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"it is a curse to have everything go right your first attempt." - Mastery by Robert Greene.

Wise words from a great author. I've listened to Mastery on Audible 6 times now. It's over 16 hours long which means I've spent nearly an entire week listening solely to the principles outlined in this book. I have to say, it's quite an incredible read.

If you ever feel as though you have lost course, or are not sure where or what path to take (which happens regularly for me) this book will help you find your path again.

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It was a great weekend 😃


"The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance." - Mastery by Robert Greene.

You can't change what happens to you, so you might as well accept it. Being able to allow things to be the way they are will give you immense power. So often people waste large amounts of energy complaining or trying to change people, or their circumstances.

If your world is falling apart around you, don't lose your head. That's what everyone else will be doing, but you're going to need yours. Keep a calm, stoic attitude towards the difficult things that happen in your life and you'll be truly effective.

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My amazing media intern @the.real.kamal (Go follow him!!!) and I decided we would learn how to create Cinemagraphs. We watched a few videos and hit the streets of Toronto and this is what we came back with! Not bad for our first one 😸
A cinemagraph is part photo, part video. They are particularly attention grabbing because they fool your brain so easily. This was a lot of fun to make, and we're going to be whipping up a whole lot more of these for our clients :) #cinemagraph #cinemegraphs #yongeanddundas #spidercat #yongeanddundassquare #content #contentcreator #contentmarketing #digitalnomad


"The time that leads to mastery is dependant on the intensity of our focus." - Mastery by Robert Greene.

Not all time is equal. In fact, one might go as far as saying that intensity of focus can manipulate time. Ever notice how time seems to slow down during accidents or similar events?

A shot of adrenaline does wonders for your focus. All of your senses heighten, your mind dumps all background noise to focus intensely on the moment at hand. It's a survival response built into us, but we can learn a lot from it.

So often we go through the day having thoughts rather than thinking intentionally. The human mind is a bit weird like that. It likes to wonder. Try this experiment.

Block off one hour every day for extreme focus. It typically takes a person 20-30 minutes to warm up their brain before they can even access higher thinking. During this time, use some background study music to help if you struggle with attention.

Then focus your mind on one problem that you have been trying to solve. It could be any of the following, or make up your own. "What is my purpose in life?"
"What ultimate gift do I have to offer?"
"What can I do to be more supportive?"
"What move should I make next?" THIS NEXT PART IS CRITICAL

Where your eyes are positioned effects how your brain operates. When you are trying to access memory, your eyes pan to the left. When you are trying to access creative (ie. Lying to someone) your eyes pan right.

To access higher learning, and extreme focus, you must look towards your "3rd eye." This is the T where your nose meets your eyebrows. You will be slightly cross-eyed, looking up. DO NOT strain your eyes to be in this position. Allow them to relax, and slightly lose focus.

Notice how your thoughts slowly change, becoming more visual in nature. Your eyes can be open or closed, it does not matter. Now that you're holding this eye position, divert all of your attention to your important question.

It is normal at first for you to continually lose your train of thought, but it's easy to find it again. Reposition your eyes, and return to your question until the hour is up.

Just watch how you feel at the end of that week.


Had the pleasure of DJ'ing an awesome private party in the beaches with @stepbystepprodj just had to shoot a timelapse!

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[19 Weeks Until Marriage]

Every day is a new adventure with you. You teach me so much about the world, about life, and about myself. I see now, how much we have grown together, entangled deeply into each other's lives. You breath fills my lungs and your eyes fill my mind with sight. I see you now, and forever, and I love you deeply ❤️ Also... This is one of the most Canadian pictures ever 😋

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Had the amazing opportunity this weekend to visit a small little town near Niagara Falls called Port Colborne. We weren't expecting to see much from this old industrious town on Lake Erie, but as we cruised down the highway we noticed these epic carrier vessels (giant ships) docked in the port.

I had planned on doing some filming there anyways but truly had no idea how amazing this footage would come out. I took Icarus on a few good flights around the city and caught some of the raw winter beauty that no amount of planning could have captured. Such an awesome day! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I owe a big thanks to @thechrishau Ever since I began my journey into content creation, he has provided some incredibly valuable feedback and his YouTube channel is full of awesome tips for content creators, both on the business & creative side of the industry. Go check out his video of him and @jessedriftwood drifting Mercedes Benz cars on the world's largest ice racetrack in Manitoba 🏁🚗
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If I think back to before I ever began to identify as an entrepreneur. Before I knew how to build websites, create viral content, and rapidly grow businesses using social, there was one project that started all of this... I had been a server for nearly 10 years, and at 7 different restaurants. This gave me the unique opportunity to get to know over 150 servers all across Ontario & BC.

Somewhere around the 6 year mark I began having a recurring thought. That thought was that the stories that servers have are so hilarious that people would probably enjoy reading about them. Come to think of it, I had tons of great stories myself. I should write a book about them. I should also feature stories from other servers too! I had also learned some valuable social & sales skills that people in the industry could benefit from, so maybe I'll teach those as well.

I was pretty impressed with myself for having such a creative thought. As this thought progressed, I was also becoming quite depressed in my job at the time, so I decided I had nothing to lose by trying. After that point, I sat down every day after work for 4 hours and 6 months later I had written 80% of what would later become "The Million Dollar Server. @themilliondollarserver

Everyone says to write the book that you would want to read. So that's what I did. Please note that this is not always good advice 🤔. You should think critically about your market segment and test your value hypothesis in that market segment. Anyways... I digress.

Next I decided to create an online community for waiters and waitresses in order to sell my book. I found out it would cost $8k-12k to build the site that I wanted, so I learned how to do it myself for free on youtube & blogs. It took about 8 months for me to really nail that, but it was worth it. I have now built nearly 50 websites.

Once the site was done, I tried designing the book cover myself (photo #2). Since that was a disaster I hosted a design contest on 99 designs and recieved 100 different professional book cover designs for $300. That was a smart move. You live and you learn! .
⬇️[Story continues in the comments] ⬇️


Only three weeks after first having the idea to sell Canadian themed scarves to raise money to support Syrian refugees during the crisis in 2016/2017, our newly founded @thecanadianproject had made headlines across the nation. "What could someone like I do to help." I remember this thought clearly, because almost immediately after thinking it, an answer, albeit abstract, popped into my head. It was an answer that brought hope into my life during a very dark time in the world. There was a lot of fear surrounding the idea of bringing refugees into the country, but I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do. So I got to work.

The very next day I googled "how to make a scarf." Then I somehow found some beautiful material and patterns that I knew were modern, made in Canada, and incredibly warm and soft. Next I drove to my parents and asked my mom if I could borrow her sewing machine for a secret project, and I learned how to sew for the first time that night
I made two dozen scarves the next day, and then called up my great friend @mazaajiya to see what she thought of the idea. SHE WAS IN. Lucky for me, because we couldn't have done it without the passion, support, and hard work she brought to the table. Next up was @yahayabaruwa @arthurarocha and @hayleyharmony. Now we were cooking on four burners!

Two days later we had rounded up a flash mob downtown to do a 6am volunteer photoshoot around Nathan Phillips Square and Yonge and Dundas. It was epic. People stopped from all around to take photos with our scarves and ask what we were doing.

Within one week of the original idea we had launched our Kickstarter campaign, and that's when my Reddit post blew up. 1200 upvotes, and over 900 comments. We topped the subreddit for all of Canada for over a week. CP24 called. Metro news called. Trudeau publicly endorsed our project. It was a media frenzy.

Orders flew in for weeks as we sewed scarves nonstop. It was incredible. We all worked out asses off, and we got to be a part of something amazing. I'm still so proud of everyone who was involved, and what we all achieved in such a short period of time.

Be brave, be bold, and above all else, LOVE fearlessly ❤️


Here is a couple ads I put together for my company @morethanmatcha. Comment which is your favorite and I'll pick one winner to recieve a sample of our popular matcha melody blend!

I started drinking Matcha Green Tea about 4 years ago after hearing @timferriss talk about the cognitive performance enhancements of L-Theanine & Caffeine combination. To be honest, I hated the taste of it as a hot tea, which is how most drink it. I much prefer mine shaken hard over ice as a cold beverage first thing in the morning.

If you are a coffee lover, try having some matcha green tea before drinking your first coffee. It will help to blunt the crash you'll get later on, and give you a longer and sharper focus
Any more than 2-3 coffees and I get adverse effects on cognitive function. This makes coffee a bad choice for work marathons, all-nighters & other 18+ hour adventures. Matcha on the other hand doesn't give you that up and down spike.

So what is Matcha anyway? We'll matcha essentially means "crushed leaf," which refers to the way it is prepared. Instead of steeping the tea leaves and removing them as you would with most teas, Green Tea is best when the entire leaf is consumed. So Matcha Green Tea is when you grind the tea leaf down to a fine powder to be stirred into a delicious beverage
What do you turn to for work marathons?

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