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Everyones favourite sand octopus has been working his ass off to produce what no doubt will be an amazing show.
Come celebrate and stand in awe this Saturday night.
Cannot wait Gsmiles.
@dirtsqid 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈


Portrait of a nightmare by @rude_waiter
So so good darling, hyped on this.


'Ode to humour'
Had the please of helping make VIP bar at the Aus Open this week. Put those degrees to work....
camcorder: @robbiewarden

Australian Open

If you want a lesson in how to live with integrity and with determination. Take a page out of Lister's book.
I have watched this runabout tassie kid turn into a fine and outstanding man, a proud and loving husband and father.
I've watched him turn his life into the reality he wished and take all the set backs in his stride. It's nothing short of inspiring to see the transformation.
So proud of him.
Happiest of Birthdays @listergrams you deserve it all.


Larry doesn't know how to tell time, kinda like getting a pen licence when you're in primary school but she just skipped time telling altogether...
Saying that, there's no other person in the planet that I'd happily wait at a cafe for because the instant you're in this energiser bunnies presence everything is 100% awesome.
Couldn't get thru this this without her, always got my back, always keeping me I line, always convincing me I can follow my dreams.
If everyone had a best friend like Larry the world would be a better place.
Happy Birthday Little.
You're the Best.
Number One.
Love You.


This is what 2018 is all about.
Be kind, Love one another, listen to good music, create and change the world.
Here's to the future, here's to you.
Inspiration from the wonderful legend herself @rubysohoandtheradness


"When you think you can't, you always can"
Starting this year with a positive message.
You CAN do it.
Just take a breath and leap into chasing those dreams.
Best of luck for 2018 everyone.
Be kind to everyone.
Had so much fun making this piece for Swainston that was commissioned by Nicole and sent to NYC in time for Christmas.
Love you guys, thanks Lionheart with trusting me with this heartfelt gift.


Happy New Years to all my amazing friends & family. Hope you see the New Year in well, it's not too late to change your mind and drive to Evie.
Cheers for the belta of a trip around the sun.
Be safe, look after each other and most of all, Tell Your Friends You Love Them.
Cheers to you, Cheers to the future.
#eviefestival 📸 @robbiewarden

Tallarook, Victoria

Waiting for steaks with the Dingo. Bloody love this man more that cold beers and pool tables.

Tallarook Hotel

To my wonderful collection of friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS and thankyou for all the love and support of me an me dreams.
It's been a wild year but I want to focus on everything good and amazing. Love You All so Much, cheers to you, cheers to the future.
Spread love and Joy.


'You reap what you sow'
If you know me changing how I look at the notion of death and the ideas surrounding it have played a big part in my recent turn around the earth. Thanks for the legend @gg.allin.coe.tatt.2 for zapping it on. So hyped to add it to the collection.