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I'm so so proud and excited to announce that Tell Your Friends You Love Them is going to be a part of Boogie Festival this Easter weekend!

The core motivation of Tell Your Friends You Love Them is to work towards generating a community which values emotional freedom and encourages the expression of positive thoughts and actions for those we love. To allow a safe platform for people to better express the value of friendship in their life without fear of judgement or ridicule. To celebrate the amazing people in our lives as one, unified collective.

Boogie Festival captures this ethos so perfectly that it made sense for us to work together and celebrate our dear friends and the legends that make up this larger community of ours.Β 
Keep an eye out for the Tell Your Friends You Love Them pop up at Boogie and make sure you check the merch stand for an extra special surprise…

Cheers to Boogie,
Cheers to friends,
Cheers to you.'
artwork by the Mayor himself,
Thank You @paulmcneil

Bruzzy's Farm

Legends! @cooking_with_dad_ @steve_shoota_kelly & myself have been hustling hard to make this thing happen!
So hyped to give this thing wings '2 Dad's & Tell Your Friends You Love Them are proud to announce that we've teamed up to curate a show of talented artists who have selflessly donated their time and effort to support our causes. An impressive lists of artists will be unveiled in the coming weeks.
We all like to share the love as much as you do, so we'll be sharing the proceeds with Melbourne based youth housing initiative Frontyard to help their art and music program for homeless youth.

Hosted by Backwoods Gallery on Friday April 20th for a night of mutual admiration, appreciation and giving back to the community.'

Backwoods Gallery

Ninja Art Karaoke King!!!
Jfry's birthday and he's coming in HOT!
Hope you have an amazing day you bloody legend! Got damn it I wish I could paint and ninja like you. One of the best to ever do it.


Happiest of birthdays to one of the most talented, intelligent, hilarious, hard working people I know. Hope you never stop chasing your dreams, or wearing two parachute jackets at once.
so proud of you.
Cheers to you Nads!


Penned this toast myself.
From me & mine to you & yours Happy St Patrick's everyone.
Sending luck and happiness your way. If you know me, you know where I'll be.


There's an article up on the @monsterchildren website now for @converse shot by the amazing @jessbrohier for their anti-hero campaign.
I am so humbled by their words, Jess's photos and their want to get behind what myself, and all the other legends in the article are trying to achieve.
You get what you put out into the universe, keep smiling, keep caring and most importantly, Tell Your Friends You Love Them.
If you get a chance please pop over to the Monster Children site and have a read about myself, @bbyrebel_ @sex.iwishyouknew & @nasabreaks
Thank you @jessbrohier for everything. [link in bio]
Thank you all so much for the ongoing support and love.
Love You all.

Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

"It's bloody Friday... aaammmiiiriiiite!"


...the saying 'your reputation precedes you' definitely sits right at home with the illustrious Cody Comrie.
I'd heard stories about Cody for many years before we even met and when we did there was no introduction just the feeling of old friends.
We then got right into a million beers and ended up tracing the silhouettes of each other's shadows on his bed room wall.
True love ever since, if the stories we've made for ourselves could be bound into a book, my lord, it would be a good read.
This is him and I after falling down in a fit of laughter outside Short Stop 2011.
(we were very sober)
Love You Man.
photo @swainstagram


"Everyone drunker than everyone else"
~ Cosmic Psycho's
Was a nice day to go to the pub.
Cheers to these bloody legends.

The Tote

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mark Catsburg.
Highest levels of love and admiration for this legend right here. Always making me proud.
Cheers to you Cats, open a Bud and put your feet up for a while.
Your future's looking bright.


Shout out to a collection of the best to ever do it! Thanks for always inspiring me. Here's to you, here's to the future.
Love you guys.
RG @rctvngl


"She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword."
~ Atticus
Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women in my life. I've been taught and will continue to learn from you all.
You're compassion, generosity, focus, creativity, strength & unyielding drive to follow your dreams has and will always be inspiring.
Proud of you all, love you & thank you.
*please tag artist if known.
RG @cami_whitewinespritzer