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If there was a way I could transfer it, the energy from this Dingo's Stoke could charge a city block indefinitely.
So proud to call him my friend, and even prouder he calls me his. Thanks for putting up with me Robbie from now until forever.
Happy birthday you bloody Legend!!!!
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To my dear friends & future friends,

Thursday is June 21st, the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year.

It also marks one year since we launched Tell Your Friends You Love Them. The support and outpouring of love and friendship we’ve witnessed in that time has been humbling and overwhelming.

Now, even more so than a year ago, looking after the wellbeing of our loved ones is paramount. Tell Your Friends was born from the broken hearts of losing friends, the grief and daily mental struggles that come with that, and the power of friendship to ease these burdens.

The hope for Tell Your Friends You Love Them was to change the way people show emotion and hide emotion. To break down the walls society has forced us to build, to make it seem like we’re all doing just fine. So, hopefully, through showing love first, it becomes easier to let all the harder emotions flow out behind it; the self-doubt, the anxiety, the depression, the fears and the dark thoughts we hide from our closest friends, sometimes even from ourselves.

To foster and strengthen the bond between friends, that in the dark times is a beacon of light to hold onto, and in the happy times is the warm glow that puts a bounce in our step.
This is not specifically a men’s mental health issue; it’s a movement for everyone. These are issues that affect all ages, sexualities, religions, and cultural backgrounds. We all have demons and we all have struggles, myself included, and it makes it so much easier to know that we’re not doing it alone. That there is someone that has your back no matter what, the true believers in you, and the ones that hold you up when you’re down and keep pushing you when you’re up.

Be that friend for someone, let someone be that friend for you.

Take the time on the 21st to tell your friends how much they mean to you, not just that you love them but really tell them why. It doesn’t have to be an open declaration to the world, even a simple text or call. Let them know how proud you are of them. Open up that channel of support and trust, reach out and let them know that we’re all in this thing called life together.

Love you all,

co-founder, TYFYLT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Cheers to these times and when life felt so much simpler. 🍻


Thank you to everyone that found my smiles and gave them back to me. What a fabulous celebration of friendship and love.
I'll come back and see you soon Legends.


"too grateful to be hateful; too blessed to be stressed"
~ lil wayne
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This bloody guy right here...
I hope we go on man dates together for the rest of time, I'll always be the tramp to your lady. The Han to your Leia. The Reece to your Sarah.
Love you MYMAN.
Thankyou for always having my back.


'why don't we just go over here an do something real quick...'
Every good adventure stated like this.
First photo is when we rode bikes over to get the famous photo of the Raiders Logo next to Mickey Mouse.
The second photo is of him taking a step ladder from inside a shop and using it in the street because he was too short to shoot it 😂
Everyone has a million stories like this about our big Dave.
Gather your mates, tell them loud and laugh long enough that he can hear you.
Love and Miss you You Olde Baaastaaarrddd, 2 years deep and it still feels like yesterday.
Hope I've made you proud of me.
Sending love and happiness to my American family.


Thought I'd share this video of when Erik made a bet with Dave that he couldn't kick his cup out of his hand.
I love it because right up until the end you can see how confident he is that his drink will still be there.
Hahaha Classic stitch up from Dave. Makes me laugh every time. His little rooster chested walk at the end haha
Love you my brother.


It's no secret we had a volatile love for each other but it was the pure Love brothers share.
Thankyou for all the hilarious and inspiring times, they're the ones I'll remember.
Ashamed I let you go when it got to hard and so sad you checked out early before we could repair our friendship.
Rest easy now Dobbo, your demons can't chase you anymore.


Cheers for my new MySpace profile picture @tshillier you've made it into my top 8. Xxxx


'see what you were taught not to'
Portrait of the gentleman rocker himself, Lemmy ♠️
Everyone's support and help to make this happen, the overwhelming love and Stoke showed from all has my heart full to the brim.
That's a wrap.
Original, Prints and framing will be done ASAP and off to their new homes.
Thanks again so much to all the family at @cagemeapeacock &


There's not many people who have perfected speaking nothing but the truth and complete bullshit at the same time.
It's for this exact reason that I'll listen to your rants and words of advice until the very end.
I feel so lucky to have you in my corner legend, you've one of my closest confidants, dragged me out of the lows and been next to me for most of the highs.
Love you like a brother.
Cheers to you, cheers to the future,
Happy Birthday.


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