel to Malawi like the next day. The lyrics came to me on the tour bus while we were in Salima Malawi, We were driving by the most beautiful lake and staring into it the first verse just came. Usually once I have the first line of a song the rest just comes and comes. This song definitely took me the longest to write becuase I was so busy at the time. I wrote it over four (4) months.