Rickey Shane Page@rickeyshanepage

Yo! I'm Rickey Shane Page. I'm a independent professional wrestler. I take pics sometimes. #WeCanRoll


We CAN Roll. @thisis_progress debut in #Nola What an amazing time. #WeCanRoll #RSP #RSProgress #Progress #Wrestling #BRallday


Tomorrow night. Seattle Washington! @321battle I team with @newagepunisher for the first time ever! I can’t wait to get back to the PNW. I have a seminar on Saturday as well. Hit me up for details. #WeCanRoll #SolidSteel #BattleMania this is a huge for 321 get involved.


Im so proud of everything @a1wrestling has accomplished. “Show me what you got” was amazing top to bottom. It was a total team effort. Wrestlers working TOGETHER to put on a great show for the fans. No drama. No backstabbing. No politics. Just wrestling. Catch the replay on powerbomb.tv now. I’m proud to be the champion and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. #A1 #A1live #A1love #WeCanRoll #wrestling #Canada #flanel


Letttssss goooooo! @a1wrestling let’s party. #WeCanRoll


Two years ago I was in Best of the Best trying to earn a spot in CZW. now I’m the world champion and it blows my mind. Saturday I’m going to BEAT down a young punk who has zero respect for anything. #WeCanRoll #WorldChampion #CZW #BOTB


I think I'm going to hire @prograpslady to follow me around and take pics. She's killing it. This was right after my debut for @thisis_progress I was tired but couldn't have been happier. What a great weekend. #WeCanRoll


Bruiserweights. #champs #CZW #WWE #UK #US


Today was a good day. Thank you @thisis_progress #RSProgress


My April is pretty busy and I'm stoked. #WeCanRoll


17 years. Half my life. I've had some rough spots almost quit. But I still love wrestling. Its all I've ever wanted to do. With all that said lacing up my boots is the worst! I hate it. 📸 @jadechung11 #WeCanRoll #Champion


Throwback Thursday to my first trip to the U.K. @fightclubpro was my first match on the tour. They took a chance just on the word of friends and I appreciate that SO much. They have a HUGE weekend coming up. Support them. Everyone there are great people and I miss them dearly. #FCP #TBT #throwbackthursday #blood #deathmatch how sick was The Planet?


Tomorrow I will be at @eswwrestling teaching a young punk a lesson. I need to add another belt to my collection. ALSO @pufisgod is making his debut and my man crush on him grows by the day. #BuffaloBrothers let's hang out and have some fun. #WeCanRoll


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