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🚨⛴️The 2nd annual #LilRickysRibShackCruise is one week from today, Wednesday August 22nd. Here’s a fish eyed taste of how we kicked off four hours on The Hudson last summer, in honor of our beloved APT. @koolboblove, @djspinna, and yours truly are back for Round 2 in 7 days. Tap that ticket link and get familiar kid. Discounted tickets still available. We depart from Pier 83 at 7pm sharp. Don’t play yourself. Be on the boat 🚨⛴️


BROOKLYN • Saturday August 18th • #HOME returns to @cmoneverybodybk one month after our incredible 4 year anniversary party featuring @stronglung • Holy 💩 what a night • Nothing but the very best in house, rare grooves, and garage classics, monthly • 325 Franklin Ave • Doors 11pm • Tickets available at • #ThereIsNoPlaceLikeHome


FRISCO • Friday August 17th • Looking forward to a great night alongside @soulclapofficial at @greatnorthernsf • @javivelasco holds down The Red Room • 119 Utah St • Doors at 9:30pm sharpington •Tickets and info available at • Shouts out to all my Bay Area Crew • Friday finna be #HellaWavey 🤙🏾


Dat boy good! 😂 #Repost @superflymom3
🤷🏻‍♀️ def my child lol! You’re the illest Maal, mommy loves you. So long #musically, hello @tiktok


Today was a good day. Good lookin’ out @barkham @neilaline @lebainnyc @goodpeoples @juleskim @selectsummerfridays @projectmatt @perfectalicia @veruushka @disco__ @playlistretreat & all area crew. Banzai 🤘🏾


Factivities from The God Bumpy Knuckles... #Repost @bumpyknuckles77
Still on a high from the 2018 Playlist retreat at the home of @djjazzyjeff @Lynettectownes was everything I heard it would be and more. I will let the footage they post speak for itself. Special invite only and leave your ego and arrogance online. Only stayed 2 days because I had plans with my beautiful lady for her birthday and I wanted to make sure she had an awesome 45th, and that she did. All in all my week has been eventful between the two things, If I had to describe my week in 4 words....”That shit was DOPE!!!!!” Back on the grid and super inspired. The Evolution Begins. Salute Venezuela 👈🏾you had to be there. #PoPDuKe


🧠💥...more incredible than ever this year...#Repost @playlistretreat
PlayList Retreat 2018! Thank you all for bringing your energy, and stay tuned for what’s to come. #playlistretreat #playlistretreat2018 📸: @dexterdcoheniei


And you say, New York City...this baby picture of me served as the promotional flyer for Li'l Ricky's Rib Shack at APT from roughly 2001 to 2009. On August 22nd, 2018, we celebrate that history, and the history of the late great APT with three of the DJs who helped build APT's musical history one record at a time... together... on a boat...on The Hudson River... DJ Spinna, Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love, and yours truly rocking together all night, with "Spam", "Lil' Ricky" & tall boy Sapporo drink specials, ribs, AND chicken on deck 👀. Boarding time is 6:30pm for the 2nd annual Li'l Ricky's Rib Shack Cruise 2018.

🛳️️🔊: Pier 83


BORDENTOWN, NJ • Saturday August 11th • Amped to be rocking at @houseatthelake2018 presented by @djreddz609 & Word Of Mouth Entertainment • 7pm at Liberty Lake • Aron Prince • DJ Venus 7 • Sir Charles Dixon (WBLS) • Senator Troy Singleton • Lady Alma • DJ Reddz • WHCR (Harlem) • Ticket link in my bio • Come get you some • The kid from Jersey is coming home 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾


NYC • Friday August 10th • Jules Kim @juleskim of Bijules and Katie Longmyer of Good Peoples @goodpeoples present Select Summer Friday @SelectSummererFridays at @lebainnyc • 3pm to Sunset weekly • @ProjectMatt opens up the day musically • Your lovely guest hosts are @BrownGirlAlchemy and Tashan Spencer @tshnspncr @ettashonarts • All we need now is you 🤘🏾 **dress to impress and bring your best vibes! Door is at the discretion of The Standard** Le Bain @ The Standard, High Line
444 W. 13th Street
3pm - Sunset


Mondays 😍


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